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Daniela “Dani/D-Mo/Cap” Ocampo is twenty-six years old, is a guard, mechanic and hunter and is often confused with Michelle Rodriguez.

→ What’s her story?

Daniela was born in Boston, from a Dominican mother and a half Puerto Rican father. From an early age she had always been a troublemaker, getting into fights at school, questioning and talking back to the teachers, she was suspended and kicked out more times that she cared to count. She decided to drop out and get her GED but soon realized opportunities didn’t grow on trees and her best chance was working at her father’s shop. It wasn’t exactly a hardship, she loved cars and engines, it calmed her down, relaxed her and cleared her head but after a couple of months it was not enough.

There was not much for someone like her but once she turned 17, she talked to her parents because despite her issues with authority, Daniela’s main goal was always to help, to support, to do something for others. Most of her fights had been with the intention of protecting or defending others and with that in mind she talked with her family and after a couple of weeks of arguments, tears -mostly her mother’s- and talks, Daniela joined the United States Marine Corps.

It wasn’t easy, not like she had imagine it’d be, bad habits were hard to break and she was often on some horrible duty or with extra chores but it became easier eventually. She was not the kind of soldier that followed orders blindly, after all she was too smart to let others control her just like that but she had matured enough to realize when the orders were worth following. Fighting the war had been tough, traumatic and even though she had grown to love what she did, because it was more than just a job, it was a lifestyle it was part of her, She had been thinking about finally retiring, she had served 8 years, reached a high rank and if she decided to stay, was a shoe in to keep on climbing the ranks but then something worse than the war happened and the military forces were send all around to help civilians but most of the time there were too many and not enough ammo, she had survived when her team had been lost, she had gone back for her family only to find them infected. Lost and alone, she took her fathers car and traveled around for a couple of months until she found the Compound.

→ What’s she like?

Daniela is an intelligent woman, too curious for her own good, people thought she was having issues in school because she was dumb but it was the structure that made it hard for her, she loves knowledge and information, determined from a young age, there was nothing she wouldn’t do, even if people told her she couldn’t she’d do her very best to try and prove them wrong, whatever she set her mind to, she committed until the end and loyal this is perhaps the trait Dani appreciates the most not only in her but in others as well. However she’s very sarcastic between spending her time proving herself and competing with others Dani found it difficult to interact with other people in a more mellowed way, sarcasm became her bridge, hot-tempered like any good Latina, she is fiery, her temper had caused her a fair share of trouble, and brash people were always underestimating her because she was a girl, she compensated with an attitude as big as her abilities.

→ Who does she know?

  • Currently none.

→ Daniela is played by AC.

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