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Daniel: “Leave her alone, will you! She doesn’t want to dance with you, don’t you understand that?” (he steps forward) “Leave! Now!”

You: “Thank you, Daniel.”
Daniel: “It’s alright. Nobody should ever touch you without your permission. And they should never be angry at you. I’ll always be there to protect you. Doesn’t matter if you like it or not. I still want you to be safe whenever you’re around these kind of assholes.”

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“What Happens At Night” - Troy Otto Smut

Pairing: Troy Otto x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, cussing, smut, drugs

Word Count: 3,430 words

Release Date: November 23, 2017


Author: @lukehemmo134

*That’s right, we’re getting smutty tonight! Woo! I have problems, lmao* - Adri


You sat at a picnic table and slowly ate your food, tapping your foot to the beat in your head. Silently you watched the man who had taken you in and gave you a home when you thought no one else was alive, you were actually very surprised anyone else was alive in this damned world. Of course, Troy proved you wrong in so many ways by taking you back to the ranch where you met his brother, Jake, and his father Jeremiah. You didn’t really trust Jeremiah much, he just seemed too much for you but you thanked him anyways for the food and a place to call home.

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Directing and writing are so exhilarating to me because you get to make something that is your vision. I feel like having the power to make anything feel and look the way I want it. You don’t get to do that as an actor where you are part of someone’s story. You contribute hugely and may change it for the better, but you don’t have an overview of the piece as a whole - which, eventually, is frustrating.