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Bend Your Knees (Part 2)

I’m still too hype for boatsex to wait for smutfest so here’s a continuation filled with more Jonerys smut. If you haven’t yet, read PART 1!

Warning: Smut (and a bit of fluff for good measure)

Preview: Jon stepped in and closed the door behind him. The war table stretched before them. She waited for him to speak but he said nothing. “I trust you enjoyed your rest.”

 “Aye,” Jon said. “And you?”

She met his eyes. His face matched his serious tone. But surely he wasn’t talking about sleep. “Aye.” she mimicked. 

The next time Dany saw Jon it was a day later. She had stayed with him under the furs that night, partly because he had fallen asleep on her chest and she didn’t want to wake him, and partly because she didn’t want to be alone. 

She didn’t sleep. Instead she stayed up, looking out the windows of the ship as she listened to Jon snore. She thought of Viseron and let tear drops stream silently down her cheeks. Her fingers massaged Jon’s scalp, twirling in his hair.

It wasn’t until she saw the sun peak above the horizon that she gently slipped out of under him, replacing her chest with a pillow under Jon’s head. 

Jon slept for an entire day afterward. 

The next morning she broke fast with Ser Jorah, Tyrion and others. 

Ser Davos took his seat at the table last.

“Will the King in the North be joining us?” Tyrion asked him.

“I’m afraid he’s long asleep. I figure it better to let him rest after yesterday - if it please you your grace.” Davos looked to Dany. For a moment she thought she saw a knowing glint in his eyes. 

Dany nodded. “Then let’s begin.” 

When Jon woke up it was midday. He readied himself and spoke with Ser Davos, hoping to catch up on anything he missed. He was furious they had let him sleep so long. 

 That night he joined Dany for a council in the war room of the ship.

When Jon entered the room, Dany met his eyes and nodded. Jon took his seat.

Tyrion was intent on discussing strategy before she met Cersi. The queen that fucks her brother, Dany remembered. She had overheard that saying from a crew member earlier. She wondered what they called her.

The meeting stretched on until the sun was set. Dany listened intently to her council. Jon held a strong gaze on her the entire time. When their eyes met as he spoke, Dany let her her mind wander.

She watched him bite his lip between his teeth as he considered proposals from Tyrion and Ser Jorah and the skin of her inner thigh burned where his teeth had left a mark two nights prior. 

When the meeting was done, she dismissed them all. When they’d gone from the room she stood, hovering over the war table. Her fingers traced its edge. 

She heard a light knock on the door. 

“Come in.” she said, her eyes still glued to the table. 

“Your grace.” 

Her eyes wandered up to Jon Snow standing at the threshold of the room. 

“I said ‘come in’“ Her eyes wandered back down.

Jon stepped in and closed the door behind him. The war table stretched before them. She waited for him to speak but he said nothing. “I trust you enjoyed your rest.” 

“Aye,” Jon said. “And you?”

She met his eyes. His face matched his serious tone. But surely he wasn’t talking about sleep. “Aye.” she mimicked. 

Dany moved around the table so she was about three feet away. 

“Ser Davos spoke the truth.” she said. 

Jon thought back to the meeting earlier, it wasn’t until he noticed her violet eyes gazing over chest that he understood. His skin there grew hot, as if she was burning a hole through his fur cloak.

“You took a knife in the heart for your people,” Dany peered up at him now.

“Aye. From my people … my brothers,” Jon said it with regret, as if he was the one that wielded the blade.

“You died.”

“I did.” 

They were very close now, Dany’s silver curls brushed against his furs. Jon kept his breath shallow in his throat. 

“You survived raging fires.” 

The corner of Dany’s lips pulled up. “I did.” 

Jon felt her chest press against his. It rose and fell, their lips nearing. He broke the suspense and craned his neck down to crash his lips against hers, pulling a deep breath in through his nose. 

Dany kissed him back. His lips were cold against hers, but sweet like wine.

They were in more of a rush than before, the memory of the sweet release they shared before flashing like flames before their eyes.

They kissed until their lips went numb. Jon’s hands had snaked around her waist. Dany felt his cold finger tips brush over the back of her dress. She pulled away from his mouth and Jon looked down at her, his dark eyes swimming. 

He back them up against the war table and leaned in to kiss Dany again, but she backed away playfully at the last second. Jon gripped her hips roughly and lifted her up, pushing papers away with one hand and planting her down with another. 

