dani no one wants to see you

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”

Why we (TJLC), as a community, cannot be blamed for seeing Sherlock as queerbaiting

In the event TFP doesn’t solve this shit soon…

Can we just bring up something important that I think needs to be addressed?

If they never intended it to come off as queerbaiting, or the possibility of John and Sherlock getting together, why continue the fucking gag?

Like, if you wanted to cut it off at S1 after “You taking my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool,” that would have been understandable. One-season gag. I get it.

S2: “Somebody loves you,” “Is yours a snorer?” This is obviously some kind of trend, intended to show just how deep rooted the idea of their affection is, how much they look like a couple? It’s not like us, the uncontrolled variables, this is a constant. You could change the eyes of your character, have them metaphorically “look the other way,” sweep the whole ordeal under the rug.

S3, I think they tried to play catchup, but the characters still persisted. The first fucking episode dealt with John returning to Sherlock after breaking his heart, including “I am not gay,” the whole ordeal with his shaving, and the apology in the bomb car. Then a wedding, yes, but stag night. And “I don’t know how those rumors got started.” This gets ridiculous in HLV, to the point where John flawlessly flirts with a dangerous guard by joking about the pipe in his trousers, and no words of denial are spoken when Magnussen refers to John as Sherlock’s damsel in distress. We get literal fucking fairy tales pointing us in this direction.

The Abominable Bride was a clusterfuck of a gay Victorian fever dream, and many people can point out every part of this much better than I can, but we need to bring up one bit. The waterfall. “Why don’t you two just elope?” Moriarty, his mind’s weakness, even hints that Sherlock should just run away and be with John. In his own mind, Sherlock toys with the idea.

If they have the audacity to blame us for believing for so long, it’s all for the sake if their own actions. They had the chance to cut it off from the very beginning, but they didn’t. They led it on.

Parental Guidance

Valerie hadn’t even sat down twenty minutes with her homework before her phone was already buzzing around on her desk. She sighed at her open history text and reached for her cell, not even aware of the little smile tugging the corner of her lips when she saw the name on screen. 

Snapchat finished loading. The picture waiting for her was a selfie from Danielle, framed in front of an Amity Tourism billboard with a dazed ectopuss splattered on it. 

‘Visit Scenic Amity Park! :3′

Valerie typed back, ‘Weren’t you on your way home???’

DL_WanderLuster: Got sidetracked. You should sneak out. Good night for hunting

DL_Wanderluster: ;)

Me: I have homework

Me: And so you do freshie

DL_WanderLuster: Yeah yeah you sound like Jazz

Me: She has her moments

Me: So get flying. Or do I have to call Maddie and Jack to come find you?

DL_WanderLuster: traitor

Me: And message me when you get home safe

DL_WanderLuster: fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneee :P

Brat, Valerie thought, not unfondly, and maybe with a twinge of regret as she went back to business of the Spanish Civil War. Yay.  

A light knock rapped at the bedroom door. “Valerie?”

“It’s open, Dad.”

Damon leaned in partway. “Hey hon. Busy?”

She swiveled in her chair to face him. “Just some reading. What’s up?”

Valerie got her first clue that something was up; he lingered in the doorway, oozing uncertainty. “Can we talk?”

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Hey, daniellekoste, did I happen to get that boxing pose you wanted?

A request that wasn’t entirely a request tbh. I had planned to do those tattoos anyway.

I was tagged by the wonderful @lliiaraarabana thank you so much for tagging me <3 

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

- My red lipstick (always red);

- A book or my Kindle;

- My keys;

- Earphones;

- Some coins.

5 things I always wanted to do in my life:

- Publish my books (I still hope one day I will);

- Ah, Risi, I want to have a drink with Garrus too. I’m wondering what he would think about Caipirinha xD

- Learn how to shoot with a bow;

- Travel to many places, I want to see snow! 

- Learn how to coloring my drawings.

5 things I’m currently into:

- Mass Effect and the otps;

- My game characters, especially my Shepards; and of course, my friend’s ocs too. :D

- The Expanse;

- Writing;

- Drawing.

5 things on my to-do list:

- Edit the book that I finished;

- Write the prompts I received here;

- Clean the house;

- Read some books I still need to read;

- Study and prepare the project for the master degree.

5 things people may not know about me:

- My favorite alcohol drink is Caipirinha (actually Caipivodka, the difference is instead of Cachaça, it’s with Vodka);

- I’m completely addicted to chocolate. I’m trying to control it, otherwise, I could eat lots and lots of chocolate everyday. Whenever I have chocolate here, I’m not satisfied until I eat it all at once;

- I’ve never been outside Brazil;

- I like to spend most of my free time at home, just writing, playing games or drawing;

- I hate Brazilian Carnival. xD

Thank you so much for tagging me, Risi <3 That was fun to do. :D 

I’ll tag anyone who wants to join. :D

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The aos fandom is really passionate about ward about half of them hate him and never want to see him again and the others like him but don't like the way he was written,like me,actually dani you are one of the few I have seen that likes aos and ward.

don’t get me wrong i hate ward, he is one of the most evil person i’ve ever seen in a show but it’s such a good villain and brett is the most precious cutie in the world so i’m so happy rn


Vengeful Babes Week Day 1 - Hidden

Dani was waiting on bed. Valerie had finished work fifteen minutes ago, so she could be here any moment. She looked out the window and saw Valerie approaching on her hover board. She glanced back one more time to make sure everything was right, before hopping back on the bed.

Valerie phased through the wall, deactivated her board and landed on the floor. She looked at Dani in surprise. “What are you doing here?” she asked while deactivating her suit.

“I just wanted to see you,” Dani answered, but not in a very convincing tone.

“Why are you really here?” Valerie raised an eyebrow. She had known the ghost girl long enough to notice something was up.

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(Please don’t remove my caption)

AU where Draco is framed for his father’s murder, but Hermione has studied to become a Criminal Defence Attorney and offers to help prove his innocence.

Draco stopped dead in the doorway, disbelief on his face.

“No. No way. Not her.”

He turned to leave.

“Malfoy, wait!” Hermione said quickly. “Just hear me out, would you? I want to help.”

Turning back to face her, Draco spat, “Why would you want to help me?”

“Because I believe you’re innocent,” she replied gently. “And no innocent man should have to spend a single day in Azkaban.”

Draco was silent for a moment as he watched her, before saying, “I’m not innocent of everything, Granger.”

Hermione let out a quiet sigh. “I know. But you are innocent of your father’s murder, and that’s all I’m here to prove.”

Turning the idea over in his head, he remained silent for a while longer, clenching his jaw. He did not want to have to rely on Hermione Granger, yet he couldn’t deny that she sounded sincere. And if anyone could work hard enough to prove his innocence, it was her.

“Will you let me help you?” Hermione asked softly.

It could be a trick. But if she wanted him sent to Azkaban, all she had to do was sit back and watch. All the evidence was already stacked against him and it was looking very grim indeed.

To accept her help… was he really risking anything?

“Fine,” he snapped. “But if I even catch a whiff of you secretly working against me, I’ll fire you.”

“As you should,” Hermione said, extending a hand towards him with a hesitant smile.

Draco stared at her hand a moment too long before reluctantly accepting it.

Looking up at her face again, he felt some tension ease from his shoulders. For the first time since being arrested, he actually felt hopeful about the outcome of the trial.

“If you clear my name, Granger, I swear I will never say a bad word about your kind again,” he found himself saying.

Hermione’s mouth twitched, unsure whether to smile or frown. “I can work with that.”

Why Jon vs Daenerys can't happen:

When it comes to Jon and Dany, I’m pretty much open to various possibilities (even though I ship) but one theory I can’t agree with is that these two will be enemies - Dany as the villainous foil to the heroic Jon.

I think at the very least they’ll be allies and acquaintances. Now you might think this is because I have shipper goggles on but nope. What it boils down to is I simply can’t see why the story or better yet the characters would go in this direction. My thoughts:

1. Dany is unfairly labeled as ruthless and totalitarian. Yes, she wants the Seven Kingdoms but she is also willing to negotiate with other houses as we’ve been shown her listening to Yara’s plea for the Iron Islands. She’s also made alliances with the Tyrells and Martells. Dany recognizes she needs people on her side. This is in complete contrast to her predecessor Aegon the Conqueror or her father. Her allies all want to take the Lannisters down. So why would she be hostile to the North when they too have a common enemy in Cersei?

2. Jon is not after the throne. He is not in opposition to Dany. The North has declared independence from Lannister rule not from Dany herself as she has not come into the picture. Even if Jon finds out about his parentage, how can this be proved? Why would it matter to him in the grand scheme? This is a character that has shied away from being Lord Commander and Lord of Winterfell before being instated. Why would he want to claim the throne of all things? He is not power hungry and has bigger problems to worry about.

