dani n

Texts while you’re away#13


Beau: Babe, wake up  
Beau: wake up
Beau: babe, I wanna talk to you

Y/N : I’m awake, whatdo you need?

Beau: I miss you


Jai: When do you come back?

Y/n: In a few weeks

Jai: That’s to loooong! I need you!

Y/n: what do u mean ‘need me?’ 

Jai: I miss your touch and your voice! I need you to be here and be my princess again


Luke: Are you sure you can’t come home sooner?

Y/n : I told you I’m visiting family, babe
Y/N : What’s so important?

Luke: I need you to be here with me so I can grab your butt and call you mine ;)

Y/n : …I’ll see if I can leave early


Daniel: Babe
Daniel: Babe
Daniel: Babe
Daniel: Babe
Daniel: Baby
Daniel: Babygirl
Daniel: Y/N !

Y/n : I was in a meeting, Daniel
Y/n : What’s so important?

Daniel: I miss you <3


Y/n : I’m coming back sooner, I got an earlier flight

James: Good, I can’t spend another night without you by my side