He kissed her vigorously. She traced her fingernails down the back of his neck, making goosebumps rise on his skin. He broke away and drew in a breath, reveling in the sensation. 

Dany smirked at his reaction and decided she needed to see more. She pushed his cloak off of him and gave him kiss, grabbing his jerkin and lifting it over his head. Their lips broke for a moment and then they were immediately on each other again. 

With his back fully exposed Dany’s hands wrapped back around him and traced her fingernails slowly up his spine. He gasped and closed his eyes, holding in his breath. Jon blew his breath out on her neck and pushed her into the table more. She felt the wetness begin to pool between her legs, her muscles tightening there.

Jon decided that it was time for her sheer black dress to come off. He went to work on it with his fingers, pulling apart the silk knots that held it together as they kissed. 

When the fabric dropped to Dany’s hips she gasped, her nipples hardening in the cold air. Jon didn’t pause to play with them this time. Instead he lifted her ass off the table with one hand, pulling the dress off the rest of the way with the other. 

It caught around her boots. Dany tried to kick them off to no avail. She leaned back on her palms with an idea. 

“Bend your knees Jon Snow.” 

He eyed her up and down, breaking a smile as he bent down and pulled the boots off of her feet one at a time. The dress sank to the floor. He nipped the skin of her ankle and she gasped. 

“It’s Lord Snow.” He joked kissing his way back up her legs. When he reached her heat he pulled her hips, scooting her ass to the edge of the table. Her legs wrapped around his neck, feet resting on his back. 

Jon blew a hot breath across her folds and dipped his head to lick her there. Then he had a better idea. Dany yelped as he picked her up, her legs clenching, toes steadying herself against his back as he lifted her off the table. Her heat stayed close to his face and he led them around the war table. 

Jon pinned her against the wooden planks of the wall. Dany gasped, the cold wall sending a shiver down her spine. With her suspended above him he buried his face in her cunt. 

Her heels dug into the muscles of his back and she tried not to squirm against the sensation of Jon’s mouth on her. He licked a stripe up her folds and then swirled the tip of his tongue over her clit, repeating this until Dany writhed above him. 

Jon’s hands gripped her ass, massaging the skin there. She gripped his biceps for support. When he dipped his tongue into her, she let a moan escape her lips, her hips bucking into him. His nose nudged her clit and he drew back for a breath. 

His dark eyes met hers. She was the most beautiful sight he had seen. Her cheeks were flushed red with need, her silver hair falling into her face. She pushed it away. 

 She studied him with her violet ones, drinking in the site of him diving back in to devour her more.

She breathed out his name between moans. Jon’s tongue flicked her clit endlessly. Dany held her breath, pushing one arm up against the ceiling to steady herself as she shook around him. 

As her muscles clenched her hips bucked into his face but he kept kissing her there, licking her all over until shock waves took over her body. Her toes dug into his back as she came. 

Jon’s mouth finally pulled away and he watched as Dany sunk against the wall.  He licked her twice more just to torment her. She cursed him in response. His cock throbbed against his pants.

“Hold on.” 

Dany obeyed, she leaned forward off the wall and gripped his hair in her fingers. Jon carried them away from the wall and lay her flat on the table. Jon took a step back. He kicked off his boots and went to untie his pants. 

Dany immediately sat up. She watched his cock rise up against his belly. Dany’s eyes traveled to the scars again. She would kiss them all later, or so she decided. 

.Jon took himself in his hands and pumped his length a few times. Dany backed up on the table, ready for him to pounce on top of her. He crawled up her, pausing only to bite at her belly button, sinking his teeth into her soft skin. 

Dany didn’t mind. She grabbed his cheeks and pulled him to her, kissing him. Jon pulled away soon after, his mouth gliding down to her neck. Jon hummed against her skin and nipped it with his teeth. Dany smiled at the contact, her fingers laced in his dark hair. He sucked at her pink nipples one at a time and peppered kisses around the flesh there.

He pulled away and peer up. Dany could feel his hardness against her inner thigh. she was grateful to be below him, her first orgasm had left her legs weak. 

Jon reached a hand down between them and parted her thighs, slipping a finger between her folds. He pumped one inside her and pressed his thumb against her clit. 

“Jon please.” Dany wasn’t sure how much more she could withstand. 

