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Yes, Mustard! - Sexual Healing

This slightly different take on drug play was inspired by … well, you can probably figure that out on your own.  ;^)

© Copyright 2017 by Wiseguy

My naked ass hit the bed with a solid thump and I sat there, panting, while Dani worked my shorts and underwear down my legs and off, taking extra care around the massive construct of bandaging that mummified my lower left leg and foot.

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anonymous asked:

are u taking prompts for guardian angel?? if you are here is mine: oliver and danica playing at the park ps: i didnt know u were gonna write more im so happy!!!

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 4538  || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn (anonymous prompt)
word count: 607
a/n: tbh i wasn’t going to write anymore, but…. i do have so many angsty things going right now that a nice fluff break is good for both the writer and the reader.  So, I’m happy to take prompts for this verse and I’m glad you’re enjoying it (: 

p.s - i’ve been feeling really iffy on oliver’s voice lately so if this sucks i apologize

[Part One] [bonus #1]

Danica squeezed Oliver’s forefinger tightly as they crossed the street. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face.

“We’re almost there,” he assured her.

She looked up at him and nodded, but still kept a tight hold on him. Which he was glad for. The last thing he wanted was for her to go bolting across the street by herself. He’d seen kids do it before; he always wondered how their parents didn’t have a heart attack right there. Maybe he was just overprotective, but could anyone really blame him? This little three year old and her mother had waltzed into his life unexpectedly and they quickly became the most important people in his life.

They reached the sidewalk, but Danica stopped. She raised her arms up to him.

“Use your words, sweetie,” he said softly.

“Carry me?”

“Are you getting tired?” he asked as he scooped her up.

“No,” she mumbled, burying her face in his neck.

He chuckled, rubbing her back, “You’re just a daddy’s girl.”

She nodded and kissed his cheek.

Oliver carried her the rest of the way to the park. It was a quiet morning in the middle of the week, so there weren’t very many people there. That was just fine with him.

He carefully set her down, “Where to first?”

She looked around with those big blue, curious eyes. “Slide!” she said excitedly.

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Eleanor, danielle, & y/n {dirty imagine}

