dani pants


Elise and Natasha have given us their love since the day carmilla started and we (bia, brittany, dani, charlie, pants and me) decided that it is time to give them a little bit of our love back.

And to show Natasha and Elise how much we care about them, we decided to arrange a video project! 

How you can participate:

  • send your video or a photo with a message at this email adress: lauragrimes07@gmail.com
  • make sure the video is not longer then 10 to 20 seconds! (maximum 30 seconds)
  • don’t send any sexual and/or hate messages. please, just don’t.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesistate to send a message!

I often daydream about my mutuals

Like I think about us all and a con and who you’d all cosplay as

advocacycanine - Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan -because he is Armin, he’s sort cute and the man with the plan

blondiesugar - Terra - Teen Titans - She already cosplays her and it is fantastic

dani-pants - Android 17 - Dragon Ball Z - again she already cosplays him and it is again fantastic

fiery-red-kryptonite - Felicity Smoak - Arrow- Dead on match personality wise and she looks the part to boot

goodthingswillhappensoon - Power Girl - It’s that grin of yours that seals it for me

Dr jetkitty - Sailor Saturn - I know your love of Sailor Moon and may have a not so subtle desire to see you in a sailor outfit

mediumawareness - Iona I-401 - Arppegio of Blue Steel - Because she’s tiny and cute yet a total badass at the same time

richardbbrookes - TENCHI HA but really Professor Oak - The man rocks a lab coat and he would ask you what his grandsons name was and accept whatever you said

tallblondegirl - Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop - She’s got the attitude and the legs for it

theleggingwearingfeminist - Tank Girl - The coloured hair and pouty face, yep that’s right


said: It’s 45 degrees here in NJ! It does feel like spring. :)


said: yo right now near seattle it feels like spring-summer which is weird cause everywhere else is a snowy hell and were supposed to get tons of rain this time of year

The high for Wednesday dips down to 8 and I’m crying

Goddang you non-Minnesotans and your “spring in March” weather