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Writing prompt: Danny is a League member who is den mother to YJ. Superman doesn't know what to expect when Danny calls him for a meeting but he isn't expecting an angry halfa to rip into him about being a responsible family member to Superboy. Little does he know that Danny knows just how violating it feels to learn you've been cloned. Does Danny convince him where even Batman failed? Please write it!

“You have to be the stupidest person I have ever met.” Frost covered everything once those words left the mouth of one Phantom. Phantom himself didn’t exactly look all that threatening due to the fact that he looks like a fourteen/fifteen year old boy with a black and white jumpsuit. But the way that his voice echoed and held that icy tone, the way that his usually acid green eyes was blazing with a fire made out of ice, and his pure white hair stood out from his tan skin made him look VERY intimidating. Oh and he was the reason for the frost in the room.

“Ex-excuse me?” Superman stuttered in shock. He knew that Phantom called for him for something, but he wasn’t expecting this.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting honestly. It was rare for Phantom to call meetings with heroes. So rare it was unheard of.

Well, except with Batman. And Captain Marvel. It was like Phantom had a connection with the two.

“You heard me,” Phantom’s voice was clear, cutting Superman out of his thoughts.

“Uh, if I could have some context for why I’m the stupidest person you have ever met, that would be great,” his hand rubbed against the back of his neck. The Man of Steel was uncomfortable to say the least.

Phantom scoffed. “I’ll give you a hint. His name starts with a ‘C’.”

Clark stiffened.

“Why does that make me stupid?” He asked, unsure if he wants the answer.

“Because he needs you!” Phantom snarled.

The man flinched.

Phantom never snarled.

“Because you won’t give him the time of day! Because he needs a family and you won’t give it to him!” Phantom was eye level to him now, “You don’t have to be his freaking father for crying out loud! You could be a brother, a cousin, or a freaking uncle for Pete’s sake!”

Stalagmites and stalactites of ice were growing from the floor and ceiling.

Superman’s anger grew along with the ice.

“He’s a clone! My clone! DNA was taken without my permission to create him!” He yelled back. He had felt violated when he found out about Superboy’s existence. And hearing about it from not only Batman and others from the League about it made it worse. Now Phantom topped the cake.

“He didn’t asked to be made!” Phantom shouted back.

“Don’t act like you know everything!” How could this CHILD possibly know what was going on?

“I don’t know everything,” Phantom admitted, “but I do know what it’s like to find out that someone took your very essence to create a clone.”

The Kryptonian froze. He looked at Phantom straight in the eyes and saw no lies.

“My nemesis wants me as his son, but I won’t join him. His solution? Make a clone of me.” Phantom told.

“All of them were failures,” he paused, “except for one.”

Phantom watched as the man before him blinked.

“Her name is Danielle, but she likes to be called Dani with an ‘i’. She looks to be twelve but isn’t really that old. She looks to be my sister or even my daughter if I was older,” Phantom continued, “unfortunately my nemesis didn’t like this. He tricked her into thinking that he was her father since he created her, but he wanted what made her stable to create a BOY clone.”

The teen stopped to let what he said sink in.

“See, at first I wasn’t a big fan of her, but she grew on me. Eventually I found out what was going on and stopped it. Now she’s traveling the world because she wants to and I won’t stop her. We agree on calling each other cousins, but sometimes I see her in a little sister light. I’ll admit that I worry for her and I want her to be ok. She didn’t ask to be made, she didn’t ask to be a girl while HE wanted a boy, and she wants a family. I will be that family and I’m sure that my friends at home could be family to her.”

Phantom flew closer to the alien. So close that their noses nearly touched.

“Conner needs a family like Dani. I gave her one and you should give him one too.” With that Phantom flew off.

Clark Kent stood there, feeling a chill as his feet were stuck to the floor due to the floor with ice that continued to crawl up his legs.

He had some things to think about…

Kitten - Part Two

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Part One

Anger: (aNGɡər/noun): a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Ella turned in bed, a groan leaving her lips as the sun streamed into her room. She wrapped her arm around her pillow bringing it over her face. Her head was killing her but it wasn’t too bad. Her black dress from last night still hugging her body. She heard another groan and she peeked out to see her roommate laying in her own bed, forcing herself to sit up.

 "I think I’m gonna puke,“ the red haired girl stated, she stands opening the door to their suite, running down the small hall and pounding on the bathroom door, their third roommate opens it and she pushed her out of the way, heading towards the toilet. 

 "Hi Ella,” the bed sinks by her feet and she sees Jasmine, the brunette has her hair pulled back and a smile on her face as she holds out a glass of water and Advil, “Tracy is making breakfast-well lunch at this point it’s almost one." 

Ella sits up, taking the glass and medicine from her, "I’m never drinking again,” she says, “how are you not hungover?" 

 "I know my limit,” Jasmine laughs, “Ambers in the bathroom now but you should probably jump in after her, you stink." 

 Ella laughs, "sorry,” she says, “do you know where my phone is?”

 "In the common room charging, Jack spent the night and helped get all of us to bed,“ she says, proud of her boyfriend.

 "He’s such a sweet guy,” Ella says to her, “you’re really lucky.”

 "I know,“ the brown eyed girl smiled back at Ella, she pats her leg and stands, "any way’s I’m going to eat and then head to the library.”

 "Okay, I might join you later,“ Ella says. She tosses her head back on her pillows, trying to rest. After a while her stomach rumbles and she makes her way to the kitchen where Jasmine stands with Jack and Tracy. Pancakes are sitting on the table and Ella smiled, grabbing a plate. 

 "So are you going to tell us about Harry or no?” Tracy asked, breaking the silence, “He’s nice,” Ella shrugs, grabbing the syrup, but her cheeks where pink. She couldn’t lie to herself. The ten minutes she spent laying in bed she had thought about him. She had thought about the night they spent talking, she could remember bits and pieces but each of them where nice. The sound of his laugh still lingered in her head. 

 "Harry Styles? Nice?“ Jack scoffed, a frown on his face, "clearly you were more drunk than you thought." 