Jon nodded. His curls bounced around his face. He leaned off of her, kneeling on the table. 

Before he could tell her so, Dany bent her knees. He pried her legs open with his rough hands. 

His eyes met hers, asking if she was ready. She nodded and watched him run the tip of his cock through her folds, covering it in her wetness. 

He lined himself up and met her eyes again, pushing inside. Jon pumped in and out a few times, giving her time to adjust to him inside her. She spread her legs further, begging for more. 

He hooked his arms under her knees and pulled her ass up off the table, pushing deeper inside her. He pumped in and out of her swollen cunt, enjoying the delicious friction. 

Jon looked down, watching Dany’s chest bouce as she bucked his hips to meet his rhythm. The sight almost pushed him to the edge. He let out a low moan. 

Dany heard him growl, her walls were starting to clench. Then he pulled out. He pulled her left leg up and over him until her hips were twisted. She lay on her side, both legs to the right of Jon’s body. 

Jon lifted one leg up in the air for leverage, and pushed back into her with a growl. Dany screamed. His cock pushed further into her, slamming against her sweet spot again and again. 


Jon just looked down at her. He watched her writhe against the table and pushed into her harder. He leaned forward, quickening his pace as he felt his high coming. 

Dany’s walls clenched more. Jon felt her grow tighter and brought his thumb to her clit, rubbing as fast as he could. Dany felt her legs shake, her walls spasm and the room went white. She heard Jon call her name and felt him spill himself inside her. 

She couldn’t move. Jon pumped into her a few times and pulled out. He lowered Dany’s leg. His thumb still circled her clit slowly. 


Jon retreated. He could hear the tire in her breath. Sweat shinned off her cheeks. He had never seen a more beautiful sight. 

He lied down next to her on the table. Dany looked up and over at him as they both caught their breath. Jon sensed his eyes on her and pulled her closer under his arm. He kissed her silver hair. 

“Gods. My men were right. You are trying to kill me.”

Dany just smiled.

They laid there until the table grew stiff underneath them, Dany tracing his scars and Jon brushing her hair with his fingers. 



Part 3 Part 4

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What Dreams May Come

Better late than never I guess!  Jon is haunted nightly by dreams of Daenerys only to find she’s dreamed of him too.

He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t make himself stop.  As he lay in the warm, comfortable featherbed – as her guest – Jon Snow, the King in the North, found himself thinking of the ethereal beauty of his host.  He sat up and pounded his pillows, falling back with a grunt.  He tossed and turned for over an hour, finally giving in to the image of her in his mind: pale skin glowing gold in the firelight, lips pink and swollen from his kiss, silver hair fanned out around her, violet eyes like smoldering embers as they gazed up at him from where she lay.   He was hard as a rock in an instant.

Alone in his chambers that night, as nearly every night since he’d come to Dragonstone, he’d been in a brooding, black mood.  He had met the dragon queen nearly a fortnight ago; she’d not come to greet him on the beach when he and Ser Davos landed.  She had called him ‘Lord,’ not ‘Your Grace.’  She had demanded he ‘bend the knee’ and swear fealty to her.  She was arrogant, impudent, demanding, and unearthly fair.  In the throne room, she had descended from the dais and come down to face him.  She was entirely not what he expected – young, close to his own age, and so ungodly beautiful.

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The Twins

Jonerys Appreciation Week Day 6. 

6th part of 7-day storyline.

After two months of Jon and Dany’s marriage in Winterfell.

Dany had been feeling very uncomfortable as her pregnancy was advancing. That morning Sam with maester Wolkan were examining her as to make sure she and the baby were doing well. Her belly was bigger than what maester Wolkan had seen in his days of treating pregnant women. Dany was concerned about it. What if her baby is abnormal, or will come out ghastly looking beast with tails as she remembered horror tails that Viserys used to tell her about the creatures that lived in Westeros. 

After they had finished her examination, she looked for Jon. She had started to feel eerie at Winterfell whenever Jon wasn’t around her. The pregnancy had made her delusional, emotional and had increased her temper and paranoia. Jon would attend the council meetings and leave her in the morning as she would get very grumpy. A side of Dany that he wouldn’t want to touch and wake the dragon. That morning though she attended the council meeting. They received a raven from King’s Landing. Jon opened it, read it, his face fell down. Tyrion, Davos, Sansa, Gendry, Arya, and Brienne were all there. Jon looked at Tyrion with a sad look. 

