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Real Madrid are words that are in my life. Real Madrid means triumph in victory and triumph in loss. Real Madrid is history, it is the day-to-day and it is what will happen, it is endless longing and endless expectation. It is courage, to overcome the rest and also itself, to overcome loss, to overcome victory. Real Madrid is the “at least” of a bad day and the “but” of a good day.

The Son(g) of Ice and Fire

I saw someone commenting on a George RR Martin interview where he talks about why he named the series Ice and Fire. This person seemed to assume that George’s answer meant that Jon and Daenerys represent Ice and Fire together, respectively, which is something I have always very vocally disagreed with, and will continue to do until Martin himself tells me I’m wrong (that means Dan and David and their fanfic freakshow and magazine covers are irrelevant to me). 

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I read/listened to this interview a long, long time ago, and it never gave me the impression that my idea of what the Song of Ice and Fire means, is wrong… 
Here’s why:


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Atletico v. Leicester- all the atleti players form a line to punch Vardy in the face. They all get red cards… Simone subs himself in and singlehandedly defeats the evil.

Monaco v. BVB- ????Reus????

Real Madrid v. Bayern- everyone is screaming. I am screaming, you are screaming, Obama is screaming. The crops are on fire..

Barca v. Juve- Dani Alves scores the winning own goal

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It's funny how you Jonerys shippers all think Jon fans find Daeny a threat because she fulfills some prophecies Jon also does and this is why they don't ship them. I can say the opposite for Daeny fans because y'all are so adamant about Jon not being legitimate because if he were his claim would be better than Daeny's. Is R+L=J that big of a threat to you? Do you want her to be queen so badly that you ignore Jon might be legitimate?

Are you the same anon also sending question to @mudinyourlungs

Doesn’t matter, I’ll still answer you and hopefully you won’t have any more questions after this.

I can say the opposite for Daeny fans because y'all are so adamant about Jon not being legitimate because if he were his claim would be better than Daeny’s.

No, Jon does not actually have a better claim than Dany’s. You see when The World of Ice and Fire was published we learned a piece of information that might not have seemed that important at first glance but it was. We learned that King Aerys upon the death of his son and heir Rhaegar named his second son Viserys his heir, skipping over Rhaegar’s line. 

What does this mean? Well, it means that the Targaryen line of succession now runs through VIserys, not Rhaegar. From the main series we know that when Aerys died Queen Rhaella crowned Visery’s King at Dragsotne, making him the Head of House Targaryen. Visery’s in turn named Daenerys’ his heir, in fact that’s how she’s first introduced to us as the Princess of Dragonstone (the title given to the heir). The last Targaryen King named her his heir and therefore upon his death she became both Queen and Head of House Targaruen. Period. 

So, even if Jon was legitimate he would come second to her because he comes from a line that was skipped over and frankly he was never names as a Targaryen or was ever heir to a King. Finally, although precedent has not allowed a female Targaryen to rule, there is no law saying they can’t rule. 

Is R+L=J that big of a threat to you?

Not at all actually. It’s a tragedy that caused an entire country to be ripped apart, thousands died and Rhaegar’s entire family almost dying with him because of his and his father’s recklessness. 

Do you want her to be queen so badly that you ignore Jon might be legitimate?

To the first part of this question, Dany is already Queen. So there is no need for me to want her to be Queen. She is Queen in her own right as conqueror, by marriage as khaleesi and by heritage as a Targaryen. Queen three times over, Jon being legitimate doesn’t take that away from her. 

Now to the second part of your question. If you are a book reader, did you ever wonder why the character of Young Griff, i.e. Aegon was introduce? Of course he’s there to be an obstacle for Dany but he’s serving another purpose. You have a young man, who is coming out of nowhere claiming to be the dead son of Rhaegar Targayen. He has the Valyrian look and the education to potentially fool people into believing it.  Dany as the “Slayer of Lies” is obviously going to unmask this imposter. 

So, what does this have to do with Jon’s potential legitimacy? A lot actually. After the unmasking of fAegon how do you think the Westerosi noble will react to yet another young man coming out of nowhere claiming to be the unknown son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark? However, unlike fAegon he does look Valyrian and is the known bastard of the very honorable Ned Stark. Do you think they’ll be like, “OMG of course this is the REAL son of Rhaegar not that other guy who totally sort of looked like him, no, no, this is the real one.” I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s how they’ll react. They are going to roll their eyes at yet another pretender and a bad one at that, the honorable Ned Stark claimed him as his son, so it has to be true. 

