dania zarr


Both Rare Appearance Dania and Aristocratic Agnes came in the mail this week, and I love them a whole lot. I had been a bit worried about both - I wasn’t sure how metallic Dania’s eyeshadow was going to be (I was really hoping it wouldn’t be bright shiny silver like last year’s Hanne - that was an unpleasant surprise,) and exactly what shade of blonde Agnes’ hair was has been an intense subject of debate on the boards. Happily my worries about Dania were unfounded, and I find I do really like the pale shade Agnes is rocking. I think the color as well as the minimalist screening that Agnes is rocking really makes her look a lot younger than usual. (Frex: in comparison my favorite Agnes,Truly, Madly, Deeply, looks positively matronly next to Aristo.) I do like the simple sheathes both are wearing, and the purses are wonderful. I’m not sure how I feel about Agnes’s earrings. I like the concept, just not sure about the execution. I’m probably going to keep them in stock for the forseeable future - at least until the rest of my FR girls come in so we can take some group shots. 

Apparently I managed to develop a bit of a headcanon for the girls while I was playing with them: Dania and Agnes - or Meghan and Sylvia - are a happily married couple who just found out that they (Syl, anyway) are pregnant. I have no freaking clue where it came from, but it seems to suit. God, I really need to work on some dioramas.