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In late 2001, a witness came forward to say that a member of the SWAT team at Columbine feared he had “accidentally shot a student” during the attack. According to Brian Rohrbough, that student was his son Daniel. Bullet shells from police were found all around Daniel’s body, and investigators recovered only one of the three bullets that killed him. Furthermore, police officer Jim Taylor told Brian Rohrbough that he had seen Daniel killed while running from Eric and Dylan—which didn’t explain how Daniel was shot from the front, at the angle of someone below him.Daniel’s parents tape-recorded this conversation. When the police issued a statement from Taylor saying he had never told Brian he’d seen Daniel shot, Brian produced the tape. Taylor was placed on leave the next day.

Brown, B & Merritt, R. (2002). No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine.


My little LBD anniversary tribute is here! Watch as @theashleyclements, Laura, Daniel and I play the Pride & Prejudice themed card game, Marrying Mr. Darcy! Hope you enjoy–we had a blast reuniting for this!

Pride and Prejudice –

I don’t care what the next adaptation of P&P happens to be. I don’t care if it’s modern. I don’t care if it’s Regency. I don’t care if they are explorers in a generation ship sent to colonize new planets in 2547. It could be a 300k word slow burn coffee shop au. The next P&P stars Ruth Negga as Elizabeth Bennet, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as her sister Jane, John Cho as Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Daniel Henney as his best friend Bingley.