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What is Charlotte and the Wolf?

“Charlotte and the Wolf” is my debut novel! It’s going to be published later this year, but here’s the summary for you:

“Charlotte and the Wolf” tells the story of Charlotte Moore, a seventeen-year-old girl who moves with her mother and younger brother, Dimitri, to a village by the name of Rowen. However, before Charlotte can settle into her new life she and two other girls (Emma and Sarah) are attacked and bitten by a blood-thirsty wolf that may possibly carry a deadly disease. As Charlotte and her new-found friends struggle to keep their wounds a secret from the Hunters who protect their village and cope with the strange changes resulting from their bites the wolf returns, unleashing a wave of brutal attacks on the people of Rowen and forcing Charlotte, Emma, and Sarah to embrace their new powers in order to save themselves and the ones they love.

Thanks for the question Anon! 😘