 "Don’t be rude,” Ella points her fork at him, “he was nothing but a gentleman." 

Jack rolled his baby blue eyes, shoving a forkful of pancakes in his mouth, "that guys is nothing but bad news,” he says through his mouthful.

 Ella rolled her eyes, “clearly we are thinking of different people, but it doesn’t matter because nothing happened,” she assured everyone. 

 "Clearly,“ Jack huffs. 

 "Shower is all clear,” Amber says walking in, a robe hugging her body as she grabs a plate, “how long have you been here?” she asked Jack. 

 "Since last night,“ he says.

 "God, you should start paying rent,” she says. 

 "Shut up,“ Jack rolled his eyes at his sister. 

 Ella rolled her eyes at the two bickering, she stood grabbing the empty plate and heading towards the sink, "are we doing groceries this week or just swiping into the dining hall?” she asked them, turning on the sink and letting the water run for a second. She peeked up at them, from her spot she had a clear view of the table where they all sat. 

Her roommates all looked at each other, “let’s just swipe in,” Tracy answered. 

Once Ella finished the dishes she walked over to the counter where the phones were plugged in, “her Jack where’s my phone?” she called, not seeing it on the table. 

 "All the phones I found are charging,“ Jack shrugged.

 Ella sighed, "I must have left it at the bar, I’ll have to stop bye before work.”


 Harry pushed open the door to the bar, it was empty as it should be at three in the afternoon. He saw Kylie, the other bartender leaning over the counter, her phone in her hand as she mindlessly scrolled through it. She peeked up over the phone and then back down. There was no point in talking to Harry. She had tried ever since the day she started working here, but he was nothing but rude. 

 Harry made his way to the back, punching in and grabbing the black apron, folding it in half and tying it around his waist. He walked back out and Kylie stood, “there was a phone found, some girl called she should be in later to pick it up,” Kylie informs him, she lets her lose black hair fall down to her shoulders. 

Harry hated working at the bar, he hated most things. But he hated the bar the most. He hated serving people and he hated the pricks who walked in here half the time. He rolled his eyes seeing Dylan walks in, Oliver trailing behind. He bit his lower lip as the familiar black haired girl followed behind them, her brown eyes on Harry and her red painted lips in a smirk. 

 "What is she doing here?“ Harry spat, as the three took a seat. 

 "Oh come one Harry, lighten up, just wanted some food,” the girl says.

 "Dani spent the night,“ Dylan smirked, "we had a fun night.”

 "The three of you?“ Harry raised an eyebrow. Oliver nodded, "the three of us.”

 "You’re so welcoming Dani,“ Harry says. 

 She shrugs, her hand going to his arm but he pulls away. His cold eyes sending her a glare, "don’t fucking touch me,” he snapped.

Dani’s lips form into a fake pout, “why am I not as good as that bitch from last night?” she says. 

 "Don’t fucking call her that,“ Harry seethed, his hands forming into a fist as he tried to remain cool. 

 "Call her what? A bitch? Dylan here said she seemed like one of those too good for you type of chicks,” Dani says, pointing her slim finger at the blue haired man.

Dylan shrugs, “she did. Seemed like a flat out whore but only gives it to dudes who have money,” Dylan says. 

 Harry’s fist lifts and comes in contact with Dylan’s face. Dani laughs, stepping back as Harry walks around the counter, grabbing Dylan by the shoulders. Dylan’s heart rate started to increase and his hands started to shake, “I already fucking warned you to not say shit about her,” Harry seethed, breathing heavily as he tried to keep his cool. 

 "Why not she’s not worth shit Harry, you don’t even know her,“ Dylan says. Harry slammed him down on the ground towering over him, ”stop it!“ he heard a voice shriek as he kept hitting Dylan. 

 ”Stop it!“ Ella’s voice rang in the room and he stopped, blood on his knuckles as Dylan gripped his nose. Harry still kept a tight hold on Dylan’s blue now covered in blood shirt. He looked over his shoulder to see Ella standing there, her eyes wide as looked at the two. She rushed over kneeling next to Dylan, "are you okay?” she asked him, her voice soft and tone full of worry. 

“Fuck off,” Dylan spits, some of the blood landing on her blue scrubs and she’s taken back. Harry’s fist tightening on his shirt, “don’t fucking talk to her like that." 

"Let him go,” Ella’s voice is firm and she grabs Harry’s wrist, pulling it off. Dylan scrambles to stand but once he does he walks past Ella, his shoulder shoving her slightly.

 Oliver and Dani stand, “I don’t see it,” Dani says to Harry, “not your type.”

 "I’m sorry,“ Harry says. 

 "Your hand,” she says, grabbing it, “is that your blood or his?" 

"His.” Ella frowns, her eyes full of disappointment, “well are you okay?” she asked, “your hand is going to be bruised-" 

 "I’m fine,” he cuts her off, his voice is sharp. 

 "Sorry,“ she mumbled, "can I have my phone? I left it here last night." 

Harry walks behind the counter, turning on the sink and washing his hands. He knows she’s right, the bruise will appear later on. He dries his hand, opening the drawer to see the iPhone in the white and black case. He picks it up, handing it to her. 

 "Thank you,” she says, turning it on. Ella tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, her grey eyes warming at the sight of him, “you never answered. Are you okay?" 

 "I’m fine,” Harry says, a softer tone and warmer eyes appear on him, “’m sorry I snapped." 

 "It’s okay,” she assures him. She bites her lower lip looking at the ground, “do you want to talk about it?” she asked. 

 "You’ll laugh,“ Harry says, "or think I’m insane.”

“Try me,” Ella says, pulling back a black stool and sitting on it, she sets her bag down and places her hands on the counter. 

“He was being rude,” Harry says. 

“My boss is rude does that mean you would beat him up?” She teased. “Yes.” Ella rolled her eyes, “seriously what happened?” she asked. 

 "He just said some stuff about you that I didn’t like,“ Harry says, grabbing an empty glass and filling it up with some whiskey. 

