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Some quick quirks for people

OK so thinking about some quirks for people while I’m on break

Quirk: clairvoyance
She can see possible future events after analyzing situations. Her accuracy rate is extraordinarily high and includes all the little things she picks up on including small details. Her abilities are highly sought after by disaster prevention agencies.

Quirk: psych up
Her words have the ability to calm people and raise morale. If she focuses her energy she can also heighten people’s quirk limits and strengthen others abilities, but has to touch the person she wants to enhance with her words. She can only enhance 2 people at a time before she gets dizzy.

Quirk: enhanced sight
He can see all different wavelengths of light, infared, uv, x-ray.  (Edit:  he can probably also use laser vision like cyclops <3 )

Quirk: ice body
She’s naturally cold and can use the moisture in the air to create ice. Very useful in a hot climate. She’s always bundled up in at least two layers of clothing.

Quirk: inkling
She can manipulate ink to her whims. Pen ink is the most useful but she can also use printer or tattoo ink if she wants to. Tattoos can be used as a summons for different creatures and objects on the fly.

Quirk: stardust
Can create small nebulas in the palm of her hand. Good for showing off or distracting others. They can be super hot if she’s not careful and they are always different.

Quirk: synthesia
They can use sounds to create detailed pictures and use it to ‘see’ the true nature’s of people and objects. Its also useful for seeing in the dark.

I might make more when I’m home….

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