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Oz, Tara, Kennedy and Buffy, Kendra Faith?

OK, so this is in response to this post where the challenge is to play a fanfic version of fuck/marry/kill where instead it’s slow burn/fake dating/enemies to lovers. (And I will say that since I’m putting myself into the mix I’m mentally aging the characters up to their mid to late 20s. Just so it doesn’t feel weird.)

Soo… For the first set I’d say that I’d definitely do a slow burn romance with Tara. She’s so shy and sweet that it would be worth taking the time to get to know her and help her get out of her shell. I mean look at this cutie! Definitely a woman who’s worth taking the time to get to know.

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I guess I’d fake date Oz. Which is kinda funny, cause one of Oz’s hallmarks as a character is his sincerity. But I enjoy imagining some kind of contrived scenario where we have to pretend to date but actually we’re just friends, but wait, maybe we’re something more? Like, Oz is bi and has been mostly dating guys lately but his family’s not accepting so he decides to take a female friend as a guest to a wedding to make his mom happy?

Which leaves Kennedy with enemies to lovers.  I’m not a huge fan of Kennedy, but I’m not a hater either. (I actually wrote a Kennedy/Anya fanfic that I’m pretty pleased with.) I do think our communication styles would initially clash pretty hard. I can imagine us first meeting at a party or something and my first impression of her being that she’s a blunt, snobby, jerk. Not sure what she’d think of me. Then over time things might develop if she proved to have more sensitivity and depth than was immediately apparent. It’d be a whole Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy thing.

For the second set, I’d do the slow burn with Kendra. Again, she’d need time probably need a little more time, given her cloistered upbringing. There also might be some adjustment with coming to grips with her sexuality.

Buffy for fake dating. This is as much because she’s an adorably bad actor as anything else. It’d be fun to accompany her on an undercover mission and watch her flounder.

And then, of course Faith would be enemies to lovers. It seems only natural given her bad girl past and the fact that enemies to lovers is kinda baked into her most popular ship. I could see it being one of those things where you tell yourself not to date someone cause of their obvious emotional issues. But then you have a fling with them anyway and of course it’s even worse of a train-wreck than you imagined. But then maybe years later you’ve both worked out a lot of shit and you get back together and this time it’s actually pretty good. (Yeah, I dunno if it ever actually works like that, I’ve only done the first part of that equation.)

Which Buffy character are you?

Buffy Anne Summers

[] You believe puns are the highest form of wit
[] You have blonde hair
[] Your parents are separated or divorced
[] You love ice skating
[] You’ve suffered from depression before
[] You have a big secret that you’ve kept for years
[] You are short or petite
[] You would die to protect your family
[] You still own cuddly toys/stuffed animals, and you love them
[] You have been expelled or suspended from school before

Willow Danielle Rosenberg

[] You’d describe yourself as quite ambitious
[]  You have participated in internet dating before
[] You suffer from stage fright
[] You are or were a straight A student
[] You are ginger or otherwise a redhead
[] You own at least one pair of overalls 
[] You’re great with computers
[] You’re an only child
[] You own at least one choker necklace
[] You’re no stranger to anxiety

Xander Lavelle Harris

[] You’ve had to wear an eye-patch before
[] You sometimes worry that you’ll end up like your parents
[] You own a skateboard
[] You have a jealous streak
[] You enjoy or are skilled at woodwork or carpentry
[] You own at least one Hawaiian T-shirt
[] You tend to attract quirky, odd people
[] You use your sense of humor to get through tough times
[] You know how to perform CPR
[] Of all your friends, you’re the “normal” or “sane” one

Rupert Giles

[] You’re awful with computers
[] Tea is your favorite drink
[] You can be quite sarcastic
[] You wear glasses, or have worn glasses
[] You’ve fainted or have been knocked out at least thrice in your life
[] You’ve been fired from a job before
[] You live in a different country now to the one you were born in
[] You get weirdly excited by the macabre and the supernatural
[] You love reading
[] You are the oldest person in your group of friends