 "About me?” Ella’s eyes widen, she’s taken back. The last thing she expected was walking into a bar to see Harry beating someone to a pulp because of her.

“I told you it was stupid,” he whispered. 

 Ella touches his hand; her touch is nice. Harry liked it, it made him feel slightly calmer. She gives him a light smile, “it was stupid,” she tells him, “but it was also really nice of you. But next time if someone says something mean about them don’t do anything, please." 

Harry sighed, "please,” she repeats. Her phone goes off and she takes her hand back, looking at it, “I’ve got to go, I have work,” she says, “will I get to see you again?” Harry’s taken back.

He expected her to run away after what she had just seen, “we could get dinner tonight? Or even better do you want to come over? My roommates are all going out, we could make dinner,” she smiled. 

“Uh, yeah sure,” he says. “Great I’ll text you,” she smiled, leaning over the counter and kissing his cheek, “thank you Harry.”

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sansa + daenerys just bc i love how passionate you are about this and also bc people need to know

okay imma gonna do dot points because it’s too much otherwise

  1. dany and sansa were made to be queens
  2. this is known FACT
  3. they’re queens. fight me
  4. but dany is a foreign queen, with a different culture and understanding of the world. she doesn’t know westeros. she doesn’t know how to rule there. she doesn’t know the politics, the history, the families.
  5. but sansa does
  6. sansa learnt from the best, she was thrust in sink or swim.
  7. and look at her tully nature shine. she fuckin swam
  8. what a badass babe
  9. so dany has the force to rule (DRAGONS!). sansa has the political savvy
  10. they should help each other rule. they balance each other politically. the nation will be strong with dany and sansa’s balance of strength and mercy and knowledge on how to rule well.
  11. accepted? okay, moving on.
  12. dany needs to make a political marriage. the north would be best and honestly the state of the ruling families it is one of the only options. 
  13. people seem to think this should be jon.
  14. jon really doesn’t know, nor would he want to, rule all of westeros.
  15. …..you can see where im going with this
  16. in comes sansa! with ties to the north and the riverlands! 
  17. and lets just remember all the sufferings these two have been dealt by men. do you not think they would be more happy, more comfortable living their life with another woman at their side? 
  18. dany who is canonically sapphic and sansa who undoubtedly had a thing for margaery???
  19. the femslash writes itself people!
  20. they would be fierce together but support each other. for so long they’ve both gone without someone to confide in, someone to genuinely love them as equals, someone whom they can trust. they need each other.
  21. the ruling queens on the iron throne
  22. Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. my femslash queens
About Stef and Brallie

I need to start by saying that I love Stef, normally . She’s so awesome and I would love to have a mom like her. But if I was Brandon? If I was Brandon I would have honestly married fucking Cortney if it meant being away from her. And I hate Cortney. 

Let me explain. 

In season one, when Callie is still a new addition to the family, a girl that wasn’t supposed to stay in their house for more than a few weeks, a year at most, Stef reminds Brandon that foster siblings aren’t allowed to engage in a romantic relationship. Brandon isn’t interested at the time, he’s still with Talya, but he’s “an horny teenager” so better safe than sorry, right? Right. Fine. Legit. 

As we know, Brandon can’t really help falling for Callie after that. He knew he couldn’t, sure, but he probably thought that they could wait and sooner or later Callie would be out of the house, and it’s not like he could just erase his feelings. That’s not how feelings works. Also, it’s not like Callie was blameless here. She kissed Brandon after knowing that she was going to get adopted, remember? Sure, in season 3, during the interview she says that she wanted to fuck the adoption up before something else fucked it up, because she was scared. Doesn’t seem like a good way to fuck it up to me - if Jude hadn’t walked in on them they would have probably never been discovered and then what? I’d like to ask her. Also, we knew from her conversation with Wyatt at the hospital before then that she already had feelings for Brandon too, she just didn’t think she deserved him (to quote Wyatt, she was “too fucked up”). But at the wedding she says that she knows what she deserves now - meaning Brandon. She felt safe because she finally had a family who wanted her, she thought for the first time that she deserved everything everyone else deserved. To love who she loved. But Jude walks in on them and she runs away. 

Brandon confesses to his moms that he kissed Callie, which - btw - it’s his first fucking mistake. He didn’t kiss her. SHE kissed HIM. It’s interesting because he keeps saying that it was him, even during the interview in season 3. I don’t know if he wanted it so much that he remembers being the one instigating it, but this mistake plants the first seed of distrust in Stef, who probably can’t help making parallels between her son and Liam, since, you know, Brandon says Callie ran away because of him, when she actually ran away because of what Jude said. 

The moms forbid Brandon to go see Callie but he doesn’t listen. He loves her and he doesn’t want her to believe that there’s nobody out there for her anymore. And - let me point it out - he was right. She needed to know someone was still there for her, even if she had run away and was high risk and whatever. So yeah, seeing Brandon was what she needed. But Stef doesn’t trust him and she gets him a restraining order, like he’s stalking Callie, like that beautiful hug never happened (and for all we know, Stef might not know it happened). 

Brandon doesn’t care. Brallie keeps meeting secretly. Stef doesn’t know. Eventually, they both realize that Callie needs a family and Brandon backs down and lets her go. Because he loves her. So much. And he wants her to have all she needs. And she needs a family more than she needs him. Fyi, this it’s his most beautiful act of love. 

After the first break up it seems like Brandon is the only one hung up on them. He’s hurt, he can’t forget. I don’t blame him, since he has to see her everyday. He tries. He’s vulnerable at this point and Dani keeps planting ideas in his head. That he should get her back before she gets adopted and stuff. Things blow up during the winter ball and everything Stef ends up hearing is “I realized today that you didn’t lead me on. You just never felt the way I did. What you needed, what you wanted, it was never me,” which, AGAIN, makes it look like his feelings aren’t reciprocated, not really. She doesn’t know that Callie followed him before he got into the cop’s car to tell him that what she had said about Wyatt wasn’t true - meaning that she still loved him too, since she told him that lie just so he could forget about her. But she doesn’t want him to at the end. 

