daniel 1:8

I’ve noticed that Dan is a very outspoken person
He’s loud in everything he does and not just talking wise
When he laughs he really truly laughs and when he’s scared he screams, loud.
If he doesn’t like what you’re doing you’ll know because he’ll tell you
and He doesn’t stand for bullshit from others, he doesn’t hold back with what he feels.
If he smiles he will give it all he has because if you’ve given him a reason to smile he will smile.

But Phil, Phil isn’t like Dan.
Phil is quiet and patient and shy.
If he’s scared or upset or sad he won’t show it.
He’s patient and softspoken and he’s gentle in everything he does.
He’s clumsy but he has a hand that wouldn’t hurt a soul.
If Phil says something he means it and he doesn’t say things without intention
And Phil’s smiles have fondness and love and protection and a sense of reassuring in them as if everything will be okay.

They’re different but so is everything that is beautiful.
Crystal blue water can only contrast against the white sand
and the twinkling stars can only be seen in the black of night.


Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione kiss

↳ requested by fantasticase