I’m not very good at expressing my thoughts into words, which might be why I draw how I feel about Arsenal games instead of writing how I feel about Arsenal games. But, today marks one year of doing Poorly Drawn Arsenal. To say that I’m humbled by the support I’ve received would be an understatement. I started this as way to reach out of my comfort zone and share my dumb drawings and thoughts online. 365 days later and my dumb drawings have been viewed over 6 million times. I am officially out of my comfort zone. You guys rock.

Anyway, here’s a quick look back at some of my worst drawings.

The Best Of The Worst

My first drawing

Alexis Sanchez and Dani Alves with his “tattoos” 

An attempt to draw Ozil’s eyes in detail. I stopped drawing halfway through due to fear and the possibility of recurring nightmares.

Alex “French Fries” Song

Aaron “Baby Faced Alien” Ramsey

FIC: Nodus Tollens

Title: Nodus Tollens

Characters: Dani Sanchez, Elliot Gilbert (friends), Levi Corbin (Yeah You Will Guy), Cassandra July, Maggie Banks, Isabelle Wright, etc.

Summary:  After an afternoon standing in the rain waiting for his so-called friends, Kurt realizes that his life doesn’t make sense anymore. Not the way he thought it did. He embarks on his junior year with an onslaught of opportunities, and 

This is for @vcg73 honestly. I promised it to her a year ago, wrote two chapters, and then had a lot of drama. So I’m posting this in hopes of forcing myself to outline it and write at least a solid short story of it. 


The rain came down in thick, forceful sheets. Like a wall on each side of the large, black umbrella, a force field cutting Kurt off from those who hurried by. After a moment or two (during which he’d been bumped into, thrice, proving that the force field wasn’t worth much), Kurt stepped off to the side of the sidewalk to let the other New Yorkers pass. He’d only stepped back to begin with because he’d gotten splashed by a taxi zipping by.

He was wet, and he was cold. His jaw was beginning to feel loose in his head, as though if he didn’t keep it tightly clenched, it would fly on its own, chattering madly. It was cold for the season. A sudden dip in the weather, although not enough to produce ice. Funnily enough, the sun had been out, for a time, when Kurt had strolled up. Gradually, though, the sun had hidden itself away, leaving only black skies, cold winds, and a torrent of seemingly endless rain.

For the first few minutes, Kurt had wondered if he were late, or early, or if the others had come to this spot in Kurt’s old neighborhood and immediately gone inside somewhere. His texts went unanswered, however. If they had gone off together, they had said nothing. Kurt suspected, though, that not one of them—Rachel, Santana, Brittany, Blaine, Sam, Artie, or even Mercedes or Tina—ever had any plan of showing up here today.

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Summary of my WC2013 experience day 16 (Knock Out stage)

Brazil 1(3) vs Chile 1 (2) (Penalties)

This game is the most dramatic yet. It landed in penalties and everyone died. even if you weren’t a fan of either teams you were certainly not Ok.

in the tunnel Alexis, Neymar and Dani had a moment. Comparing hair styles and giving kisses aww…the Barca love is real

David Luiz scored. well, lets say an own goal assisted by david luiz? 

Alexis Sanchez brought it to the draw that took us to the penalties


its a 3-2 win with Penalties for Brazil

1  Luiz

2 Marcello

3 Neymar

1 Diaz

2 Aranguiz

But don’t forget Incredible Hulk used his hand, shoulder idk… he is a big lad every part is almost the same size but he was denied a goal for using his bicep

but the dedication is real. He had to wear this through out.

sorry to chile they stole the heart of the Majority 

Meanwhile bruh wants to wear hot pants… shorts no here

and he’s mesmerizing physio’s… that dude is so done. someone take him away from that booty before he goes Nc-17

But this man deserves everything… he is fantastic

and David Luiz did not disappoint in showing him some love

Colombia 2 vs Uruguay 0 


But we dint have to wait long because this lad, James Rodriguez delivered with a BEAUTIFUL goal.

and we all got a treat,  look at that booty swerve

Rodriquez again 

and they always ready to shake the booty

people who dint know about the Colombian Sweetheart Fell in love Yesterday

A lot of SHADE to Uruguay Yesterday… my personal favourite 

“Uruguay bit off more than they can chew on this one” well k9 is on lockdown

“Colombia sailing to the next round in Uruguay’s tears”

if you say you dint love day 16 i don’t believe you. bring on day 17! 

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