The appearance of Young Griff/fAegon pretty much makes it impossible for Jon’s heritage to become public. I’m not saying that Jon, Dany and the Starks won’t know, they’ll know but it’ll be a family secret because no one will truly believe them. 

Finally, I’m going to briefly address something I’ve address a shit ton of times: why Jon is a bastard.

From the moment we are introduced to Jon we learn that being a bastard in Westeros is an awful stigma, they are mistrusted and seen in the most negative light, like being a bastard makes them naturally bad or something. 

So then we have Jon, a known bastard, helping to gather the forces of Westeros to defeat a threat that would destroy them all if not stopped, helping to lead the living against the dead, fighting alongside his men, and kicking all kinds of ass. All the heroism, all the sacrifice, all the awesomeness, and he’s his a BASTARD!? You don’t fucking say!

Yes! I do say. All you people distrusting a bastard and look who’s saving your ass. Proving to the not-so-good people of Westeros that you don’t need a name to be a good man and to be a hero. 

So, if Jon were to be legitimate and everyone finds out, what does that say? Well it proves them right, because this hero was never truly a bastard he was a prince all along. Of course he was, a bastard could never do that, they can’t be trusted.

I say, fuck you Westorosis, a bastard and an exiled Queen with a bad attitude are about to save your ass.

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #103

In a world where Moonlight, Lima’s newest 16+ club had just opened its doors:

Featuring a revolving lineup of the best singers and bands from the area, it didn’t take long for a few performers to stand out. Including The New Directions members and some talented outliers, it wasn’t until Dani LaCroix that Rachel Berry, Moonlight’s self-proclaimed star act, started to feel threatened. Dani, a recent transplant from New Orleans, was altogether too charming and confident and Rachel couldn’t help but get drawn to her. Though she swore it was all in the name of musical rivalry, Santana Lopez, Rachel’s best friend, fellow Moonlight performer, and recently realized hopeful girlfriend, was not enthused.

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Dany is more than likely going to rule Maureen or the dothraki. Her whole arc is "I must rule westeros!!!" But everything is laid out for her to realize she already rules her people, the unsullied and dothraki both fit that. Even though Jon is a Targaryen he won't desert the wall but if the wall was no longer he'd be my bet. Sansa will be queen of the north and Tyrion won't do shit. My bet is that Westeros won't have an iron throne by the end. But if there is and theres no wall, it'll be Jon.

You know what…I could live with that. Leave Dani with the Unsullied and The Dothraki. Give Sansa the North. Jon can take the wall and the Wildlings. Everyone else can fuck off. I just would be LIVID if Dani, Jon, or Tyrion ruled *everything*. I would hand on heart come to hate the show if that’s where they ended up. 

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Know what would be a great ending for Dany Deadpan? If the Dothraki whose most sacred shrine she destroyed rebelled against her tyranny. They could start by feeding poisoned cows to the annoying CGI dragons.I just wish the PoC in this show had SOME agency instead of blindly bending the knee to a tyrant. And why is that when my girl Cersei buns a temple filled with white people she is a mad bitch and when Dany does it she wins an entire group of people over?

I’m all for Mama Dosh and Nice Khaleesi creating a new world order. Maybe The Evil Sex Worker of False Tears could be persuaded to join their cause. But any of this would require the showrunners to even realize there was a problem with what they were showing.

And good question! I wrote an entire essay on that, and the answer I have is “because marketing”: http://www.thefandomentals.com/sexism-and-s6-part-3/

lesbian greaser dani zuko
  • surrounded by her pack of guy friends who are all “hell yeah i wanna hear about your summer girlfriend! get it!”
  • bisexual rizzo who has been with dani and kenickie and will fucking fight anyone who asks if she’s straight now
  • her fierce tight friendship with kenickie, who was probably the first person she came out to and he didn’t really know how to deal with it because it’s the 1950s but they’ve been best friends since they were kids and he’s sure as hell not gonna ditch her now
  • dani is also constantly messing with her hair because hey, it’s hard to keep a ponytail in place during all that choreo
  • the entirety of greased lightning
  • dani and sandy can’t actually go to the dance together because “all couples must be boy-girl” so they agree to go separately and dani’s trying to figure out how to ask kenickie to go with her cause he’s her best friend in the world, until he’s finally like “you want me to go with the dance with you?” yES PLEASE THANK GOD
  • this would be why rizzo goes with the leader of the scorpions, and lbr sandy probably goes with tom (i’m so sorry sandy), and when dani and kenickie win the dance contest, sandy and rizzo are both more jealous than they want to admit because they always suspected there was something between the two of them
  • there isn’t
  • have i ever mentioned how ride or die i am for the zuko/kenickie brotp
  • at the drive-in, sandy is freaking out about pda because they’re in public and it’s the fucking 1950s, someone might see
  • kenickie! asking dani to be his second for the race! because there’s no one he’d rather have having his back!
  • also i’m super here for dani not having to dial down any of her more “feminine” traits and behaviors, even just little stuff like stroking kenickie’s hair and cradling his head in her lap after he gets fucking decked by a goddamn car door
  • please imagine dani’s face when sandy comes out in her super tight black leather outfit, poor girl’s gonna need to lie down for approximately forever
  • also may i suggest “cool for the summer” in place of the overture

After some really bad singing, they play an arcade game together.

