danica williams


Flash, Danica Williams (Justice League Beyond)

“Danica is the Flash of the 2040s. She works at the Flash Museum in Central City and has a connection with the Speed Force that grants her the same powers as Flash. This connection allows her to communicate with previous speedsters like Jay Garrick, Wally West and Bart Allen.

During her first meeting with the Justice League Unlimited, she saved them from the villainous Mindslide (Ronald Tagg), who had replicated their powers and mind controlled the heroes to fight each other.”

1st appearance Justice League Beyond #19 - Flashdrive (2013)

I’ve been having a crazy fixation on Danica Williams/Flash Beyond lately. I feel like she is a very awesome and very overlooked Speedster character in the DC universe. Four of my favorite facts about her that make her outstanding is :1- she is proclaimed to be not the only fastest girl alive, but the one of FASTEST OF THE SPEEDSTERS known to DC. Wally had specifically stated she was even faster than Bart, who was previously considered one of-if not THE fastest (saying “one of” because there’s no clear comparison between them and Barry). This brings me to 2- she has the ability to RUN ON AIR. She runs at such advanced speeds that she could go airborne and use particles of air in front of her as atomic stair steps. 3-her connection to the speed force allows her to not only go fast, but have the ability to talk to the past Speedsters like Wally, Bart and Jay Garrick for guidance and use of their knowledge on the many abilities the speed force grants. 4- finally, I absolutely love the fact that Danica is both African American AND female; a combination only seen one other time in a speedster in the DC universe (Jenni Ognats).
Put all of this together and you get one of the AWESOMEST speedsters in DC