Things are friendly between Brallie later, up until the GU fund riser. Callie kisses Brandon when she discovers that Robert isn’t gonna sign her adoption papers. Later - in season 3 I think - she tells the girls of GU that she did it because she thought she was giving up Brandon for nothing. Meaning - she still loves him. Brandon tells her that he doesn’t want her to give up on her dream (they promised each other, right?). Stef doesn’t know that they let each other go again, for the second time. 

Callie doesn’t take it well. She asks him if it’s because of Lou. Brandon breaks up with her. Again. 

Season 3, Brallie’s adventure in Mexico. Stef finds a pregnancy test and the first thing that comes to her mind is “you don’t think callie is pregnant with brandon’s child, do you?” How did she even go there?? All she knows at this point is that Callie and Brandon kissed once. Which makes me believe that she can see that something is still going on between them but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. 

Brallie has sex. It’s consensual. And they break it off again as soon as the adoption gets through. 

Callie tells the moms the truth and everything Stef can think about is “Brandon took advantage of the fact that she was vulnerable”, when, honestly, it was about “giving up Brandon for nothing”. 

Stef confronts Brandon about it and she doesn’t listen, won’t listen to him. She accuses Brandon in all the ways possible and never asks Callie about her feelings. At this point, Stef only knows that Brandon is in love with Callie, she never heard Callie say that she is in love with Brandon, she doesn’t know that Callie almost went to live with Robert to stay with Brandon, that she wanted to put his keyboard in her apartment, that she was the first to say I love you. 

For all season 4 Stef treats Brandon as some sort of predator and he can’t stand it, obviously, and stays with Cortney. The only person defending him is Mike, who sees the same thing happening with AJ. Stef keeps taking Callie’s side. 

And it makes me so angry. She doesn’t know the whole story, never cared to sit her kids down to ask them honestly about it, never took the time to talk about it with Callie! When Callie said they had sex, Stef brushed it off like she didn’t even want to know about it and went to bite B’s head off for it instead. She told him in 03x08 that she could see that she hadn’t been there for Brandon about Callie and she could see now that he was heartbroken, but after that? Did she do anything to be there for him? She didn’t. She kept accusing him, suspecting him, blaming him. To the point that she can’t even see Brallie in the same room together without getting tense. 

I’d like to say that I don’t blame her 100%, since she doesn’t have the whole picture, but I can’t because it’s her fault she doesn’t have all the information she needs in the first place! I blame her for being a shitty parent to Brandon, for playing favorites, for being judgmental and closing her eyes and not listening when literally EVERYBODY knows Brandon and Callie are a thing after 0.5 seconds in their presence. Sophia didn’t even need to see them together to know that Callie was in love with him! Like, seriously, Stef decided not to see what was going on, she ignored her kid like he’s some kind of rapist, did NOTHING to comfort him when he couldn’t go to Julliard (and yes, he was to blame, but not even a hug??). The only person that honestly stopped for a moment to ask him how he felt about it is Callie! And then you’re surprised he’s in love with her? Please. Brandon literally helped everyone in that house and Stef treats him like he’s a criminal. 

So now I hope she’ll get scared every time someone points out that Brandon and Callie look like they’re dating and not like siblings, because she had it coming. 

She told Mike that he couldn’t play favorites between Brandon and AJ, but that’s exactly what she has been doing with Brandon and Callie. She keeps choosing Callie over him. So Mike had it wrong, it wasn’t because of Callie that Brandon wouldn’t move back home, it was because of Stef. 

I can’t believe nobody is calling her out about treating Brandon like shit. Sure, Brandon isn’t perfect and he made his mistakes, but not everything is on him. Callie is as much to blame as he is, and yes, she’s dealing with other drama, but it can’t always be “good old Brandon who has to take it up the chin”. It takes two to tango. It’s just easier to blame Brandon than acknowledging that she should have taken Brallie’s relationship seriously when Brandon told her about it the first time instead of taking a fucking restraining order against her son. Brandon was right in 03x08 - she humiliated him. And she’s STILL doing it. KEEPS doing it. 

I’d divorce the family too if I was him. No shit. 

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Acc to Lads, Jon will be cold and unimpressed by Daenerys while she will like him from the start. How are the shippers gonna take him acting aloof while she's panting after him but trying to hide it?

Hello anon,

I don’t know what kind of answer you expect from me but I don’t think it’ll be the one you want. 

No shipper that I know would expect Jon to act against character. It’s not like Jon to form an instant infatuation/ attachment with a woman. He’s a reserve person and will reserve judgement on Dany until he gets to know her. I would imagine he’d be weary of her at first given his experiences with the southern nobility and queens in general (Cersei & Selyse). I can see him talking with Tyrion and Missandei about Dany in order to get a better perspective of her from those who know her best. 

As for Dany, I don’t believe the word panting was ever used or that she’d be “panting after him.” I believe what lads said is that she’ll feel an attraction towards him, a connection. Dany rarely gets to meet men at her level and it will be a different experience for her. Jon is not someone who is given to flattery, which is also something different for Dany. And while Dany is flattered often it’s not something she seeks out and I think she’ll admire Jon more for not uttering some empty flattery in order to gain her favor. His seriousness will be refreshing to her. 

Why do you think she likes Tyrion so much? Dany likes people who are straight and honest with her. 

I think the development of their relationship has great potential. I look forward to viewing their progression from strangers to lovers. 



Daenerys x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine loving, passionate sex with Dany where you get so lost in the moment it becomes rough and wild.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hellllloooooo my friend I am in serious need of daenerys targaryen smut with a female reader 😍 maybe they have been longtime lovers (so reader can replace daario) and care about each other a lot but also have pretty rough sex lol (cuz come on dany is wild) thxxxxx 😍😍

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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Taking a break from playing games and singing to get to know each other better…….

Dani:  “What do you want to do when you grow up?  Politics like your dad?”

Ryan:  “No, actually I’ve been thinking about becoming an astronaut.  I want to discover new worlds and species.”

Dani:  “You like space?”

Ryan:  “Yes…..do you think you could maybe someday see yourself with a guy who does that?”

Dani is silent for a moment because she wonders what he would say if he knew he was sitting next to somebody who “isn’t from this world.”  Would he still like her?

Dani:  “Possibly…..”

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”

Game of Thrones - Jon and Daenerys Parallels

Hey guys,

So I wanted to write a post about all the parallels and connections there are between Dany and Jon on Game of Thrones. I started a re-watched but it stalled. As you can see I was really good the first season and a half. I wrote a little summary of each of their scenes (if they appeared in the same episode) and what the connection was. 

If any of you guys have noted these things for the episodes I don’t have anything for please send them my way. It would be nice to have a complete list. 

Season 1

Episode 1 - “Winter is Coming”

- We see that both Dany and Jon feel disconnected from their family. Jon of course because he’s a bastard and Dany because she feels powerless against Viserys.

- In contrast, Jon is kept away from the celebration welcoming King Robert, this angers him because he is once again being ostracized for being a bastard. Dany on the other hand is forced to attend the celebration of her wedding even as she begged Viserys to not make her marry.

- Both receive/find their animal companion:Jon finds Ghost and Dany is given the dragon eggs.

Episode 2 - “The King’s Road”

- While Drogo is rapping Dany she is looking at her dragon eggs which are surrounded by candles, as she looks into their fire we transition to Jon looking at the campfire. This is a clear connection between these two characters and probably a hint of Jon’s Targaryen heritage.

- The parallel here is the both lament the situation they find themselves in. Dany suffering in her marriage and Jon realizing that the Night’s Watch is nothing like he had imagined.

Episode 3  - “Lord Snow”

-We see the scene transition from Dany to Jon. In Dany’s scene she is learning to assert herself as a khaleesi, earning the respect of her followers (Dothraki as well as Jorah). In Jon’s scene with Benjen, he tells him, “a man gets what he earns when he earns it.” Later in the episode we see Jon working with the other recruits teaching them what he knows, and beginning to earn their respect.

-Tyrion is meeting with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and Maester Aemon, when the conversation is almost to an end Maester Aemon says: “When winter comes, gods help us all if we are not ready.” The scene then transitions to Dany’s dragon eggs. We then see Dany telling Drogo that they are having a boy, then we transition back to the Wall and Tyrion and Jon.

Episode 4 -  “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things”

-We begin with The scene in which Jon meets Sam, the coward, this scene then transitions to Dany riding alongside Jorah into Vaes Dothrak. Jorah complains about Ned Stark driving him from his land, to which Dany reminds him that he sold slaves.

-Second transition: Ser Allister is talking to Jon and Sam about winter and says to them “When you are out there beyond the Wall do you want a man at your back or a sniveling boy?” This then transitions into Viserys dragging Doreah into Dany’s tent, he attacks Dany but she hits him back, showing him to be a sniveling boy.

-We then transition back to Jon and Sam, Jon tells Sam that he almost had sex with the red-headed Ros! Ser Allister then comes in and after throwing some more insults says to Jon “Mance Rayder’s men are hard men, harder than Jon will ever be. Not quite true Ser Allister. Finally, we transition back to Dany and Jorah, they are both taking about going home. Dany confesses to Jorah that she doesn’t believe Viserys will ever be able to take her home.

NOTE: In this episode we see both Dany and Jon stand up for some else and confront a bully. Jon stands up for Sam and confronts Ser Allister and Ralf while Dany on the other hand stands up to Viserys and defends Doreah.

Episode 7 “You win or You die”

- The first transition goes from the assassination attempt against Dany to Jon being selected as Stewart to the Lord Commander.

- Second transition from Jon to Dany. Jon takes his oath in front of the Heart-tree this transitions to Dany talking to Jorah about punishing the wine seller and Drogo makes his speech promising his son the Iron Throne.

The symbolism going on in their scenes this episode was about being given a ‘gift’ that they don’t really understand the magnitude of yet. In both cases they are coming close to their future leadership roles but not in the way they expect. Jon is put out and sulky to be assigned a steward without realizing the leadership potential of being LC Mormont’s direct assistant. Daenerys on the other hand is given the gift of what she wants most from Drogo, to take back the Iron Throne. She expects fully expects this will happen and has no idea it will in fact be herself that follows through with Drogo’s promise much later.

Episode 8 “The Pointy End”

- Ser Alliser taunts Jon about being a traitor’s bastard, Jon responds by lunging on his with a knife and Ser Alliser tells him, you will hang for this. Not really, but you will Ser Alliser, for being a traitor. Oh the irony. Later on Ghost senses the Wight and Jon burns his hand with a lamp while burning the Wight.

- We then transition to Dany who is in the Lhazareen village as the Dothraki are pillaging it. As Dany looks as the mayhem around her she asks Jorah to make the Dothraki stop raping and abusing the women. Jorah looks at her and tells her that she has a kind heart but this is how things have always been. Dany denies this but demands that Jorah make the men stop. I think this touches on an important theme in Dany’s story, which is that she doesn’t believe in maintaining the status quo. If something doesn’t seem right to her, she will do her best to improve it, no matter if it’s been done that way for hundreds or thousands of years.

After Jorah stops the men he tells Dany “You can’t save them all” to which Dany answers “I can and I will.” This will later be manifested in her campaign against Slaver’s Bay.

An interesting part of a parallel occurred in this episode or at least part of it. In this episode Theon asks Robb if he’s afraid (after he tells Maester Luwin to call his banners after Ned is arrested) to which Robb says “I must be” while he looks at his shacking hand. Theon says “good” and Robb asks “why’s that good?” to which Theon answers “ because it means you’re not stupid.”

This conversation is eerily similar to the one Dany has with Tyrion at the end of season 6x10, where Tyrion asks her if she’s afraid of entering the “Great Game” and Dany nods yes, to which Tyrion answers “Good, only mad men like your father are not afraid.”