Ryan seems much more comfortable doing this…..even if Dani did win, lol.

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I share your sentiments about Dany. I'm here hoping she'd go crazy like her father and ultimately become the villain cuz I don't want a shit ass ending where she conquers all her challenges and "finally" becomes queen like what every other fan wants to happen.

Dany’s story has always disgusted me because here in the Philippines, it’s one of the most common plots in TV shows that are geared towards the masses.

1) There’s a young, beautiful, poor, weak and abused girl.

2) Oh wait, apparently, she’s not poor! She has come to the possession of something really valuable, like an inheritance or a superpower. 

3) She’s not weak anymore.

4) She’s seeking vengeance on everyone who has hurt her.

5) Oh no, some of the villains are about to get her!

6) LOL JK, she outsmarts them all.

7) She gets everything she wants and lives happily ever after.

Makes me vomit, really.

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Which is why I don’t think Dany will win the game in the end. GRRM is unlikely to be as basic as them bitches.

Dani Alves: Sorry Pep, I joined PSG to win

Dani Alves has apologised to Pep Guardiola and Manchester City for sensationally snubbing the Premier League club, but claims he has joined Paris Saint-Germain “to be a champion”.

Alves had been expected to link up with his former Barcelona coach Guardiola at the Eithad Stadium after securing an early release from his Juventus contract.

Instead, the 34-year-old was presented in the French capital on Wednesday, having opted to join PSG, who finished second behind Monaco in Ligue 1 last season and lost 6-5 to Barca in a thrilling Champions League round-of-16 tie.  

“If Pep Guardiola and Manchester City feel hurt, I am sorry… I have come here to be a champion,” Alves told a news conference.

Alves also risked incurring the wrath of his former team, claiming “ambition” and “organisation” was the major difference between PSG and Juve.

He added: “I’ve had the pleasure of winning the Champions League three times and I want to bring my experience here.”

Alves revealed that former Barca and Brazil team-mate Maxwell, who left Camp Nou for PSG in 2012 before retiring at the end of last season, played a role in encouraging the move.

“I thank Maxwell for convincing me to come to Paris,” he said.

“I am ready to give my all.

"There’s a very interesting project in Paris. I have friends here, I’m a man who loves challenges.

"The work that the club has been doing over the past several years is very encouraging. It’s an ambitious team.

"The [PSG] president [Nasser Al-Khelaifi] had a great power of persuasion. I like to make history. We can write it together here. Our goal is to win the Champions League.

"I want to constantly open new horizons. I’m young in spirit. As long as it stays young, I’ll continue to fight.

"This was the third year that my name was linked to PSG. The third time was the charm.”

The Endgame Couples of [GoT]

First - all credit for this original idea to redditor StormlandsTrooper, I am merely expanding on it.

The Valonqar prophecy {which thus far has proven to be correct throughout the show}:

Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.

Now, who does Cersei hold dear above all others? Jaime.

Foreshadowing, season six chapter ten, Bronn to Jaime: “Not blonde enough?”

Further foreshadowing, Tyrion to Dany: “ you make peace with your enemies, not your friends.”


And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar (Valyrian: little brother) shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

If Jaime (her little brother by minutes) kills Cersei this ends the conflict. He has now dispatched two mad rulers. He would not be inclined to keep opposing Daenerys.

Jaime is the legal ruler of the Westerlands. This is the last major area Dany would need to win. He is also sworn to never take up arms against the Starks.

Jon being Targaryen would mean that an alliance by marriage would not necessarily be required. They are joined by blood regardless.

On the other hand, with Jon being Targaryen there would be a fair number of people in the North who would not accept his rule. Enter Sansa. A marriage between Jon and Sansa would solidify his claim and bring peace between the two houses.

If Jaime dies, the legal ruler of the Westerlands is Tyrion. The same reasoning applies.

Bottom line:

Dany + Jaime or Tyrion. Jon + Sansa. Peace and unity. The entirety of Westeros united against the White Walkers.