“What is it?Bad news I suppose?” Tyrion said.

“Jamie..” Jon’s words were clumped in his throat, he cleared it and continued “Jamie Lannister killed Cersei and took his own life afterwards.” Jon had difficult time saying all this to a room full of people. Everyone fell into silence. Tyrion got off of his chair, walked tot he window and looked out. They were his family, his house, Jamie. His big brother who always loved and protected him. He left the council and went to his room. They let him to do so. After some time Dany said “What now? how about tis Euron Greyjoy?”..”It doesn’t say anything about him, and I’m suspecting it has to do with Theon. Have we heard of him?” Jon asked everyone. “No, I didn’t receive any ravens, but isn’t this a good thing, we are rid of Cersei Lannister and now you can have the Iron Throne” Sansa said to Jon. Yes, who was on the Iron Throne now? Jon looked at Dany. She knew he didn’t want any of that. “You have to ride south and take it” Sansa continued. Jon didn’t respond. “How is that possible? I can’t go in this condition?” Dany said and realized that Sansa meant that Jon can go alone and Dany can meet her afterwards. 

Davos intervened “Do we know anything about the Hound? or Bronn? how about that maester Qyburn?”, “I didn’t receive any news” Jon said. Brienne said to Jon“My lord if you decide to ride south, I will come with you and protect you”. Jon looked at her, he didn’t want any of that. They didn’t come to any conclusion. Jon wanted to speak Dany but alone where he could say things to her more comfortably, and he needed Tyrion but he seemed to be in his room for the rest of the day. 

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anonymous asked:

Did you notice how wet Daenerys got after Jon's firm 'I don't need your permission. I'm a King' line? She was turned on. He's an alpha chad like Drogo and that's her type. Jorah would do anything she ordered, that's why he's friendzoned lol.

lmaooo I know, girl was giving him fuck me eyes. She is not subtle at all. I don’t necessarily think Dany has a ‘type’ because Daario may have looked like an alpha but Dany wore the pants in that relationship. What I love about Jon is that he’s not a walk over so he can put his foot down but also isn’t an asshole so he’s still being respectful.

“Our Family Will Not See Its End”

Jonerys Appreciation Week Day 7 (I made it!! phew!!)

7th part of 7-Day storyline!! (the last one) 

—I want to say thank you to everyone who read my works for Jonerys Appreciation Week. This week was so hectic for me in college, but I did my best to do justice for Jonerys Week! Thanks for your patience and here’s the final part!—

This last chapter picks up right after where I left The Twins (part 6). 

Dany had never experience a pain this massive in her life. Her insides were coming out as if someone was dragging a knife through her body and not letting her breathe. She had left the bed, wearing her long white gown, bowing through the bed’s edge holding onto the sheets, squeezing them as to stop the pain. Missandei, Sam and the maester were in the room trying to massage her back, her arms as to decrease her pain. the maester checked her opening again and she was no where close. This was a difficult labor. 

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Yes, Mustard! - Sexual Healing

This slightly different take on drug play was inspired by … well, you can probably figure that out on your own.  ;^)

© Copyright 2017 by Wiseguy

My naked ass hit the bed with a solid thump and I sat there, panting, while Dani worked my shorts and underwear down my legs and off, taking extra care around the massive construct of bandaging that mummified my lower left leg and foot.

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The Little Ones (Part II)

Part I 

This part is followed upon the request of @truegodofthearena other day a scene where Dany would speak Valyrian and teach Jon the language or so she attempts to. Here is a small scene in relation with their children. It continues after Part I. 

Warning: fluff, explicit *sighs, couldn’t help myself*

Dany loved teaching her children by herself and more so than not she would let the tutor leave and take charge in tutoring her children. 

That afternoon, Aemon and Lyanna were sitting in the study around a table. Aemon loved reading and looking at drawings of old Valyria, but Lyanna was more interested in learning to speak like her father’s Northern accent. Often, she would use the word Aye and make Jon and Dany giggle or sometimes, she would tie her hair like her father’s and ride Ghost who had gotten older.  

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anonymous asked:

are u taking prompts for guardian angel?? if you are here is mine: oliver and danica playing at the park ps: i didnt know u were gonna write more im so happy!!!