Bringing this full circle Jon’s selection as King in the North in episode 6x10 is almost identical to Robb’s selection as KITN.

So, in the season finally of season 6 the show tied in both Dany and Jon to Robb, another young leader and monarch. Let’s hope that they at least end their lives in a better way than poor Robb’s.

Episode 9 “Baelor”

- We only have one transition between the two this episode. We go from Jon and Aemon discussing choice to Dany in the Dothraki sea choosing to fight for her husband even though it’s clear he is dying. While Jon is being given the philosophical view of what it is to choose between love and duty, Dany is force to make that decision at that very moment.

Episode 10: “Fire and Blood”

- We transition from Dany to Jon. First Dany wakes from her miscarriage to find out her child is dead, that her husband is a shell without a spirit and that MMD has betrayed her. Then we transition to Jon who is running away to join Robb. Then we have Jon’s friends stop him and recite the oath he made. We then transition back to Dany who is washing khal Drogo before smothering him. I’m not sure if there are any connection between these scenes.

-Finally the season ends with a transition between Dany and Jon. First Jon goes beyond the Wall with Lord Commander Mormont and the Night’s Watch. Then, we transition to Dany who is preparing the pyre for khal Drogo, gives her speech to her newly formed little khalsar, burns the pyre with MMD in it, enters pyre wakes up with dragons. The connection between the two being that they are about to embark in life-changing adventures. Neither of their lives will ever been the same after this.

General Parallels: Both Dany and Jon deal with the grief of loosing someone they love, Dany with Drogo and Jon with Ned. Also, Dany’s first scene lead’s into Jon’s first scene. Jon’s second scene lead’s into Dany’s second scene. Jon’s final scene lead’s into Dany’s final scene.

Season 2

Episode 1: “The North Remembers”

-We find Dany in the Red Waste with the comet above her in the sky. Dany is talking to Doreah and says that no one will take her dragons. Yet, we will see that in Qarth they are taken from her by the warlock at the House of the Undying. Dany looks up at the sky and sees the comet and this transitions to Jon in the North at Crasters. Jon mouths off at Craster and Lord Commander pulls him aside. He asks Jon, “Do you want to lead one day?” to which Jon nods to which Lord Commander says “then you must learn how to follow.” It is important to note that Jon does want to be a leader, I think he wants that respect and acceptance, to earn it on his own right. We see him smile when he is elected Lord Commander, although, with a little trepidation. However, when we get into the King in the North scene he accepts but with a lot more trepidation. Now realizing how truly hard it is to be a leader.

- We have another scene with Dany in the Red Waste. Her people are starving and she doesn’t know what to do. She questions herself as a leader, because she cannot help her people, she cannot feed them or give them water. Jorah tells her that she must be their strength, and Dany asks Jorah to be her strength.

The scenes between Jon and Dany are both about learning to lead but in different ways. Jon needs to learn how to follow, being part of a military order before he can learn how to lead men. Dany having found herself leading already needs to learn how to take on the sorrows of her people, to be their strength, to give them hope when their is none.

Episode 2: “The Night Lands”

-There was a great Jon and Daenerys book-ended set of scenes - and a potential parallel between Jorah/Jon that I feel will later come full circle in both loving Daenerys also.

At the end of the scene with Sam and Gilly … We see Jon reflect on his feeling of helplessness in doing what’s right for people. His honor is warring with his sense of duty and keeping peace with Craster. The scene then transitions to Jorah sighing the same as Jon was … only now it’s he who feels helpless as Daenerys and the Dothraki are suffering (no water or shelter). I liked this parallel between the honorable men and the people they love. Jorah’s love for Dany and Jon’s love for Sam. Both are honorable men who will later do anything to save those they love.

Episode 3: “What is Dead May Never Die” 

- No parallel this episode as Dany doesn’t appear in it.

Episode 4: “Garden of Bones”

- No parallels as Jon doesn’t appear in this episode.

Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis”:
-In Dany’s visions in the House of the Undying she goes through the red keep to the Wall.

Season 3

Episode 10 “Mhysa”

:Both Dany and Jon are carried. Dany by the newly freed slaves of Yunkai and Jon by his fellows brothers from the Nights Watch.  

Season 4

Episode 9 “The Watchers on the Wall” and Episode 10 “The Children”: 

- Dany and Jon are left grieving and walking into an uncertain future. Dany chains away her dragons, afraid that they will harm another child. Jon buries Ygritte after the event at castle Black.

Season 5

General - both are trying to incorporate a formerly persecuted group into the larger society. Facing opposition from the status quo, neither can seem to get both sides together.

Episode 2 “The House of Black and White” and Episode 3 “High Sparrow”:

-Dany and Jon execute members of their “organizations”. Dany beheads Mossador for defying her orders and Jon beheads Slynt for defying his orders.

Episode 5 “Kill the Boy”:

- Jon seeks out Maester Aemon’s advice regarding what he should do about a difficult situation, this is paralleled but Dany seeking out Missandei’s advice about what she should do about a difficult situation. Both of their advices advice the, to follow their instincts.   Additionally, both Dany and Jon release their prisoners in order to use them as allies. Also, there is the parallel of Sam and Missandei. Both of them are the “right-hand man” of each character and they are both in the mist of unorthodox romantic relationships.

Season 6

Episode 9 & 10 - “The Batlle of the Bastards” & “The Winds of Winter”:

- In episode 9 while Dany is speaking with the slave masters she tells the “My reign has jus began” . In episode 10 Jon is selected as King in the North, effectively the beginning of his reign.  

anonymous asked:

Gotta love how the J*nerys shippers act like they're impeccable angels and this is all a one-way street, while ignoring the anon hate several Jonsa shippers have gotten from their side, not to mention people like lucky10248, a J*nerys fan who's been putting hate in our tag and harrassing Jonsa shippers for nearly a year now. Fair enough if they want us to respect them, but if they're going to demand it, they need to practice what they preach and own up to their own ugliness.

