//Right now a show on TV about villas next to the Mississippi and I swear they have just shown Louis’ plantage!! That’s just so amazing…

But what I wanted to post about originally, anyone remembers that Daniel and Armand are same-sex parents? They have adopted a child. 5 stars to the first who remembers and cites that part from the book!

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Hey friends.

This candle is lit for everyone who didn’t make it to 2016. 

Every moment they are not with us, we miss them. We cherish their memories. We wish they were with us for the next year, but we can hold them in our hearts. 

There are people I am going to miss dearly and I am sure you the same. 

This light is for you. I’m sorry you are not with us, but you will never ever be forgotten.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing