daniel cookson


plot ;;

     - the mikaelson find out from freya they have a brother, benjamin mikaelson, when she finds out he is the link, the heart to the mikaelsons’ powers and immortality. they set out to find him when a vengeful vampire by the name of delmira magnilda threatens to find and kill him, weakening the mikaelsons and making them vulnerable to an attack on them and everyone they care about. benjamin is now living as ben michaels in washington state with a wittch, miralya, trusted to protect him. ben is completely unaware of who and what he really is and what he can do; he doesn’t even know how much power he actually holds. the mikaelsons must find and reveal the truth to ben before delmira finds him and ends them all.

characters ;;

     - austin butler as benjamin “ben” michaels / benjamin mikaelson

     - karen fukuhara as trina lin

     - sophie cookson as miralya beaudoux / mira beau

     - joseph morgan as klaus mikaelson

     - daniel gillies as elijah mikaelson

     - claire holt as rebekah mikaelson

     - nathaniel buzolic as kol mikaelson

     - riley voelkel as freya mikaelson

     - charles michael davis as marcel gerard

other characters ;;

     - phoebe tonkin as hayley marshall

     - steven krueger as josh rozsa

     - elizabeth hurley as delmira magnilda

     - adrian pasdar as dagon

     - rila fukushima as chiyo amaya

     - luke pasqualino as franco gian

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