whyyouhefftobemad replied to your postbraces are hurting tonight. sobs

I had a part of a tomato stuck in my braces and I tried to get it out for like twenty minutes. this isn’t really relevant, just thought you should know. ok. thanks. bye

I had lo mein for dinner last week and noodles were stuck between pretty much every bracket. It took forever to get them all out. It was attractive as hell. I’m surprised I didn’t get proposed to.

so heres another story that happened that I forgot to document.

my mom got really sick from a tooth infection, which was caused by a bad root canal, and the infection caused the side of her face to swell like a blowfish (you may think I’m over reacting but i’m not it was actually that big) but 4 days later the swelling has subsided tremendously and she will going back to work on Monday!

anonymous asked:

I want u 2 know u are doing a good job and ur hard work WILL pay off in the future and you're a good person destined for gr9 things. Ily

Aw thanks anon. I’m having a rlly low self esteem day and my computer is slowly breaking more and more each time I use it so this made me smile. I believe in u too I hope you’re doing well xoxoxoxxo

My birthday was a total sucess today! I had glitter poured on me, one of my best friends made me an awesome duct tape wallet and got me a FNAF minifigure thingy, he sister bought me an XL chocolate bar, my parents bought me TARDIS/Doctor Who stuff, one teacher gave me chocolate, AND I GOT MY FRENCH BIRTHDAY PENCIL! Then it was all ended by playing Trivial Pursuit and watching Friends

Im nervous about tomorrow...

I just finished my homework for the week because I have a big even tomorrow night. My University is having an emergency disaster drill at the trolley station on campus and they have cast members of the theatre department to play victims of a trolley collision in order to help with the training of the first response during the aftermath of an earthquake. At this moment I will either have a face laceration or an amputated leg (all fake of course), my character will also only speak Spanish to present a challenge to the paramedics. I’m looking forward to it because it is an amazing opportunity to do something for the community but I’m also freaking out because I don’t know how I will deal with it emotionally. The worst part is that the drill will happen from 9pm to 4 am Thursday morning. Then I will get enough time for clean up and a nap before taking a test a 9 in the morning. Anyways… I will hopefully make it through the event and through the rest of the week with out falling apart.

… Mine’s more like:

Sami: Hello. Would you like me to sign that?
Me: .//////. Yes, please.
Sami: Having a nice day?
Me: Could you please wear a visor? It’d make me feel better.
Sami: Uh…
Me: You’re my favourite player.
Sami: Tha-
Me: Wear a visor.
Sami: Here’s your jer-
Me: Wear a visor.
Sami: …
Me: Visor.