danidelvalle  asked:

Arya presenting Gendry as her boyfriend to her brothers :)

This will go well, Arya tells herself, and by well she means awful, of course because Gendry is doing his deer in the headlights impression (which, really, bang up job Gendry) as a solid wall of Stark men cross their arms and glare at him.

“Really guys, don’t you dare–” she starts but she is obviously not invited to this sausagefest and can only glare in mute annoyance as Gendry squares off with an unimpressed Robb, Jon, Bran and–even Rickon; Rickon’s younger than her so Arya’s pretty sure he doesn’t get a damned say.

“Look, I love her and I’m going to marry her, so fuck you guys,” Gendry says, the meanest thing Arya’s ever heard him say, and suddenly Robb is laughing and Jon leans in to clap him on the shoulder and Bran and Rickon are sending her looks and–she will never understand men.