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wanna one as senior quotes
  • yoon jisung: "the doctor told me i had cancer but i was like nah dude i'm clearly a pisces"
  • ha sungwoon: "waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning"
  • hwang minhyun: "hannah montana said nobody is perfect, yet here i am"
  • ong seongwoo: "disregard females, acquire currency"
  • kim jaehwan: "they say cheaters never win, but i just graduated"
  • kang daniel: "bruh, we graduated just to go back to school again"
  • park jihoon: "well i guess it's time to hit the poles"
  • park woojin: "wow i just wasted the last 13 years of my life to get a handshake and a piece of paper"
  • bae jinyoung: "i had to put my grades up for adoption because i couldn't raise them"
  • lee daehwi: "of course i dress well. i didn't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"
  • lai guanlin: "the roof is not my son, but i will raise it"
Oxymoron(ic) (2/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing

Words: 4k

A/N: Chapter2 HON HON HON what the fuck am I doing with my life im writing 2 gaymena nd eating chocolate rasins I wasnt rAISED THIS WAY. SHOUT OUT 2 hcwell FOR LISTENING 2 ME COMPLAIN UR SUCH A DARLING  I OWE U MY EVERYTHING LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES 2 U


Danblew into his steaming coffee trying to cool the dark beverage as hewrapped his hands around the delicate warming cardboard, trying toresist the urge to sacrifice his taste buds for the buzz of caffeinehe so desperately needed at this time in the morning. Despite the very late notice of a text from an unknown number signed off as ‘Jacxk Hwoard’ at 2:13am, Dan had done what was asked of him and arrived at the school grounds no later than 7am to shoot some practice shots for PJ and Jack. He had to persuade his Mum to give him a lift- claiming it was very important for his photography coursework- and his ever sweet mother had agreed, frowning the entire drive and almost crashing into a telephone box when a cat darted across the road.

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Camp Camp and Hogwarts Houses

David- HUFFLEPUFF. Hard Hufflepuff. He wants to bring all the campers (and Gwen) up and supports everyone. Also he deals with Max every day and that has to take patience.

Nikki- Gryffindor, definitely. I mean legit she almost died from being in town for like 15 minutes. And she’s pretty adverse to the Flower Scouts (Not saying all Gryffindors would be, but some may).

Neil- Ravenclaw. This poor kid just wanted to do some science I mean come on

Max- Slytherin, maybe? He spends most of the beginning of the show trying to run away, trying anything and everything. While he clearly has some sort of soft spot or at least respect for David, he isn’t willing to show the “weakness” of that.

Daniel- Bruh, he’s a Slytherin. But he’s the bad kind of Slytherin, you feel? He manipulates the kids into doing whatever he wants.

Maybe I’ll do the rest of the characters later!