   i walk into the house i share with my two bestfriends eleanor and danielle. i drop my bag on the floor and head straight to bed, i change into some sweats and tank. i close my door not really caring where the other two are well i do know where they are at the club they wanted me to join but iam to beat long day at work i fall asleep quickly. iam waken by screaming coming from down the hall. i glance to the clock flashing “4:15am” is what i read. i slowly walk down the hall and look through the crack of danielles bedroom door to see eleanor naked laying on her back legs wide open she holds a vibrator to her clit she bites down on her lip probably trying not to scream out. “hold it el.” danielle who is also naked demands, she sits besides her playing with Eleanors breasts squeezing them and nibbling on them. “fuck fuck.” eleanor moans grabbing the sheets with her free hand. “let it go.” danielle says softly smiling looking down at eleanors pussy. “ahhhh fuck yess!” eleanor yells not caring if shes loud. dani smiles throwing the vibrator aside and lifting eleanors hips to her face sucking on her pussy cleaning all her cum. “fuck yes dani fuck.” eleanor pants as her hips are in the air. i open the door a little more watching my two bestfriends in the whole world fuck each other. watching this and hearing el moaning makes me drip. i never thought about fucking a girl but watching them makes me reconsider.  "you little satisfied whore.“ danielle mutters as eleanor looks up to her smiling. "you satisfied huh?” danielle says slapping eleanors open pussy. “mmmm fuck.” eleanor moans closing her eyes. “you should be punished.” danielle smiles evilly.  looking over to something by the door causing me to jump to the side out of sight. i can hear danielle walk over then walk back to the bed. i look and see danielle putting something on around her i know what it is instantly. a dildo it looks huge. eleanor licks her lips as she prepares herself for a fuck of a life time. “are you ready to be fucked by this?” danielle asks stroking the fake cock slowly. eleanor nods with a smirk on her face. “huh? are you?” danielle says running her finger along eleanors slit. “fuck yes! danielle fuck me with is already!” eleanor shouts. “shhh you whore your gunna wake y/n!” danielle snaps slapping the side of eleanors ass causing her to moan. “slut.” danielle mumbles grabbing eleanors legs and pulling them apart dragging her against the cock. “mmmm” eleanor hums as she gets used to the cock inside her. danielle just leaves the cock inside her doing nothing just watching eleanor roll her hips against it smiling down at her. “please danielle.” eleanor whimpers pushing herself against the fake cock. “oh yes baby girl beg to be punished.” danielle says thrusting once. “ughh fuck dani please punish me please i need it ive been a very bad girl fuck my tight little pussy.” she begs reaching up to danielles breast squeezing them and pinching her nipples. danielle smiles thrusting into her three times hard. eleanor moans rubbing her own breast. danielle rams the fake cock into eleanor fast and hard. eleanor screams out rubbing her clit. iam so turned on by this i slip my hand in my sweats and start rubbing my clit biting down on my lip to keep from moaning out. “fuck.” i mumble to myself. i look up to the girls danielle goes faster. “fuck danielle please fucking making me cum baby.” eleanor moans wrapping her legs around her. “damn you like it deep yeah you do.” danielle smiles pushing the cock deeper into eleanor throwing her leg over her shoulder hitting her from an angle. “FUCK YES!!” eleanor yells out grabbing the sheets. i slip two fingers inside me pumping them hard. i moan out  and stop when i dont hear either of them. “shit” i think to myself. i look and see eleanor and danielle looking at each other then to the door making me jump back. danielle take the fake cock off and walks to the door opening it, iam too shocked to move. “well well well.” danielle smiles looking back to eleanor who is smiling as well. “how long have you been standing there?” danielle asks me looking down to my sweats. “a while.” i mumble looking to the floor. “wanna join?” eleanor smiles from the bed. iam shocked their actually asking me if i wanna join. i say nothing for a moment. “come on.” danielle smiles holding out her hand. i look down at it then take her hand. she leads me to the bed laying me down. “relax y/n” danielle says pulling my sweats down to come to my soaked undies. “mmm someones good and wet.” danielle smiles rubbing me lightly as eleanor pulls my shirt off. eleanor kisses me softly playing with my breasts. danielle kisses my pussy lightly then lifts my legs in the air pulling my undies off and licking at my pussy like that. “fuck.” i mutter against eleanors soft kissing. she smiles. she spreads my legs blowing cool air into my pussy. i moan softly against eleanors lips. danielle licks my pussy making small circle motions. “ahh fuck dani.” i moan grabbing onto her hair. she follows where i want her and she fucking attacks my pussy. “FUCK DANI YESS GOD!” i scream as she goes deeper into my tight drenched pussy. eleanor rubs my clit moving in circles then running my clit between her long fingers. “yes right there dani fuck it feels so good!!!” i scream as she finds my g-spot. she doesnt slow she actually keeps going licking me all inside hitting that spot i LOVE. “cum all over y/n you can do it just let go i wanna taste you pussy juices c'mon y/n you liked getting fucked by dani shes making you feel so good huh?” eleanor whispers in my ear nibbling at my earlobe. i close my eyes throwing my head back as i feel the knot that takes over my body. “iam gunna c-cum!” i scream grabbing onto dani’s hair again. dani rubs my clit squeezing it alittle. “come all over her y/n.” eleanor whispers with that the high takes over my body and i cum loads. “fuck !! oh god yes!!!” i moan grabbing the sheets in fists. after i come back down from my high the two girls are at my pussy looking at it. “what are you two- OH FUCK YES!!!” i scream as they both lick me clean, feeling both of their tongues going all around my pussy feels amazing!! “fuck!” i mumble. they stop and  look at me all panting and trying to catch my breath. dani smiles hovering over me. “have fun?” she asks. i nod not able to answer properly. she smiles,“ was i too rough?”  i shake my head wrapping my arms around her. i kiss her slipping my tongue into her mouth. “umm yeah iam still here you know.” eleanor says rubbing her pussy too. “shut up el i already fucked you senseless.” danielle smiles going back to kissing me. 

hope you liked it !! tell me what you think! 


Elise and Natasha have given us their love since the day carmilla started and we (bia, brittany, dani, charlie, pants and me) decided that it is time to give them a little bit of our love back.

And to show Natasha and Elise how much we care about them, we decided to arrange a video project! 

How you can participate:

  • send your video or a photo with a message at this email adress: lauragrimes07@gmail.com
  • make sure the video is not longer then 10 to 20 seconds! (maximum 30 seconds)
  • don’t send any sexual and/or hate messages. please, just don’t.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesistate to send a message!

I often daydream about my mutuals

Like I think about us all and a con and who you’d all cosplay as

advocacycanine - Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan -because he is Armin, he’s sort cute and the man with the plan

blondiesugar - Terra - Teen Titans - She already cosplays her and it is fantastic

dani-pants - Android 17 - Dragon Ball Z - again she already cosplays him and it is again fantastic

fiery-red-kryptonite - Felicity Smoak - Arrow- Dead on match personality wise and she looks the part to boot

goodthingswillhappensoon - Power Girl - It’s that grin of yours that seals it for me

Dr jetkitty - Sailor Saturn - I know your love of Sailor Moon and may have a not so subtle desire to see you in a sailor outfit

mediumawareness - Iona I-401 - Arppegio of Blue Steel - Because she’s tiny and cute yet a total badass at the same time

richardbbrookes - TENCHI HA but really Professor Oak - The man rocks a lab coat and he would ask you what his grandsons name was and accept whatever you said

tallblondegirl - Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop - She’s got the attitude and the legs for it

theleggingwearingfeminist - Tank Girl - The coloured hair and pouty face, yep that’s right