daniel bartlam

  • On June 1, 2004, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, who cannot be named, murdered her 12-year-old classmate, Satomi Mitarai, in an empty classroom during lunch time. She slit Satomi’s throat and arms with a utility knife and casually went back to class covered in blood.

  • On April 22, 2006, Jasmine Richards, 12, along with her boyfriend Jeremy Steinke, 21, murdered Jasmines’ parents and younger brother in their home because her parents didn’t approve of their relationship. 

  • In May 1968, Mary Bell, 11, strangled Martin Brown, 4, in an empty house. In July of that same year, Mary and a friend named Norma Bell (no relation), 13, strangled and mutilated 3-year-old Brian Howe. She was eventually charged with both murders. Since her release from prison in 1980, Mary’s identity has been protected by a court order.  

  • On February 20, 2009, Jordan Brown, 11, shot and killed his father’s fiancée, Kenzie Houk, 26. Kenzie was almost nine months pregnant when Jordan went into her room and shot in her in the back of the head while she was resting.

  • On March 24, 1998, Andrew Golden, 11, and his friend Mitchell Johnson, 14, triggered the fire alarm at Westside Middle School to lure their schoolmates outside. Once everyone was outside, the two boys started firing shots with two high-powered rifles and ended up killing five and wounding ten others.

  • On Easter Sunday, 2011, Daniel Bartlam, 14, murdered his mother by smashing her head in with a claw hammer. In hopes to destroy evidence, he then covered his mother’s dead body with paper, doused it in gasoline and lit her ablaze. Daniel was caught after the emergency crew trying to end the fire, found the murder weapon in his bedroom. He’s currently serving life in prison.

  • On January 22, 1980, Eric Smith, 13,  murdered Derrick Robie, 4, while he was playing outside. Eric took the young boy to the woods where he strangled Derrick and then proceeded to drop a large rock on his head and then sodomized him with a stick. He is currently serving a life sentence and has been denied parole many times. 

  • On March 17th, 1984, Joshua Phillips, 14, stabbed his neighbor Maddie Cliftion, 8, to death after apparently hitting her with a baseball bat. Worried that he would get in trouble, he brought her into his room where he began violently stabbing the little girl. After murdering her, he stuffed her under his bed and closed it off with electrical tape. His mother went to clean up his room one morning and that’s when she discovered the body after noticing a wet spot. Thinking it was coming from his water bed, she lifted it up and made the gruesome discovery.

In 2011, Daniel Bartlam was just 14 years old when he battered his own mother, Jacqueline Bartlam, to death with a claw hammer. He initially claimed an unknown intruder had entered their detached Nottingham home and attacked her, but after police discovered a deleted story on his computer featuring a character named Daniel Bartlam who killed his mother in similar circumstances, he later admitted being inspired to kill his mother by a murder scene in his favourite TV show. After bludgeoning her several times, Bartlam doused her body and the rest of the room with petrol before setting it alight, which caused such damage that Jacqueline could only be identified by her dental records. Whilst demonstrating a noticeable lack of remorse during court proceedings, Daniel consistently maintained he had been provoked up until the point he was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison. The judge described his crime as “grotesque and senseless” and reiterated how Bartlam had just “wanted to get away with the perfect murder.”


April 25, 2011

14 year old Daniel Bartlam had struck his mother, Jacqueline, 7 times with a claw hammer, before dousing her with lighter fluid. He set fire to her body, and left the burning house with his younger brother and their dog. While with investigators Daniel had claimed there had been an intruder in the house, and that the intruder killed his mother and set the fire.

While searching Daniel’s room and computers police investigators had found a story he tried to delete on his computer about a boy named Daniel killing his mother and then getting away with the perfect murder.

He then changed his story saying his mother had snapped at him claiming she called him a “fucking freak."  Jacqueline’s parent’s claim that she would never snap at Daniel, and would buy him what ever he pleased.

While in court jurors had heard that the murder had been inspired by a plot on his favorite TV show Coronation Street, where a character murders a women with a hammer.

Daniel was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison.