dani omfg


This fucking shit was like an action movie to me😂😍😍 Very nice, very nice!👏🏻👌🏼

Boatsex in my head...

Okay so this is how I want it to go down…

Jon knocks
Dany answers
Chit chat aka verbal foreplay
Dany confronts him about the stabby stab
Dany asks to see them
Jon takes shirt off to show
Dany touches
Jon grabs hand
Jon closes space
Dany has that giant puppy dog freak out eyes
Slow (almost painful) kiss
Dany kisses back
Proceed to rip clothes off and have some sexual war planning.
Tyrion getting into voyerism
Jon FUCKING Dany Starkgaryen style
I die
The end

a sketch of yoongi’s gracious legs that i spent the past 3 hours on cries

and also omfg @busanie dani thank u so much for ur photoshop tutorial bless im starting to draw again :’)

donut repost pls and thank u

there will probably be a coloured version of this lol idk depends on how bothered i am