What we know about Danny (the OC Hannah and Shannon made)
  • Nico’s friend, then boyfriend, then husband
  • Black skin
  • Curly hair
  • Tall fucker
  • He isr eally good at sports
  • He is bubbly and grinning and always full of energy
  • Also wears glasses and is totally a hipster
  • Sweet beyond comparison but is a little careless sometimes
  • He picks nico up a lot
  • Became Nico’s boyfriend on a Sunday when he kissed him on one of their cheesy movie Sunday mornings.
  • The boys met on Nico's nineteenth birthday (Don’t fight with Shannon about this, she is writing the fic for this day as we speak. She is very passionate about this.)
  • Was twenty-two when they met.
  • The boys lived together for a year before dating
  • Danny drags Nico to fun and gay things like pride parades, theme parks, movie premires, etc.
  • Is into brit punk and indie music (Don’t fight with Hannah bout this) but secretly loves Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. (Shannon is certian about this, you fight with her about this you die)
  • Surname is undecided, but has a very good possibility of being Porter

Necessary Roughness - 3x09 - Dani and Nico FINAL SCENE

Nico didn’t want to go to campfire that night.

It was a cold night, he was tired, and to make it worst it was his birthday. His birthday was never a good day for him, and hell, why make it worse by being around a bunch of annoying kids? He was an adult, anyways.

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remember danico? yeah i finally wrote something for them. just a drabble

When Nico gets home he is not surprised by the sight that greets him. Danny is dancing around the living room in blue basketball shorts and a ratty grey t-shirt from his high school basketball team. His chunky black headphones cover his ears. His hair blooms out on each side of the headphones band in a wild dark array of curls; the longer parts flop into his eyes as he bops his head to the music. 

He is also singing. Danny likes to sing, and as a son of Apollo, he’s pretty damn good at it. He is also a snob when it comes to American punk-rock; in that he refuses to acknowledge it. Despite and perhaps because of Nico's endless coaxing to get Danny to listen to it, he just won’t.

Which is why it comes as such a surprise to Nico when he hears the lyrics to one of Fall Out boy’s songs coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth.

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“Come on, Nico. It’ll be fun!” Danny made that stupid pouty face as he tugged on the sleeve of Nico’s Aviator jacket. Damn it. 

They were standing at the gates of a newly opened theme park, the bright illuminations lightening the night sky, and Danny had somehow convinced Nico that this was a good idea.

“I don’t do fun,” Nico murmured, trying to pull away, but Danny’s firm was grip.  "Danny you know I don’t like being around people.“ Exceptyou, Nico thought.

"At least stay for ten minutes, if you really don’t like it we’ll leave,” Danny pulled Nico closer and put a hand on the side of his face, stroking his cheek. “Please, for me?”

Nico looked up and realised how close Danny was. The corners of his mouth turned up and he nodded. Danny grinned back and pressed a light kiss on his lips, causing a light blush to creep across Nico’s cheeks.

~ The end ~

P.S. I’m sorry if it’s really bad but it’s a start

danico is totes happening you guys


Necessary Roughness - 3x10 - Dani and Nico