“Dany shivered, and pulled the lionskin tight about her. She looked like me. It explained much that she had not truly understood. He wants me, she realized. He loves me as he loved her, not as a knight loves his queen but as a man loves a woman. She tried to imagine herself in Ser Jorah’s arms, kissing him, pleasuring him, letting him enter her. It was no good. When she closed her eyes, his face kept changing into Drogo’s. ”

A Song of Ice and Fire - A Clash of Kings

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You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Calligraphed and illustrated by dani-does-things with a Pilot Parallel Pen with a 6mm nib, Faber Castel brush tip illustration markers, and Pentel brush-tip pens with water-based ink. Digitally cleaned up in Photoshop.

Available for sale as a 9x12 print at $18USD!

anonymous asked:

Sorry to disturb you, but I'm a newbie to the tumblr fandom of the VC and I'm kind of desperate to find some Pandora fans - we seem to be a minority in this fandom? Can you recommend any?

Welcome to our little corner of tumblrland!

Marius & Pandora by Dany&Dany

No worries at all! I only wish I could give you a better answer. You’re quite right, I think Pandora-specific fans are a minority as I rarely see any action about her on my dash… :-\ 

There was a Pandora RPer around at one point, vita–ante–acta. I would go into her archive and find ppl she interacted with, they may be your ppl!

I only have 2 tags for her, and they’re pretty low on content but here ya go: #pandora and #the vampire pandora.

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