dani makes a thing

i just realized while trying to actually start drawing the gem au designs again
i never thought of any gems for dani
i dont want them to be the exact same as dannys u kno thatd be kinda boring and confusing
but im gonna have them both be permafusions like garnet

im thinkin maybe shed be 2 pearls
human - matte sapphire pearl
ghost - forest green pearl
and the fusion would be a black opal

i already had plans of making the sam/tucker/danny fusion a black opal but im changing it to fluorite

Mommy’s girl

The tension hadn’t really let up between Santana and Dani mainly because Santana had been moping around just letting Dani pick up all the extra work. So to make things easier she caved and called her mother to ask her to come up for a bit to help out so Dani could get back to focusing on school. Of course the woman didn’t hesitate and was on the next plane out wanting to visit her daughter anyways.

“Mami!” Santana shouted as she sat on the edge of her bed looking for her crutches but couldn’t see them. “Yes mija?” Maribel answered and made her way to Santana’s side, handing her the crutches from the foot of the bed. “Is Dani home from work yet?” Santana asked as she stood up. Most of her days had been spent sleeping or reading and she was really starting to miss her girlfriend now that she was working more shifts to make up for her being off. “She should be home soon, but I’m not sure of she has another shift later.” Santana nodded at her mother’s answer and made her way to the bathroom. 

anonymous asked:

dani this is making me think that things will get really ugly but at this I don't know if there's much they can do :/

things are already ugly. I don’t know man. I don’t really have much to say. It’s a waiting game.

fiistfull asked:

What are some of Dani's greatest accomplishments, or moments she's proud of? Inversely, what are some moments, or one moment in particular, she wish she could erase?


her greatest accomplishment would probably be merely getting out from under her mother’s thumb and becoming her own person, even if that said person still isn’t that successful.  at a young age, dani was constantly taking care of her and making sure that things that needed to get done got done, which forced her to grow up pretty quickly and changed her as a person completely. finally standing up for herself and moving away from home, even if it was to become just a bartender, was an accomplishment in itself for her.

there are so many things in dani’s life she’s not particularly proud of; she’s used and betrayed people that care about her, she’s given terrible advice, broken the law countless times, etc. if she could undo one thing in particular, though, it would probably be cheating on her long term, off-and-on boyfriend, timothy. he was her first serious relationship, and if it hadn’t been for her drunken ‘slip-up’, the two might have ended up being an actually functional, normal couple, instead of just two people who hook up from time to time and try their best to make the other incredibly jealous.

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Yess I totally agree with that Anon show me a pic of dani without her fake eye contact , with less make up and no photoshop pic what the hell how she more attractive than anto she constantly photoshop pic on and wears ridiculously amount of make up obv the plastic surgery sorry just cos she doesn’t show off her body all time and do all thing dani does with her pic yeah it makes less attractive haha no the way anto is makes her 100% more attractive without even trying !!!

You know what’s sad tho? (Well idk if sad it’s the correct word but anyway) I think Daniella would look prettier if she dropped the tons of makeup she constantly wears but whatever, she is attractive to some so I’d say let’s respect that because at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Man y'all keep forgetting Daniella’s 40. Imagine how she looked at Anto’s age! Probably like her daughter Maria who’s stunning tbh

Yup! It’s just not a fair comparison :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

the fall is not worse than what leo did to boateng and not even shameful and i’ll tell you why because if you compare these two: people on social network are not mention about that fall and it’s like it never existed on the match yesterday and on the barca bayern match that boateng fall stole the attention of whole match of barca against bayern even thousands of people on social even made fun of boateng

Yeah, that’s true! Not only the stage is completely different but Messi’s fall was pretty much ignored everywhere else :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Don’t the Roccuzzos live near the Messis too? I wonder why they’re so seemingly distant compared to the Vallejos or Parisis lol

Ummm no, I’m pretty sure they live in different areas from Rosario :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

i watched the match against at madrid and why did leo play as a defender most of the match messi is not a defender he is a forward

Well, you saw Atleti’s pressure so maybe that’s why Leo had to defend a lot more during the game, especially considering that out of the three forwards we have he’s the only competent at doing that. I’m just guessing tho :P

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

I understand what you mean, but there are a lot people who think Leo and Cesc are BFFs too (mostly not on tumblr) which I find incorrect too. Personally though, I don’t think they’re as close as you think though I don’t deny they’re friends

Oh well, that’s incorrect for sure but I have nothing to do with that :P And I don’t think they’re close at all, just that they’re good friends, maybe we just have different definitions for that lol

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Lol why do Daniella and Antonela always write when they’re going to see each other (like in a few days or weeks)? It’s weird. Also Cesc left a comment on the picture too. He seems close to Anto tbh

Idk, I guess they’re just very effussive lol

What did Cesc say btw??? :)

marijacela (xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com) submitted to fyleonella:

como se miran….. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBNL4_QAGRb/?taken-by=thiagomessi_fans

El amor, el amor!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Una pregunta como puedo buscar los comentarios. Que las wags y las amigas de anto p personas comentan sus publicaciones ❤️! Gracias

En instagram?? Pues me parece que hay una opcion para leer todos los comentarios pero hay que ir buscando uno por uno para verlos(????). Los que tengo en el blog estan en esta tag pero tambien hay que buscarlos porque ahi estan tanto las fotos que suben como los posts de comentarios :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Messi has already said it himself that he likes Suarez’s family that him and messi are friends so are their partners but I don’t remember him saying about cesc’s family has he ? And I know cesc has say about his family and messi are close and something about thiago and lia while he was playing for barca do you know exactly what he say coz I can’t remember ?

I think he hasn’t said that about any other teammate so nope. And idk if this is the thing you’re talking about??? :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Why does Andres Iniesta doesn’t follow half of Barca squad on Ig ?

Idk, because he doesn’t want to???


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