Cordelia Chase

[] You often feel alone in a crowd
[] You’ve been part of a gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance squad 
[] You have or would like to pursue a career in acting
[] You’ve never been to university, nor do you plan to
[] You love fashion
[] You’ve been nominated for prom king/queen, homecoming king/queen, or something of that nature
[] You’d rather hear brutal honesty than a beautiful lie
[] You have an alliterative name
[] You quite like personalized license plates
[] You feel as though people underestimate your intelligence


[] You’ve had a difficult relationship with your father
[] You feel a lot of guilt and regret for your past actions
[] You love eyeliner
[] You have a dark sense of humor
[] You own at least two long coats
[] You are a mother or father
[] You’re a talented artist
[] You have at least one tattoo
[] You own at least one pair of leather trousers
[] You’re a bit of a loner

Daniel ‘Oz’ Osborne 

[] You have a very patient temper
[] You’ve had a one night stand before
[] You’ve dyed your hair at least three times
[] You have a talent for keeping a straight face when amused
[] You own a van or minivan 
[] You’re often prone to deep, philosophical thoughts 
[] You know how to play the guitar
[] You’re a man or woman of little words 
[] You are or have been in a band
[] You go by your last name, or an abbreviation of your last name

Tara Maclay

[] You own at least one cat
[] You have (or once had) a stutter or other speech impediment
[] You are allergic to seafood (or some seafood)
[] You know how to do tarot
[] Sometimes you feel like an outsider in your own group of friends
[] You have lost contact with at least one person in your immediate family
[] People often tell you that you have a beautiful singing voice
[] You know how to read palms
[] You are romantically attracted to the same sex
[] You own crystals

Dawn Summers

[] You sometimes feel overshadowed by siblings or other family members
[] You keep a journal or diary
[] You feel embarrassed about the crushes you’ve had in the past
[] You’ve stolen before
[] You know at least two languages
[] You enjoy chess
[] You are the youngest person in your group of friends
[] Harry Potter is your favorite book series
[] You have a thirst for knowledge and love researching topics of interest
[] You tend to form unlikely friendships

William ‘Spike’ Pratt

[] You have a good relationship with your mother
[] You smoke
[] You can be quite reckless and spontaneous
[] You’ve dyed your hair
[] You’d describe yourself as a hopeless romantic
[] You love daytime TV/soap operas
[] You enjoy getting drunk on a regular basis
[] You’d be prepared to drastically change yourself to please a lover
[] You own a leather jacket, leather duster, or other type of leather coat
[] You have a short temper

Anya Jenkins

[] You think revenge is a righteous and just concept
[] You find bunnies to be overrated
[]  You would love to get married one day
[] You often offend people without meaning to
[] You consider yourself a feminist
[] You’ve had at least one really bad boss in the past
[] You admit to being a bit of a misanthrope
[] You’re great at board games
[] You’d describe yourself as a capitalist
[] You work or have worked in retail

thisisarebeljyn  asked:

Prompt 3: Oz (from BtVS) meets the Leverage team!

“That was the best job ever!”  Parker exclaimed as she bounced into the bar.

“I have to agree with Parker, especially considering at no time did I have to jump off any buildings,” Hardison said. “Also, there was some sick tech that I may or may not have taken for my own personal use.”

“We barely got out alive!” Sophie said.

“If it wasn’t for Eliot,” Nate agreed.

“It wasn’t all that -” Everyone stopped and at the man sitting at one of the tables in the closed bar.  He had red hair, wore a heavy coat with a thick fur collar.

“Who are you?” Nate asked.

“Oz,” Eliot said.

“Eliot,” Oz said. “I need some assistance.”

“Done,” Eliot said.  “Where?”

“Wait, hold the phone,” Nate said.  “What are we doing?  We need a bit more information.”

“My pack is in trouble,” Oz said.  “We still call Eliot pack.  He’s the only one I could trust with this.”

“Pack,” Sophie said.

Eliot glanced around at the team and shrugged.  “It was years ago.  Got bit, found a pack that took me in until I got control,” he said.  “Oz and his packed helped me.  So I’m going to help him.  Come with me or not, but I’m going.”

“ … Eliot’s a werewolf!” Parker yelled.  “That explains so much.”