I kind of disagree. Lucky90324578349507 is a gift to our fandom. I have never laughed more than while reading her blog. But if any of you feel personally offended by her, feel free to message me for moral support lmao. My personal fave was when she called me a “Class Five Buffoon”. 

I mean, some gems:

“As a ruler she managed to freed millions slaves simply because it was the right thing to do. As a result she’s loved by millions.

“Yeah right, and I’m an astronaut. You are a punk kid who knows very little about the world.”

“How is diversity anyone’s strength.”

“I personally hate the whining little idiot Sansa. She’s by far the most worthless character on the show.”

“Trump hasn’t banned anyone from saying anything you fucking liar.”

“I couldn’t disagree with you more. Jonerys fits the narrative like a glove. They’ve been having parallels since season.”

“You are a coward just like most Jonsa fans. All you little people do is talk trash to a Jonerys shipper then block them.”

More lucky098742390875 gold behind the cut.

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Parental Guidance

Valerie hadn’t even sat down twenty minutes with her homework before her phone was already buzzing around on her desk. She sighed at her open history text and reached for her cell, not even aware of the little smile tugging the corner of her lips when she saw the name on screen. 

Snapchat finished loading. The picture waiting for her was a selfie from Danielle, framed in front of an Amity Tourism billboard with a dazed ectopuss splattered on it. 

‘Visit Scenic Amity Park! :3′

Valerie typed back, ‘Weren’t you on your way home???’

DL_WanderLuster: Got sidetracked. You should sneak out. Good night for hunting

DL_Wanderluster: ;)

Me: I have homework

Me: And so you do freshie

DL_WanderLuster: Yeah yeah you sound like Jazz

Me: She has her moments

Me: So get flying. Or do I have to call Maddie and Jack to come find you?

DL_WanderLuster: traitor

Me: And message me when you get home safe

DL_WanderLuster: fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneee :P

Brat, Valerie thought, not unfondly, and maybe with a twinge of regret as she went back to business of the Spanish Civil War. Yay.  

A light knock rapped at the bedroom door. “Valerie?”

“It’s open, Dad.”

Damon leaned in partway. “Hey hon. Busy?”

She swiveled in her chair to face him. “Just some reading. What’s up?”

Valerie got her first clue that something was up; he lingered in the doorway, oozing uncertainty. “Can we talk?”

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The Assassin and The Queen (Daenerys x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Daenerys Targaryen

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,236

Request: Hi, you guys are really awesome by the way, can I have a request where it is Daenerys Targaryen x reader and the reader is an assassin that was sent from Westeros to kill her. This reader is like super hot and tanned and Deanerys slowly develops a crush on her. Also can you do it when the reader is captured and is like very cocky while being held captive in the great pyramid in front of Deanerys and her guards. Thankyou. Maybe some smut?? this would be awesome. xx 

A/N - Thank you lovely <3

You didn’t even know who wanted her dead but you knew there’d be a big reward for killing her, the note that was slipped under your door said so. 

You would’ve ignored the job, passed it onto one of the others, there was no way you’d travel to Essos and you did ignore it for a short while. You continued to ignore the job even though each day another note would slide under your door, containing promises of an even bigger reward until one day you could simply refuse no more. Which was how you ended up on a boat travelling The Narrow Sea.

On your journey you heard stories about Daenerys Targaryen, supposedly she had white hair so bright you could see it a mile off, her eyes were said to look like sapphires that stood out against her strikingly pale skin; she truly did sound beautiful. You heard other stories too; tales about dragons, slaves and being left unburnt. You prayed to the Gods that they were nothing more than stories otherwise you might be in trouble.

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I have a jonsa prompt I would love to see from you! Jon and Dany are in a love affair, but she orders him to marry Sansa to secure the north. Jon makes sure Sansa knows the reason so as not to lie to her because she has fallen for him. But in time he falls very in love with Sansa too and wants to be her husband in truth. Thank you very much!

I’m sorry, anon, but I can’t do this one! Writing Jon in love with D*any is beyond my abilities as a writer lol. I’m really sorry, but I’m posting this in case anyone wants to take it! 


Dani tagged me for the 6 selfies of 2016 thing! (Dani you are so pure and good!)

A peculiar year and quite a sad one for the world, but one that has ended so positively for me on a personal level. I’ve met so many new friends, moved house, moved cities, had my work published and now I’m getting my art shown in January! I’ve made so much progress personally and I’m feeling v strong and excited for 2017! 

I tag everyone here who wants to do this, please tag me back so I can see your faces!  


MM93 - 10: *In an alternative reality*
“@POTUS tweeted: Hey @MarcMarquez93 you can apply for the US citizenship if you want. No prob from us!”

VR46 - 9: “Leading the championship is a revenge against 2015”… OH MY SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP TALKING FFS. (F-ing good job anyway Vale ;-) )

DP26 - 9: What a race Dani! Welcome back!

JZ5 - 8: Do you think Lin could have a word with Hervé ? You know, about the whole “does not fear God” thing… Hmm

AD04 - 6: …At least nobody ran into him this time…

JL99 - 5: Never in my life would have had believed to one day see JL99 being the happiest of the bunnies about a P6 grid start… *_*

AE41 - 1: Anyone counting $$ at Aprilia must have had an heart attack following Aleix’s weekend.

CC35 - 6: Woulda Coulda Shoulda Didn’t.

MV25 - 1: Beware of your Head Mack, it hurt falling back down to Earth… 

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I think some think that Dany got everything, that her dragons do her work for her & that she herself is nothing without her dragons, that she hasn't SUFFERED like the other ladies have, that bc of all these things Dany's not ~relatable~. I find the last the most irritating. I don't like characters bc they've suffered or bc they're relatable. I like them bc I find them interesting. Dany's got vision. I like female chars who have vision & try to shape the world even if they fuck everything up. [1]

Dany got everything? Her story is literally a tale of “from rags to riches,” and it was all due to her own miracles and machinations after the two men that abused her finally died. She’s nothing without her dragons? There would be no magic in the world if it wasn’t for her; she brought dragons back into her world, and like the direwolves to the Starks, they are her bond animals. I don’t see anyone claiming Jon is nothing without Ghost, or Arya without Nymeria. I’m not mad at you, I can see that you recognize that these claims are idiotic as well, but I just can’t help but refute them.

