daniel craig can get it


The Golden Compass Recast

“We are all subject to the fates. But we must act as if we are not, or die of despair.” 

Amandla Stenberg as Lyra Belacqua

Idris Elba as Lord Asriel

Oona Chaplin as Mrs. Coulter

Chiwitel Ejiofor as Lee Scoresby

Lucy Liu as Serafina Pekkala


Before they lived together…

When the four men first tried to form a polyamorous relationship, Alex had reservations about everything. Of course he did, it was Alex. He calculated odds and thought every action through a million times before acting on a plan. Danny was the only time, Alex had thought with his heart and not his head.

But placing Danny in harm’s way was unthinkable especially if Alex was the reason Danny was there in the first place. Alex may be attracted to Q (brains, beauty and a clearance high enough that Alex could talk freely about anything he wished) but Danny was his heart. Danny needed to be protected at all costs.

Q knew Alex was genuinely concerned about Danny. James had a reputation as a ladykiller with good reason. But Q was aware of the depth of devotion and caring James could exhibit if he thought you were worth it. James didn’t give him heart freely but James could be caring and generous to a fault. Alex would need to wait and see. 

Q didn’t want to tell Alex that James was intrigued that someone could look so much like Q but be so different. Danny’s joie de vivre and innocence were a heady combination to a jaded double oh agent. Q hoped he wasn’t wrong in setting Danny up to have a romantic date with Bond in Vienna. Q hated dressing up, champagne and truffles but Danny and James loved them. 

Maybe next time James and Alex should go out for dinner!

idea: promote new james bond movie w trailers and shit all showing daniel craig as james bond and natalie dormer as the bond girl. but once you see the movie in the theaters, james bond dies within the first 5 minutes and natalie dormer takes over the title of james bond. lucy liu should be there too bc shes awesome. she can be natalies bond girl. im calling up daniel craig to get this show on the road