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I talked to my uncle/3rd-best-friend about how is Danny Phantom and how is the Phandom, and this is his opinion:

About the show:

“Vlad is right. Fuck the Fenton parents.“

“Wow, they reversed the popular-girl-and-poc-character by making Paulina the most popular girl whilst the blond-white-blue-eyed is her minion.”

“Ember is hot.“

“Sam is cool. I like her.”

“This could be so cool if DC put it’s hands on it and made it officially a dark show.“

On ‘Shades of Grey’ “Wait, she canonically tortured him?!”

“The parents want WHAT?!“

“WAIT, all of his enemies know hid secret identity BUT not his parents?!”

On Danielle “Well, fucking hell, that girl is gonna grow up with a lot of traumas and seeking male aprobation. Which member of the animation staff was letting loose their own traumas?“

On Cujo “Hey, the puppy’s story is sorta cute…”

On Poindexter “Wait… did he commit suicide…?“

“This has a lot of potential for a children cartoon.”


Now, on the Phandom:

“The creator provoked a Shipps War? Didn’t he know that you can’t decide how the fans shipp?”


“Oh, forget the traumatized little girl, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“This is way too much gore for a children cartoon.“

“You are all crazy.”

“Ok, yes, this show has dark potential, but you are way too much.“

After some phanarts “Oh… what is wrong with you?”

“And you are part of all this?“ “A little part, but yeah.” “Ok, I’m paying for your therapy.“

im pissed off


honestly why the fuck.

i have a few problems with this.

1. this isn’t confirmed but as far as we know, miles is 15-16 and gwen is 19-20. which is pretty gross, but marvel isn’t the best when it comes to age differences (ex. oro was 12 when she first lost her virginity to t’challa when he was 16-17). but it’s 2017???? do better.

2. after the events of civil war II and all the stress miles was put under, do you really think this is a good idea? like, i feel like…….. there are other things to focus on rather than implement a romance to the series. i’m really tired of authors throwing romances at their audience once they can’t figure out another story line for their character. its tiring. it’s old. and i’m sick of it.

3. i’m a little put off but black and white relationships in marvel because it seems to be the only ships they can come up with? i’m. tired of it actually. I can think of a number of other people who are poc to ship miles with. black and white relations are not the only form of interracial relationships.

honestly this isn’t confirmed as far as i know but i really just, hope. this isn’t….. real. i’m tired.

with Oscar Isaac and Diego Luna becoming fandom faves, I think it’s important to take a moment to re-evaluate the way you talk about your latinx faves.

as a latinx, I have often seen people talk about these actors and their characters in a way which makes me uncomfortable. this mostly comes in the form of them and their speaking spanish. for example: I have seen a lot of people referring to Diego Luna’s accent when speaking English as “cute” or “adorable”, yet these are a lot of the same people who would side-eye any Mexican/latinx with English anything less than perfect. It also relates to the immediate sexualization of the spanish language when it comes to these actors. I cannot count the amount of times people post things such as “[insert latinx character] speaking spanish during sex”. It makes it seem as if speaking their native tongue is inherently a sexual activity. I also see videos of them speaking spanish being posted with captions calling them names like “papi” and this is extremely harmful to the way people view the latinx community. there is already an extremely sexualized view of latinxs, specially women, as they are expected to be suave and sexy and curvy thanks to media stereotypes. By constantly assigning a sexual value to a person speaking spanish, you are helping to perpetuate this which ultimately is not gonna help anyone.

there is a very vast difference in the way people talk about their white faves vs. their latinx faves. there is an immediate sexualization of spanish only when it’s convenient. by praising these actors for speaking their language, you are making it seem as if spanish is only beautiful when spoken by a lucky few, only by the people you deem worthy enough to speak the language and be praised for it, while latinxs everywhere get harrassed for speaking it on the street. I understand this is not the intention of most people, but it still comes off that way and it is very harmful. Even when headcanons say things such as “[insert character] swearing in spanish when they’re mad”. It glorifies these aspects of them being bilingual but only when done by them, if a normal latinx swore in spanish in public while mad they’d be viewed as aggressive. These actors/characters are viewed as a show, kind of an extension of the “omg say something in Spanish” phenomenon. You’re viewing them through a lens that makes them into objects due to their ethnicity.

