Young love is really pretty simple. It’s about sharing little inside jokes when the teacher isn’t looking. It’s about passing notes in the hallway between classes. It’s about all the really stupid things you share. It’s about going through it, together. Winnie Cooper and I had been through it all. The good times, bad times, the ups and downs. And we were still together. We’d known each other since we were kids. And to me she was still the girl next door - even though she didn’t live next door anymore.

 Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper<3

       Having a “The Wonder Years” marathon. “The Wonder Years” brings back so many memories:) 

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Danica McKeller - voice actress of Miss Martian from Young Justice - proves she also does a perfect Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Don’t forget to vote for her on the Dancing with the Stars website, Facebook page, and by calling 800-868-3403.

'Dancing with the Stars': Who Danced It Best? - Speakeasy - WSJ

Val has choreographed some awesome contemporary (Zendaya in Season 16) … Danica loves the emotion of contemporary and says “Lullaby” answers the question a child asks, “Are you going to die someday and leave me?” She wants to assure her boy, Draco, she’ll always be there for him. Emotions flit across Danica’s face during the lyrical dance, and even with the smoke machine, we can see how Val practically sweeps her up from the floor. She contorts her body to his, and she has a grace and confidence going in and out of lifts we rarely see from the celebs. Actually, it was like watching ice dancing!


Danica McKellar as The Voice of Ms. Martian.

Still.  HOT.

Let’s get a few things straight: Acne sucks. Mean people suck. Finding out that your boyfriend kissed another girl? That would totally suck. Too much homework, broken promises, detention, divorce, insecurities: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.

But math is actually a good thing. Here are a few reasons why: Math builds confidence, keeps you from getting ripped off, makes you better at adjusting cookie recipes, understanding sports scores, budgeting and planning parties and vacations, interpreting how good a sale really is, and spending your allowance. It makes you feel smart when you walk in a room, prepares you for better-paying jobs, and helps you to think more logically.

Most of all, working on math sharpens your brain, actually making you smarter in all areas. Intelligence is real, it’s lasting, and no one can take it away from you. Ever.

And take it from me, nothing can take the place of the confidence that comes from developing your intelligence-not beauty, or fame, or anything else “superficial.”

When I was in middle school, I had insecurities like everybody else. It didn’t help that I was on a TV series (The Wonder Years) at the time. Don’t get me wrong-I loved acting, but it didn’t take long for me to learn that when you are acting in front of millions of people you get a lot of attention that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with who you really are. Every day, walking down the street, people would come up to me, ask for my autograph, and tell me how much they loved the character I was playing. Great, right?

Well, after a few years of this, I started to wonder if people would still like me if I weren’t on television. Eventually, whenever someone would tell me how much they liked my character, I would say “thank you,” and then feel kind of empty inside. I started to question my self-worth.

I had a friend in high school who had beautiful, long, naturally red hair, and for years, everywhere she went, everyone told her how much they loved her long, red hair: friends, family, strangers, everyone. Finally, one day, when she was about seventeen years old, she showed up to school with her hair cut short-and dyed jet black!

She said she was tired of people complimenting her hair, and she needed to know what people liked about her. She had that same empty feeling on the inside that I did when people talked to me about being on TV. She wanted to be valued for something real, for what was on the inside. Of course, she was smart and funny and interesting-she just needed to figure that out for herself. And don’t worry, her red hair did eventually grow back!

The good news is that the things that really matter, like our intelligence and personality-the things that feel good to be valued for-are things we have the ability to improve ourselves. While it’s fun to focus on being fashionable and glamorous, it’s also important to develop your smart and savvy side.

One of the best ways to sharpen your brain, and develop intelligence, is to study mathematics. It challenges and strengthens your mind in a way that very few other things do. It’s like going to the gym-but for your brain!

I even took a break from acting for four years to go to college and major in mathematics, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. These days, I’ve returned to acting, but with a new sense of confidence that came from developing my intelligence.

—  Danica McKeller, Math Doesn’t Suck

Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper (“The Wonder Years”)

They were one of my first ever OTPs.

I’m seriously crying right now.


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