danica stewart


GH history lesson:

Everyone knows Robyn Richardson played maxie before Kirsten Storms (Robyn was Maxie 1993 - 2004). And we know the temp recasts since. Like Jen Lilly (2011 - 2012) and Molly Burnett (July 2016). But did you know in 2002 from March to July that Danica Stewart played Maxie.

In 2002 they let Robyn go and aged maxie. Danica played her but fans did not like it. There was such a disapproval that they nixed Danica and brought back Robyn. Robyn stayed until 2004 and then when Maxie returned may 2005, kirsten had taken over the role.

Danica was Maxie for 4 months. Beating the record of the worst Carly, Jennifer Brandsford, who was Carly from April to October, 6 months. Fans outcry nixed Jen and that’s why Laura Wright was brought in as Carly.

Don’t knock fan reactions. They can make or break a character/couple/storyline.