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 4538  || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn (anonymous prompt)
word count: 607
a/n: tbh i wasn’t going to write anymore, but…. i do have so many angsty things going right now that a nice fluff break is good for both the writer and the reader.  So, I’m happy to take prompts for this verse and I’m glad you’re enjoying it (: 

p.s - i’ve been feeling really iffy on oliver’s voice lately so if this sucks i apologize

[Part One] [bonus #1]

Danica squeezed Oliver’s forefinger tightly as they crossed the street. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face.

“We’re almost there,” he assured her.

She looked up at him and nodded, but still kept a tight hold on him. Which he was glad for. The last thing he wanted was for her to go bolting across the street by herself. He’d seen kids do it before; he always wondered how their parents didn’t have a heart attack right there. Maybe he was just overprotective, but could anyone really blame him? This little three year old and her mother had waltzed into his life unexpectedly and they quickly became the most important people in his life.

They reached the sidewalk, but Danica stopped. She raised her arms up to him.

“Use your words, sweetie,” he said softly.

“Carry me?”

“Are you getting tired?” he asked as he scooped her up.

“No,” she mumbled, burying her face in his neck.

He chuckled, rubbing her back, “You’re just a daddy’s girl.”

She nodded and kissed his cheek.

Oliver carried her the rest of the way to the park. It was a quiet morning in the middle of the week, so there weren’t very many people there. That was just fine with him.

He carefully set her down, “Where to first?”

She looked around with those big blue, curious eyes. “Slide!” she said excitedly.

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Sparring Lessons

Game of Thrones Season 7 Countdown Day 1

Believe it or not, this was only supposed to be a list of headcanons but that’s not what happened. Also written very late at night which is not typically what I try to do but the words kept coming. 

Jonerys, obviously

Up until she saw the first wight, Dany had never given a thought to ever needing to learn self defense. From a young age she was taught that sword fighting was for men; women had other weapons to get ahead in the world. Yes, she’d seen amazing women who could handle a bow and arrow or a sword as easily as a man could but it wasn’t something she was particularly interested in. Jorah, Grey Worm, and Daario (and Ser Barristan, while he had lived) fought her battles on the battlefield while she made alliances behind closed doors before a roaring fire. She trusted her Queensguard with her life and trusted them to defend her should the need arise. 

But when she saw the wight she wasn’t thinking about her Queensguard. When it looked at her for the first time and she saw death in its eyes she didn’t wait for one of her Unsullied to slit its putrefying throat. They seemed miles away-and she felt alone and trapped with this nauseating creature that she was sure would kill her as soon as she turned her back. 

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Eleanor, danielle, & y/n {dirty imagine}

