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Live Blog For Game Of Thrones 7x05 "Eastwatch"

# Bronn, Jamie’s white Knight
# “You could have killed me” seriously Jamie, he just risked his own life to save yours
# Bronn not here for fighting against dragons, he’s out
# Tyrion really not suited for war or the aftermath though I suppose the other two battles he was involved in he passes out so his never seen the aftermath
# Just drogon doing some modeling
# Dany doing another version of the break the wheel speech, glad she’s staying true to her goals
# Drogon roaring “bend the knee to my mama bitches” and them all dropping instantly
# Tyrion arguing with Randyll about how Cersei murdered Margaery and killed their leige house
# Dany and Tyrion contemplating sending Randyll to the wall but him refusing, does he want to die or something seriously
# Dickon you idiot listen to Tyrion and your father
# I’m thinking Dany is very against imprisoning people due to her name “breaker of chains” she would seem like a hypocrite to her unsullied if she puts chains on men
# just change your bloody minds Tarly’s seriously
# she has the same resigned look on her face when she says Dracarys as when she was forced to behead the former slave :(
# Jamie saying Dothraki will beat any mercenary army Cersei hires, damn right
# “This isn’t a war we can win” Jamie being smart
# “If you were Olenna would you rather your granddaughter marry Joffrey or Tommen” damn good point Jamie, you really are smarter
# Cersei calling Jamie “the soldier” damn that’s cold
# How long has Jon been waiting on that cliff for his future wife lol
# Jon being dramatic AF wearing his cloak
# Drogon going who is this yummy snack
# Jon being conceal your fear don’t show it
# Dany hoping Drogon doesn’t eat her new crush
# Jon hoping Drogon doesn’t bite him
# omg I wanna pet a dragon
# Jon being amazed at Drogon, thinks his pretty cool
# Dany feeling so hot right now ;)
# Dany being such a proud mama, gushing out her babies
# Jon not agreeing causing Dany to give him a death stare causing Jon to backtrack and agree with her lol
# “They’re my children” aww Dany
# “Fewer” Stannis would be proud Dany
# “We both want to help people, we can only help people from a position of strength, sometimes strength is terrible” what a amazing speech Dany, making complete sense
# Was Jon about to tell her the truth?
# omg Jorah, Dany’s brave bear has returned to her
# The smile Dany has at seeing Jorah lights up her face in a way we haven’t seen for seasons
# Jorah and Jon eyeing each other off, get along guys I love you both
# Dany so happy at saying “you look strong”
# Jorah calling Dany “My Queen” aww my feelings
# Jorah asking to be accepted back into Dany’s service and Dany saying “It would be my honour” with the biggest smile
# Dany slowly and tenderly wrapping her arms around Jorah in the sweetest most vulnerable hug I’ve ever seen, they’re together again. All the feelings are killing me 😭😭
# I live for jealous Jon ;) his going what the hell, what about me!
# Bran being amazing by controlling a flock of ravens to spy on the night king
# The Archmaester the only Maester listening to Sam about Bran’s raven, still not quite believing but wanting the truth
# I am her hand not her head, good line Tyrion
# Jesus, Varys telling Tyrion how he watched as the mad king tortured people for fun
# “Daenerys is not her father” damn right Tyrion
# “did you read it?” “It’s a sealed scroll for the king of the north” “what’s it say?” lol Varys and Tyrion cracking me up
# Jon’s blank expression saying Bran and Arya are alive, Jesus Jon you are allowed to think about something other than the White Walkers otherwise what’s the point in living
# “I’m happy for you….you don’t look happy” Dany already reading Jon so well
# Jon knowing shit’s about to hit the fan
# Jon wanting Dany to join him North but Dany not willing to leave Westeros to Cersei
# Tyrion and another brilliant plan, Not!
# “bring the dead to her” lol that doesn’t sound so great Tyrion
# Jon definitely considering it
# Varys making a lot of sense, saying Cersei will try to murder them
# Tyrion counting on Jamie’s love for him to help them
# lol When Dany asks how he would get in to Kings Landing both Jon and Tyrion stare at Davos, smuggling time
# omg Jorah NO! You just got back, stop being so heroic and volunteering yourself
# Dany not wanting Jorah to leave her and risk his life but knowing she can’t convince him otherwise
# Jon looking between Jorah and Dany, not being able to work them out and feeling jealous lol
# Jon now volunteering himself as well, what is this a competition boys!
# Jon and Dany only staring at each other
# now Jorah looking between Jon and Dany
# Dany trying to be queenly to protect both her northern boys from a suicide mission but failing
# “I put my trust in you” “for all my people…our people” “I’m asking you to put your trust in a stranger because it’s our best chance” wow Jon just wow
# your an idiot lord Glover, how can you possibly win with fewer than 10,000 men and only two weapons Longclaw and Oathkeeper to kill the white walkers with. Bloody dumbass!