Dany, I have to say, is super relatable through her struggles. However, certain circumstances of her story - hell, any of these characters’ situations - are not necessarily meant to be relatable. This is a fantasy series, and nearly every character is in some way involved with magic. Sansa had a direwolf, as does Arya who is a skinchanger and involved with the Faceless Men, Jon is a warg and probably Azor Ahai, Tyrion has extensive knowledge of dragons, Bran is a god, Catelyn is a zombie. Ned Stark was probably the only “relatable” character in this series. People using the “lack of relatability” to excuse why they hate Dany (which, you can dislike whomever you want, but don’t spew your hate mindlessly) just come off as flat.

Now for my least favorite excuse. Dany hasn’t suffered the same way other female characters have? I’d wager she’s suffered more. The girl essentially grew up either A) in squalor, or B) at the mercy of whomever decided to be charitable to the last dragons. From the moment she was born, her life has been tumultuous and rocky. She never had a truly stable home besides the house with the red door, and no one to show her longlasting affection, which is why she’s so vulnerable to the type of Stockholm’s Syndrome-love with Khal Drogo.

She was hunted when she was still in her mother’s womb, and still mercilessly so after her mother died and her father’s former master-at-arms smuggled her across the sea. She got a blissful few years with Ser Willem watching after her, but once he perished, everyone turned on her and Viserys. Viserys was just a child watching after another child, and they had to starve and beg their way across Essos.

And later, after Viserys had been disillusioned and hardened by what had come of his life, he began to take it out on his sister. How many times do we see, just in the first book, Dany tremble at the thought of waking the dragon? I counted: it’s 17. Even after he’s dead, she fears him, but it’s not just his threats; it’s what Viserys did to her. He sold her into marriage at only 13, she was pregnant at 14, and she was regularly abused before we even meet her, as evidenced by Dany’s inner thoughts.

Dany listened to the talk in the streets, and she heard these things, but she knew better than to question her brother when he wove his webs of dream. His anger was a terrible thing when roused. Viserys called it “waking the dragon.” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

One of the first lines we get from her sounds like the inner workings of a woman afraid of her abuser. Dany “knows better” than to anger Viserys. Then right after we have him touching her both inappropriately and in a way to cause pain. This is how abusers keep their victims compliant.

“Let them see that you have a woman’s shape now.” His fingers brushed lightly over her budding breasts and tightened on a nipple. “You will not fail me tonight. If you do, it will go hard for you. You don’t want to wake the dragon, do you?” His fingers twisted her, the pinch cruelly hard through the rough fabric of her tunic. “Do you?” he repeated. (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

Then we have him hurting her again…

As the khal was saddling the horse, Viserys slid close to Dany on her silver, dug his fingers into her leg, and said, “Please him, sweet sister, or I swear, you will see the dragon wake as it has never woken before.” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

Viserys’ physical abuse cools down when she’s finally wedded and bedded, but then she just gains a new abuser.

She was left to sup alone, […] and afterward to cry herself to sleep. Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night… (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

And if this doesn’t make you sad, I don’t know what will. The poor girl finally stood up for herself against her lifelong abuser in Viserys, and all she can think of is the punishment she’s going to get.

“I hit him,” she said, wonder in her voice. Now that it was over, it seemed like some strange dream that she had dreamed. “Ser Jorah, do you think…he’ll be so angry when he gets back…” She shivered. “I woke the dragon, didn’t I?” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

For years she had lived in terror of Viserys, afraid of waking the dragon. (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

And all this is not even getting into the fact that Viserys tried to rape her before her wedding to the khal because he felt like her virginity was his to have. While all our favorites are suffering now, they at least had chances to have happiness in their lives before the books come into play (Tyrion with Jaime, the Starks and their siblings). Dany never got that. She was always suffering, always running, always cowering. And even now, with a queendom and army and beasts of her own, Dany finds herself in terrible situations.

She may have a lot, but she doesn’t have everything, and everything she does have is by her own actions.

anonymous asked:

How do we get video tours? And can we have them if we're minors? I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable.

my skype id is dani.dove10

If skype is available to you, message me and let me know that you want to see the aviary.

This is a public business, so I’m pretty comfortable with any one asking.

I won’t let minors arrange for orders or adoptions without the involvement of their guardians, but anything else is researching and there is nothing here that’s potentially harmful for minors to see.
Columbid fans of all ages are welcome to request a tour.

I am interested in our viewer’s comfort, so whether or not I can see you is entirely up to you. ^v^

There is no such thing as ‘pestering’ me with questions. Ask ALL the things!

“A Space Tail”

A late, late, late entry for Phanniemay Day 15, ‘Sci-Fi.’ Predictably, here’s some Space Au Danielle.

Space did funny things to people. 

Then again, people did funny things in space. Strapping themselves to rockets and blasting themselves across the big empty. Even though everything they were was tailor-made from millions of years of evolution for one tiny world, they still had to ride off to all the other ones. Transplant themselves to a foreign body that would always reject them. It tended to make people a little crazy.

Dani could sympathize. Everything down to her blood and her bones endlessly craved a place that wasn’t, anymore. Always a mismatch. Never a someplace that ever clicked into her incompatible links.

Space stations were the real dens of crazy. Built to accommodate everyone and succeeding with nobody. Gravity too high or too low, never the right temperature, finicky air composition. A place with dozens of different species, nationalities, clades, gangs, and corporates like a box of mismatched pieces. The bad edges crushed together.  

Not a single sentient belonged there, Dani especially. She was okay with it. The bar was offering half-off drinks for gals and gal-identifying.

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Hey, daniellekoste, did I happen to get that boxing pose you wanted?

A request that wasn’t entirely a request tbh. I had planned to do those tattoos anyway.