In summary, I am 100% on board for latinx characters and actors becoming fan favorites. I cannot begin to tell you how happy it makes me. However, be careful of how you speak of them. Appreciate the spanish language and their latinx roots, but do it in a way which is mindful and respectful.

Thank you, Dany.
—  can we talk about how freaking PERSONAL that was?! I really don’t remember ANYONE who would speak to Dany with such straightforwardness and gentleness!
Khal Drogo always called her either ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Moon of his Life’, Jorah or Daario - ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Your Grace’. They all treated her like a Queen (who she obviously is).
And here we have Jon Snow. A man who loved once but has tragically lost his beloved. He knows the feeling of loss better than anyone and now he sees this powerful woman going through something heartbreaking. He feels responsible for it and wants to comfort her. Not because he has to.
He may know Dany for a short amount of time but already feels emotionally attached to her (and vice versa ;) ).
Jon sees more than just the Heir to the Iron Throne.
He sees a human being with the surface of a strong and beautiful woman.

  • someone: how are you?
  • what I say: fine
  • what I mean: the UA dress code - though it clearly allows for alterations on the uniform according to need, as evidenced by Shoji and his custom shirt and jacket without sleeves - appears to be fairly strict, but are shoes a considered part of the base uniform that students are required to wear? Midoriya wears his red shoes which could be chalked up to nepotism or an exception ignored by the artist for the purposes of character design, but Kirishima also wears non-standard shoes. Todoroki wears sneakers and so does Ojiro. Iida, Bakugo, Sero, Kaminari, and most of the other boys all seem to be wearing the same standard loafers, presumably provided or recommended by the school. none of the girls wear alternate footwear, they all have the same exact shoes, which appear to be part of the uniform and closely resemble the "standard" footwear for the boys with minor additional details. Aoyama is drawn wearing both special pointy dress shoes and the standard boys shoes. Tokoyami seems to be wearing the same shoes the girls wear. maybe shoes are up to the preference of the student, but why would they be when the rest of the uniform is (apparently) upheld fairly strictly? clearly there are shoes of a specific design that are intended to go with the uniform, but a good quarter of the class isn't wearing them. maybe uniforms actually aren't policed very harshly? is that reasonable for an institution as prestigious as UA? there aren't any great full-body reference pictures of class 1-B for me to look at to prove that shoe substitutions aren't only rampant in class 1-A. as far as we know, Midoriya wore his red shoes to school on the first day and everyone else was like "fuck it, if he's wearing his own shoes then I will too" and Aizawa didn't care enough to correct them. how far can they take it? can they go barefoot? why does Tokoyami wear the girls shoes??????

y'all i know u won’t do this but if i see a single nctzen disrespect tvxq spouting that they’re too old n some other shit like that i will legit knock u out bc the amount of times nct have stated that they admire tvxq so much is too many to count, without tvxq yuta probably wouldn’t have auditioned, yunho legit takes care of them n always gives them advice so don’t go spouting shit about tvxq bc i will fight

Please help me move!

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fun AUs for your polyships bc lord knows we need more of these:

  • two couples who go on so many double dates that everyone just ends up dating each other AU
  • “oh man, you should meet my other boyfriend, you’d love him."  "okay, but only if I get to introduce my other boyfriend too."  (it’s the same guy and shenanigans ensue) AU
  • cute couple who keeps going to the same flower shop to buy flowers for each other but also bc they both have a massive crush on the person behind the counter AU
  • we all live on the same floor of this building and you needed help moving your new couch up the stairs so we gave you a hand and damn, this is a nice couch, don’t mind us if we never actually leave your apartment again AU
  • they’re all in the same class that they hate and they’ve started a group chat so they can complain about it constantly AU
  • we all order the same drink every day but like five minutes apart and the barista thinks it’s hilarious AU
  • some late-night radio hosts and the person who keeps calling in to chat and then request the most obscure song they can come up with AU
  • alternately: late-night radio host and the people with wildly different music tastes who keep calling in to request songs that will piss each other off AU
  • understudies for the lead characters of some musical who just dick around backstage constantly AU
  • chef who is constantly being flirted with by these waiters who would be getting paid a lot more if they could deliver food as well as they deliver pick-up lines AU