daniel and charlotte


Camp Camp / South Park crossover!

I made this a while ago with the 4 main boys but decided to re-draw it because it was bad.

Each kid’s camp under the cut (including kids I didn’t draw):

If you want to suggest any changes or something, feel free to reply to this post or send me an ask :)

Stan- Veterinary Camp

Kyle- Computer Science Camp

Cartman- Behavioral Correction Camp

Kenny- idk he’s just kinda there

Butters- Behavioral Correction Camp

Craig- Film Camp

Tweek- Theater Camp

Token- Music Camp

Clyde- Football Camp

Jimmy- Comedy Camp

Wendy- Female Leadership Camp

Bebe- Fashion Camp

Nichole- Cheerleading Camp

Red- Extreme Sports Camp

Kevin- Star Trek Camp

Heidi, Charlotte, and Annie- Flower Scouts

ChristopheScott M.DogPoo, and Jason- Woodscouts

Pip- Ghost (like Jasper)

Shelly, Scott T., and Kevin- Counselors

Sparky- Camp Mascot :)


I grew up here, on the island. And there was this thing… this… DHARMA Initiative. And then I moved away with my mum. Just my mum. And I never saw my dad again. And then when I got back to England, I would… I would… ask my mum about this place, yeah? But she would say that it wasn’t real, and that I’d made it up. That’s why I became an anthropologist. To find this island again. It’s what I’ve been searching for my whole life.