3. This scenario would require Dany to go mad, something I am very against. I know this is a relatively popular theory but it’s completely illogical. The show runners have described Dany as a good Targaryen and “not her father”. Tyrion and Varys are both advising her and there’s also Theon. She’s surrounded by people who know the Starks are good and will tell her as such. Dany would have to ignore counsel in order to invade Winterfell as opposed to going there in peace. After the show has built her trust in Tyrion, why would she do that?

4. Jon doesn’t have a boner for Northern independence as much as some of this fanbase does. A seceded North is strategically bad if everyone has to band together to fight the White Walkers. Dany has zero reason to lend her forces to rebels. Independence won’t work in the coming winter. Also Dany doesn’t just want to be queen, she wants to “leave the world better than she found it”. Jon is worried about saving everyone and I have no reason to believe Dany wouldn’t recognize the threat of the others and want to help. What’s the point of holding on to independence if they’re all fucked? He needs a bigger army and he needs dragons and we all know who can help him with both.

5. The show has already pegged down the main antagonists as Cersei, Euron and ultimately the White Walkers. These are the two battles facing us NOT a war between two characters who are needed to defeat the winter.

I think a Dany vs Jon feud is wishful thinking for those who don’t want the predictability of two heroes joining forces. But we would need both to act out of character for this antagonism to happen. And isn’t the idea of them being enemies just as ‘cliché’? She needs a marriage for alliance and he needs reinforcements for the final war. It doesn’t matter what the reader or audience would think of this partnership. What matters are the motivations of the characters. I’m not saying there can’t be initial friction between the two but I doubt it will come down to them fighting each other. We know the ending will be bittersweet but I think people put too much stock in the idea that GRRM is trying to subvert or distort every single fantasy trope when possibly this story may end up being more traditional than some would like.

Okay but

Just in case there are any non-larries out there saying ‘how do you know Harry and Louis didn’t joining the Mile High Club with girls’ I just want you to consider this:

The boys are famous. They take private planes. How often do you see Harry (especially) or Louis coming off a private plane with girls?

Reunion || DANTANA

Today was the day that all Santana’s high school friends were meeting up. Well her Glee friends. Most of them living in LA bar a few, so the ones that didn’t live their got a flight over for a week. Santana was excited for everyone to meet Dani, she was never the one to be excited for these things but she knew everyone would love Dani. And half of them probably glad to see the back of Ryan. “Baby you ready?” Santana shouted up, they were meeting everyone at a small restaurant for lunch. Everyone was to meet at 1 and it was now 12:30, Santana wanted to get there quick, she couldn’t wait to show Dani off.

To Live and Dye

The trip to the mall had been a quick one, but Santana had spent it excited - it was going to be very cool to see Dani’s hair when the salon was finished with it, and they would go straight from there to the tattoo/piercing place on the lower floor where they already had an appointment.  As she led Dani inside, Santana looked over at her.  “Do you want to eat first?  I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that before you get a piercing or if it’s better to wait until after…”

Dani Alves: “My heart told me to follow”

The reasons

“I’m just where I feel loved. My heart told me to follow.”

“At Camp Nou I felt I was wrong. I realised that the fans want me.”

“I love this club so much for all they’ve given to me.”

“I’ve doubted, but with the celebration I was sure that the fans want me..”

“Here I’ve lived lots of thing. If I leave the club I don’t want to face against them.”

“It’s something very huge for me to follow in this club and continue doing history.”

The negotiation

“Each one tries to defend its interests, in the end we’ve reached an agreement.”

Leo Messi

“Messi told me: ‘Dani, stay here, where you could be better than here?’.”

Luis Enrique

“I’m so happy for Luis Enrique’s renewal. He has brought us back the illusion.”

“I see myself much reflected in Luis Enrique.”

“Luis Enrique opted for me. I marked what he said to me at the beginning of the season. 'Stay here, we’ll enjoy this year’.”

Gerard Piqué and Kevin Roldán

“What Piqué said was a joke.”

“I only missed Kevin Roldán didn’t come to sing at our celebration.”

Aleix Vidal

“I love having new colleagues that can bring us new things and that come to compete. Aleix Vidal is a great player.”

i miss my therapist. she was the only person id actually enjoy talking to and seeing bc she accepted me for who i am but she left and no one is allowed to give me her contact info and i just really miss her a lot. and i dont want to start seeing someone else because it just takes a long time for me to  open up to people completely and i hate going through that process. i need to see her and tell her i miss her and ask her what i should do because i feel really lost.