   i walk into the house i share with my two bestfriends eleanor and danielle. i drop my bag on the floor and head straight to bed, i change into some sweats and tank. i close my door not really caring where the other two are well i do know where they are at the club they wanted me to join but iam to beat long day at work i fall asleep quickly. iam waken by screaming coming from down the hall. i glance to the clock flashing “4:15am” is what i read. i slowly walk down the hall and look through the crack of danielles bedroom door to see eleanor naked laying on her back legs wide open she holds a vibrator to her clit she bites down on her lip probably trying not to scream out. “hold it el.” danielle who is also naked demands, she sits besides her playing with Eleanors breasts squeezing them and nibbling on them. “fuck fuck.” eleanor moans grabbing the sheets with her free hand. “let it go.” danielle says softly smiling looking down at eleanors pussy. “ahhhh fuck yess!” eleanor yells not caring if shes loud. dani smiles throwing the vibrator aside and lifting eleanors hips to her face sucking on her pussy cleaning all her cum. “fuck yes dani fuck.” eleanor pants as her hips are in the air. i open the door a little more watching my two bestfriends in the whole world fuck each other. watching this and hearing el moaning makes me drip. i never thought about fucking a girl but watching them makes me reconsider.  "you little satisfied whore.“ danielle mutters as eleanor looks up to her smiling. "you satisfied huh?” danielle says slapping eleanors open pussy. “mmmm fuck.” eleanor moans closing her eyes. “you should be punished.” danielle smiles evilly.  looking over to something by the door causing me to jump to the side out of sight. i can hear danielle walk over then walk back to the bed. i look and see danielle putting something on around her i know what it is instantly. a dildo it looks huge. eleanor licks her lips as she prepares herself for a fuck of a life time. “are you ready to be fucked by this?” danielle asks stroking the fake cock slowly. eleanor nods with a smirk on her face. “huh? are you?” danielle says running her finger along eleanors slit. “fuck yes! danielle fuck me with is already!” eleanor shouts. “shhh you whore your gunna wake y/n!” danielle snaps slapping the side of eleanors ass causing her to moan. “slut.” danielle mumbles grabbing eleanors legs and pulling them apart dragging her against the cock. “mmmm” eleanor hums as she gets used to the cock inside her. danielle just leaves the cock inside her doing nothing just watching eleanor roll her hips against it smiling down at her. “please danielle.” eleanor whimpers pushing herself against the fake cock. “oh yes baby girl beg to be punished.” danielle says thrusting once. “ughh fuck dani please punish me please i need it ive been a very bad girl fuck my tight little pussy.” she begs reaching up to danielles breast squeezing them and pinching her nipples. danielle smiles thrusting into her three times hard. eleanor moans rubbing her own breast. danielle rams the fake cock into eleanor fast and hard. eleanor screams out rubbing her clit. iam so turned on by this i slip my hand in my sweats and start rubbing my clit biting down on my lip to keep from moaning out. “fuck.” i mumble to myself. i look up to the girls danielle goes faster. “fuck danielle please fucking making me cum baby.” eleanor moans wrapping her legs around her. “damn you like it deep yeah you do.” danielle smiles pushing the cock deeper into eleanor throwing her leg over her shoulder hitting her from an angle. “FUCK YES!!” eleanor yells out grabbing the sheets. i slip two fingers inside me pumping them hard. i moan out  and stop when i dont hear either of them. “shit” i think to myself. i look and see eleanor and danielle looking at each other then to the door making me jump back. danielle take the fake cock off and walks to the door opening it, iam too shocked to move. “well well well.” danielle smiles looking back to eleanor who is smiling as well. “how long have you been standing there?” danielle asks me looking down to my sweats. “a while.” i mumble looking to the floor. “wanna join?” eleanor smiles from the bed. iam shocked their actually asking me if i wanna join. i say nothing for a moment. “come on.” danielle smiles holding out her hand. i look down at it then take her hand. she leads me to the bed laying me down. “relax y/n” danielle says pulling my sweats down to come to my soaked undies. “mmm someones good and wet.” danielle smiles rubbing me lightly as eleanor pulls my shirt off. eleanor kisses me softly playing with my breasts. danielle kisses my pussy lightly then lifts my legs in the air pulling my undies off and licking at my pussy like that. “fuck.” i mutter against eleanors soft kissing. she smiles. she spreads my legs blowing cool air into my pussy. i moan softly against eleanors lips. danielle licks my pussy making small circle motions. “ahh fuck dani.” i moan grabbing onto her hair. she follows where i want her and she fucking attacks my pussy. “FUCK DANI YESS GOD!” i scream as she goes deeper into my tight drenched pussy. eleanor rubs my clit moving in circles then running my clit between her long fingers. “yes right there dani fuck it feels so good!!!” i scream as she finds my g-spot. she doesnt slow she actually keeps going licking me all inside hitting that spot i LOVE. “cum all over y/n you can do it just let go i wanna taste you pussy juices c'mon y/n you liked getting fucked by dani shes making you feel so good huh?” eleanor whispers in my ear nibbling at my earlobe. i close my eyes throwing my head back as i feel the knot that takes over my body. “iam gunna c-cum!” i scream grabbing onto dani’s hair again. dani rubs my clit squeezing it alittle. “come all over her y/n.” eleanor whispers with that the high takes over my body and i cum loads. “fuck !! oh god yes!!!” i moan grabbing the sheets in fists. after i come back down from my high the two girls are at my pussy looking at it. “what are you two- OH FUCK YES!!!” i scream as they both lick me clean, feeling both of their tongues going all around my pussy feels amazing!! “fuck!” i mumble. they stop and  look at me all panting and trying to catch my breath. dani smiles hovering over me. “have fun?” she asks. i nod not able to answer properly. she smiles,“ was i too rough?”  i shake my head wrapping my arms around her. i kiss her slipping my tongue into her mouth. “umm yeah iam still here you know.” eleanor says rubbing her pussy too. “shut up el i already fucked you senseless.” danielle smiles going back to kissing me. 

hope you liked it !! tell me what you think!