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In love with all the Jonerys fics in our tags... a couple of things...

1. If you’ve written a fic or a drabble and just posted here on Tumblr or on fanfiction.net, please consider posting it on AO3 as well! 

We have less than 700 fics over there, and some of them don’t even have Jon and Dany as their primary pairing. Worse, some are actually anti fics that are really about another Jon or Dany ship, with Jonerys getting in the way of the fic writer’s intended endgame. Although Jon is the most common male character in Thrones and ASOIAF fic, we just don’t have enough Daenerys stories yet. Hoping that will change now that Jonerys is canon!

2. I plan to participate in Jonerys Appreciation Week, and I hope everyone out there will do the same! I write on AO3 as DrHolland, and I’ll be posting fics over there as well as here on my Tumblr.

It would be wonderful to see some of the appreciation week fics over on AO3 as well. Someone could create an AO3 Collection where we could easily find all the stories (hint, hint). The Tumblr tag is moving so fast these days that things are getting lost.

3. If you’re thinking about writing a Jonerys fanfiction, what are you waiting for? We’d love to read it! I love all the posts in the tag I’m seeing where people are saying “it’s been 84 years” since they wrote fic. This is a very open, accepting, and generous fandom. Trust me, the majority of us will welcome your fic. There just aren’t enough, so yes, we want to read yours!

I love our ship, and would love to see 1000 Jonerys stories by the end of the year! I know we can do this, guys. And thanks for writing such beautiful stories about our King and Queen!

‘Your mother was a kind and brave woman. A ruler who would sacrifice herself for the sake of protecting her people…and she loved you very, very much.’

Jonerys Week day 03: Dragon Queen & White Wolf or Angst or Smut

Requested by @xnotadamselindistress (thank you for the request!) and a continuation of this post

sexuality crisisesisesis

i love boys.

i love boys that are masculine. i love boys that aren’t. i love boys that fit the mold and those that dont. i love boys with soft voices that wear flowers in their hair, i love boys that watch fantasy football. i love boys who can put their pretty thoughts into coherent words, and boys who find their own unique way of doing so without verbalizing. i love boys, even when they arent so soft around people, because there are nights when i get to see slivers of their vulnerability– and they somehow trust me enough to do so. i love boys, i love boys, i love boys

but then

i love girls, too

i love girls just as much as i love boys. i love girls that are feminine. i love girls that arent. i love girls who embrace the stereotypes and at the same time fight the negative stigmas attached to them. i love girls who love makeup and girls who dont care for it. i love girls, because they are easy to understand and understand me. i love girls because they pet my head and tell me im doing okay without any fear of what anyone else will say. i love girls, i love girls, i love girls

and here comes the crisis part

i dont know why i do, and if it’s okay

im very accepting when it comes to sexuality!! but like… im… im never sure just what i am exactly…. i never know if it’s okay for sure, i always feel like im doing something wrong whenever i express interest in anyone. not to mention the very biphobic side of tumblr that i accidentally stumbled upon. it shook me to the core.

i really dont know what to do with myself at this point haha

am i bi? pansexual? am i just confused?? do i need a label?? because everyone’s asking and it makes me feel bad when i just cant give them a coherent answer

idk what to do

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”


i am forever changing

nothing stays constant

my eyes will be bright and full of hope

and darken and dull before one could even catch it

my fingers will gently caress

the tresses of my hair

then suddenly try to rip them out

in pure agony

there are days when

i am okay in my skin

and others when

i feel like hacking away

at the unappealing parts

my mind will be a clear blue sky

then it will rain ice 

and erupt into flames

one moment i will tell you

to chase after your youth

and the other moment, i will tell you

that isolation is the best way

my tears will fall often

then they will stop

like a light switch

my heart is the lone, mundane daisy

that blooms amongst a meadow of roses

i am forever changing

i no longer know who i am

i dont get why people dislike criticism of their fave characters…. i love it i live for it please critique the shit out of the characters i love‼️‼️

  • PARKER: So I was thinking, I really need an epic side piece and I know this amazing tattoo artist who lets me take pictures of her art.
  • PARKER: In other words, when can I come in and make an appointment?
  • DANI: I totally thought you were asking me to date you behind your boyfriend/girlfriend's back for a minute there when you said side piece.
  • DANI: You can come in to make an appointment any time your heart desires, little darlin'.

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Jon and Dany will marry and probably will have a child. It was set up but it'll be loveless marriage that helps secure peace in the Westeros and prepare for invasion of white walkers. Essentially, that is what show even showed to us. Jon is not going to marry Sansa or Arya. It will be Dany but the thing is it might be purely political. They will like each other but not love in a way they did Drogo or Ygritte. You'll disagree but that's how I see it.

Explain me this then

“a blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice filling the air with sweetness. Mother of dragons…bride of fire”