daniel and charlotte


One of my favorite things about wrestling is seeing dreams come true.


“Why do you like Nikki Bella?” Cause she supports other women!! A lot of wrestlers are so quiet to the slut shaming, and disgusting comments that the women face from so called “fans” (especially the Bella’s), and it always pissed me off how they never stood up for their female talent and even joined in at times. Nikki is one of the few who constantly praises other women and empowers younger girls. She’s been called such horrible things but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she does. There’s a few women wrestlers that I don’t like simply because they only support their friends and not all of the women, which in this business where it’s critical that the women stick together, is selfish (shade). Women that support each other are my favs❤

LOST piano lullaby

LOST piano lullaby // arranged by onefine-morning, music by michael giacchino

because I love lost like nothing else and the music is the icing on the cake.

life and death • there’s no place like home • mapquest • parting words/the gathering • moving on • main theme

(My other film score lullabies: Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter)

Everyone on Lost worrying about their love lives
  • Jack: Kate ilu
  • Kate: Jack I am not leaving you!
  • Sawyer: You got my back, Blondie?
  • Juliet: Of course
  • Desmond: PENNY
  • Sun: JIN
  • Jin: SUN
  • Rose: I'll just be over there with my hubby
  • Bernard: I love my wife
  • Daniel: Charlotte you're so pretty plz love me
  • Charlotte: Oh Dan *rolls eyes lovingly*
  • Charlie: Claire Claire Claire ilu and the baby
  • Claire: Charlie you're so adorable
  • Sayid: I miss Shannon
  • Hurley: Yo Libby wassup?
  • Libby: You're so cute
  • Miles: *laughs*

The second time I saw The 1975 in concert was in Charlotte on June 15th, 2016. I think the most unforgettable moment from this show was the performance of Loving Someone. At the time the tragedy in Orlando had recently occurred, and so they had changed their set to honor it and of course Matty gave the speech and everything. But then, as I witnessed the performance, I happened to look up and notice a tower that was lit up and shining rainbow colors, just like that of The 1975′s set. It was one of the most ironic and beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. I don’t think I had ever felt so powerful as I was with this band and this audience in this Charlotte on June 15th. There was so much love that night. We were one and it was truly incredible. 

*sorry the video is so short, it was a Snapchat video. i’m just glad i caught it