I don’t even know how this happened.
One moment it was a random drawing of a girl in a dress being swept by the wind and next thing I’m coming back from the bathroom, looking at the drawing and thinking ‘twelve and Clara’s child yessssss’
Don’t know her name yet but she has her father’s fashion sense, much to Clara’s chagrin. But at least she has her mother’s sense and carries a bag that’s bigger on the inside and has everything she needs to consider herself prepared for any adventure. (A bag which is also useful for when the tardis happens to shrink again)

viktorry asked:

that manga panel you reblogged a while ago is from the shoujo manga "from eroica with love" and tbh dorian pretty much is a lestat and klaus is louis idk how they got away with this

(This one, I assume.)

I definitely see the physical resemblance and in that one page I see some character resemblance ;] 

I enjoy seeing works inspired by other works, especially works inspired by VC!

Dany&Dany started out as VC fanartists and built a manga empire on those characters, specifically L/L, recasting them as different characters but retaining similar personalities and appearances, as if they were actors. 

Like these

are totally

Louis & Lestat


So you guys might be tired of seeing this one but it’s one of those pieces that I had been wanting to draw perfectly. I had a version of her three years ago..then another one a year ago…I wasn’t really pleased with them so now that I had finally felt strogly about this I won’t be hasty with finishing this one. Update on this one: Drogon BBy is on Dany’s shoulders and fixed her body to be a little more accurate. Drogon’s tail replaces the ultra long Targaryen locks I had given Dany and Drogon’s wings are bent at odd places. Lalalalalalala

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