daniel campbell smith


Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

Get Dan Smith a new belt 2k17

Okay so Dan’s trousers constantly seem to be halfway down his legs; this shitty old belt clearly isn’t cutting it

I mean look at this boy what is this??

This can’t be comfortable??

Okay this belt isn’t even trying

Come on Daniel you’re not even jumping here

I mean this belt just clearly isn’t doing it’s job

Seeing as this smol child doesn’t seem to be able to find a functioning belt, I think maybe it’s time we take matters into our own hands and find him one that does it’s job correctly.

Never mind WWCOMMS survival packs, time to start buying Daniel Campbell Smith some new belts.

I can’t stop thinking about the Bas boys all sitting around with the Wild World colouring book: Kyle colouring everything in with mismatching bright colours, Will getting cross with Woody because ‘why can’t you just colour inside the lines?’ whilst Charlie happily finishes the join-the-dots, and Dan can’t even decide what colours to use

When Dan covers his eyes when he sings the bridge of Four Walls reblog if you agree