danicat's music

Shuffle your music and post the first ten that come up, embarrassing or not. Tagged by TJ! Always fun, thanks!

  1. I’m a Believer - Eddie Murphy (Shrek)
  2. Naraku’s Trechery (InuYasha OST)
  3. De Beer (Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster) 
  4. I Don’t Care - Fay Lovsky (couldn’t find that particular song online, but this is one my favourite songs of her <3)
  5. Djevelens Orkester - Kaizers Orchetra
  6. Can You Remember - Jackson 5
  7. Like a Hobo - Charlie Winston
  8. Wild Wood - Paul Weller
  9. Well Did You Evah? - Robbie Williams
  10. Je Bent Verwend als je Zeerover Bent (Peter Pan)

tagging @brewka @akitk-u if you want to do this ^^ And @anyone who wants to do this, please tag me as the person who tagged you :D