daniel agree

apparently one of the leading name choices for the final 11 is ‘nuest and the boys’ but personally i think ‘nuest and the farm animals’ is much more appropriate 

i mean as of rn the top 20 has got baby chicks (cube trainees), cats (daniel), dogs (seungwoo), fish (jung sewoon; ponyo), turtle (kim jonghyun), alpaca (youngmin) xD

When Dan covers his eyes when he sings the bridge of Four Walls reblog if you agree

Sooooo…let’s get to one of the meatier posts I’ve been wanting to do! I was considering waiting for My Brother’s Keeper to do this one, but establishing it from the beginning seems like a better idea. Plus, I’ve been on a roll today.

I wanna talk about Danny’s powers.

Or, more specifically, how I see them.

Looong post so it’s going under a cut.

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Plot Twist: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon agree that James Ellsworth helping Carmella win is BS. So on Smackdown they have a “Beat James Ellsworth” match where all 5 women and James Ellsworth are in a match with the goal of pinning Ellsworth, winner becomes Ms. Money in the Bank.

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“You all must feel so supercilious– treading the moral high ground in your collective thinking, that I took your friend hostage– wired him up to my paddle like a simple, wooden puppet. Is that what you’d all prefer to believe, rather than entertain the possibility that sweet, trusting Daniel agreed to the predicament he’s in?"