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I’m thinking about Danielle in the DC verse with her three adoptive parents again.

Richard is the one who meets her first. He’s at the French Consulate for a story and witnesses a fourteen-year-old girl jump between the arguing French and Egyptian ambassadors on the front steps, and she goes back and forth from French to Arabic without a problem. Richard goes up to her afterwards and asks how she learned it, and she explains that she’s been travelling for the past two years and just got back to America. They talk for a while and Richard realizes that holy crap, this fourteen year-old language savant is a homeless orphan. He asks her to come to the Daily Planet with him and she, having never gotten the “stranger danger” lesson, agrees. She introduces herself as Elle.

Lois meets her next, there at the Daily Planet. She comes back from picking Jason up at school and, thinking Richard or Clark hired a babysitter, hands him right off to her. She goes to talk to Perry about something and soon after, Richard comes in (let’s pretend her was at the vending machine getting Elle something to eat because she’s thin as a rail) asking why she just passed Jason over to Elle. They both go out into the bullpen to see Elle and Jason getting along amazingly, and they share one of those couple looks where they know they have to adopt this girl after they talk to Clark.

Clark meets Elle later that afternoon and assumes, like Lois, that she’s a sitter for Jason. After all, they’re playing together and working on a coloring book. He talks to Lois and Richard and understands the situation, and Elle winds up spending the night at their house. He catches her trying to sneak out at five in the morning because she doesn’t want to inconvenience them, but he convinces her to stay for a week before she passes judgement.

The adoption process is downright painful because Elle isn’t in the system, no last name, hasn’t been reported missing, doesn’t have a social security number- nothing. (It’s also at this point that the three parents have to save Elle from herself and stop her from mentioning her travels and status as a polyglot, lest she be deported).

On Neil Gaiman, and Heroes.

I think I realised something, a reason for why I love about Neil Gaiman’s work so much that I never realised before. Many of his main characters are very…wallflower. At least, they have been in most of the stories I have read. They aren’t celebrated. They aren’t suave or extra clever or grand in any way. They just are. Richard is a man with an okay job and an iffy girlfriend. Shadow is a down on his luck ex-con. The Narrator in Ocean is a man questioning life in his late 40′s, in a not too different way from how one questions in their 20′s. Barbie too, is just a girl. They all lead wallflower existences, unnoticed by those not looking, easily passed over by the random on the street. 

And then these wallflower heroes of his go on to see fantastic things, have reality warping adventures. Adventures on scales so abstract and so vast, and so, so beautiful. And then they come back. Then they come back to a normal life, or at least, a life normal enough. No one knows of what they’ve done. They aren’t congratulated or patted on the back. They come back and live more of their wallflower lives.

And I think the reason I really love this trope of his is because, as time goes by, I too feel more and more wallflower. As children, we dream big. I was going to be the next Tesla, re-invent electricity based technology for the world. Right now, I’d be happy to get a job out of uni that pays okay. Life lowers our expectations and makes wallflowers out of most of us, meant to go just watch the world swing madly on. We contribute to it, but in small ways, ways that seem insignificant. And when we pick up a book, we hide ourselves in awe behind heroes like Vin and Daenerys who can decimate armies and change the course of history in minutes. Which is fine - it’s a lovely escape. But sometimes, we need something a bit less from our heroes. Sometimes, we just need someone to see ourselves in, to stand by, to walk with, to fight with, and in the end, come back with to our everyday lives, with a world none the wiser, and feeling no more changed. Sometimes, we need Shadow, and we need Barbie, and we need Richard. And we need Gaiman.


// HERE COME THE VULTURES // A Mackayla Lane & Dani O'Malley inspired mix.

// DANI SIDE // i. dear sister - the pretty reckless ii. one woman army - porcelain black iii. hate it when you see me cry - halestorm iv. ghost - halsey v. broken pieces - apocalyptica 

// MAC SIDE // i. fashionista - namie amuro ii. scream - boa iii. i am the fire - halestorm iv. red blooded woman - kylie minogue v. here come the vultures - delain