# Arya all “hell no bitches, you don’t ever go against my brother!”
# Shut your trap Lord Royce, why are you even still here. Your not a northerner.
# I swear these northerners need someone to babysit and hold their hands constantly
# Sansa standing up for Jon like a good sister should
# “you always liked nice things, made yiunfeel better than everyone” girls your sisters try to get along
# Arya not happy about the lords insulting Jon, Sansa trying to keep the peace
# Arya being the biggest Jon supporter and wanting to cut the heads off people who insult him
# Okay Arya and Sansa need to sit down together and talk about everything they’ve been though to understand each other better because this is just ridiculous
# “last time I was here I killed my father with a crossbow” “last time I was here you killed my son with wildfire” damn Tyrion you sure do like your Kings Landing Kills
# Bronn leading Jamie down in the dungeons and Insulting him while he does it lol
# Come one, I wanna actually see Tyrion and Bronn talk!
# Jamie looking betrayed by Bronn
# Tyrion trying to break the ice by complimenting Jamie and failing
# “I told Bronn if I ever saw you again I’d cut you in half” “it’ll take awhile with a sparring sword” omg Tyrion cracking a joke when your brother threatens to kill you
# “he hated me because of what I am” omg Jamie on the verge of tears and so am I
# Tyrion telling Jamie that Dany is not her father
# omg Gendry, you finally stopped rowing. Where did all that beautiful hair go though?
# “Thought you still might be rowing” omg the writers taking advantage of all the memes, bloody brilliant
# Gendry instantly hoping on fighting what’s coming train, without barely any explanations so eagerly lol
# Gendry feeling like he has a higher purpose in life
# Gendry and his hammer ;)
# Davos being horrified prices have gone up since his last been to Kings Landing lol
# “fermented crab…” Like Viagra apparently lol
# lol Davos to tell them to hurry to a brothel otherwise they’ll put a hole in their chainmail. Wow his hilarious this episode
# The Gold Cloaks recognizing Tyrion with his scar, bloody hell after all of Davos hard work
# Gendry eagerly smashing the gold cloaks faces in with his hammer, damn he really enjoyed that
# Cersei’s blank face and utter silence when Jamie tells her he met with Tyrion
# Jamie not impressed when Cersei suggests punishing Bronn. Bronn is off limits Cersei!
# Cersei being delusional in thinking she can manipulate Dany
# Cersei sucking Jamie back in her web by announcing she’s pregnant
# Jamie being happy until Cersei threatens him “never betray me again” and his face drops
# Davos telling Gendry to pretend his someone else, Gendry agrees then blurts out to Jon his Robert’s bastard lol
# “your a lot leaner” “your a lot shorter” lol Ned and Robert would be proud, Jon’s face though when he gets called shirt lol
# Gendry eagerly volunteering himself for the suicide mission, all these brave dumbnesses
# “you may not believe it but I’ve missed you Mormont…nobody glowers quite like you” lol
# “our queen needs you” aww love the Tyrion and Jorah friendship and how much Tyrion understands how much Jorah and Dany need each other
# aww the way Dany and Jorah look at each other with such sad eyes :(
# “we should be better at saying farewell by now” I don’t want anymore farewell guys just stay together
# Jorah not knowing what to say so Dany just holding his hands 😭😭
# Jorah looking at Jon approaching before kissing Dany’s hands so sweetly
# Dany watching Jorah leave once again :(
# “At least you won’t have to deal with the king in the north anymore” “I’ve gotten used to him” aww you two lovebirds
# Their looks kill me
# Dany watching her northern boys leave her 😭😭😭
# Gilly so excited about what she’s reading
# Gilly inadvertently saying Rhaegar married Lyanna lol
# Poor Elia though, she deserved better. He could of at least let her return to Dorne before that so her family could of protected her and their children
# Sam frustrated, him just wanting to help against the fight against the white walkers, so off he goes to steal books to help with the war and ditching the citadel, you go Sam!
# Arya spying on Littlefinger but Littlefinger being on to her, she ain’t fooling him
# Littlefinger planting S1 Sansa’s letter for Arya to find even though Catelyn, Robb and Luwin saw right through the letter and knew they were Cersei’s words not Sansa’s, Arya not seeing the same, bloody hell Arya your smarter than this don’t let him fool you
# lol Tormund cracks me up
# Tormund wanting Brienne and Jon knowing what’s up lol
# oohh lot’s of tensions, Jon recognizes The Hound, Gendry recognizes Beric and Thoros, Jorah recongnizes Thoros but in a good way, Tormund knowing Jorah is Jeor Mormont’s son the former lord commander lol loving the tensions
# “we’re all on the same side…we’re all breathing” damn Jon has had some good lines this episode
# my adorable band of misfits going on a suicidal adventure together, I am living for this