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jon & daenerys week ★ free choice = book foreshadowing
mother of dragons, bride of fire … and who would ever dare to love a dragon?


Jon’s bond with Ghost and Daenerys’ bond with Drogon + parallels
(requested by @maesterleia)

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Hello! I'm so glad you're writing Jonerys fic. My request is a scenario where Dany is jealous because she hears Jon speaking admiringly/fondly about Lyanna Mormont to Jorah... sort of a companion piece to your jealous Jon fic haha


“She is not a force to be reckoned with,” Jon smiled proudly before re-reading the raven that had come for him.

“I’m sure Lady Mormont would be proud to hear,” Davos said, accepting the letter back from his king.

“Please tell her,” Jon answered, glad that Davos was more than efficient in reading and writing now.

“Will do, my king,” Davos clenched the note in his maimed hand before turning to leave. Only barely managing to avoid Jorah as the newcomer stepped into the hall for dinner.

Jon was surprised when Jorah decided to sit with him but he said nothing to display the thought. They hadn’t exchanged many words but Jon found the man to be little like his lord father. The king of the North was disappointed by this small fact. He had thought he would have more in common with the man but it seemed the only thing between them was the dragon queen.

Until now.

“Did I hear you right when you said Lady Mormont?”

- - -

Laughter filled the hall as Daenerys entered, deciding to eat dinner among her people rather than in her sitting room. She thought it would be good for morale after the loss of the Reach. Maybe also for her spirits as well, she was still bitter about the loss of another ally. The coin of Highgarden was supposed to pay for her armies’ every need.

Her eyes quickly found a different mood in the hall. While her mind raged and fumed, she found nothing but smiles and good humor all around. It was a shock to her system. It seemed their morale didn’t need any boosting from the jolly and glee that was already spread across the room. Dothraki and northern men were mixed in a competition of arm wrestling while others placed wagers on the side. It seemed northern men could be loud as Dothraki when excited.

“An arm of ice this man has!” The Dothraki glared at the northern man with the ‘arm of ice’ while his fellow mates clapped him on the back and money was quickly exchanged from hand to hand.

“And we shall shatter that arm!” laughed a particular tall Dothraki as more wine was poured all around.

She rolled her eyes as she passed. Gambling held little of her interest. It was the table filled with Jon, Jorah, Tyrion, and Davos that caught her eye. She neared, wondering what the group of them had in common when she heard them.

“She’d be disappointed to hear this but she is becoming a bit of a beauty.”

Daenerys froze at the words. There was no mistaking that voice. It was Jon Snow, the king of the North and her personal ‘guest’. She hated how her stomach churned at his words. She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her own hall when only moments ago, she had been ready to join them.

“A pretty lass for sure.”

Of course, women were what they all had in common… She didn’t want to hear this but also hated as something in her was intrigued. Who were they speaking of? Her feet became melded to the stone floors as she waited and listened.

Was it selfish of her to hope it was her? No, that was ridiculous. Jon Snow was nothing but a nuisance to her at this point. She didn’t need to be hopeful for a few scraps of compliments from him. Men would happily fall over themselves for a chance in her bed. What did she need of some curly haired northerner?

“Aye, and fearsome as well.”

Yet something in her still secretly hoped.

“Wish I could have known her,” Jorah smiled, maybe even beaming with some pride that his cousin could strike fear in such men as Jon and Davos.

With those words, Daenerys knew it wasn’t about her and some anger welled up in her for Jorah to want for another woman when he had always been so steadfast. Though, it felt like redirected anger since she had never been jealous of Jorah. No, he could do as he wished but Jon…

She should have known better. No matter how uncomfortable Jon Snow seemed around the opposite sex, he was still a man. A man that had somehow broken his vows from the Night’s Watch. Probably for some pretty lady from the north.

She huffed in annoyance of it all.

“Your grace!”

Jon looked up at her and Daenerys was crossed to see he didn’t even look ashamed of his philandering talk. She could maybe hold some respect for him if he were to at least blush at being caught!

Instead, he brazenly looked up at her in the most innocent fashion. Damn, his puppy eyes! Now she could see how misleading they were.

Daenerys felt her blood simmer as she looked away from him, deciding she was definitely angry with him. It didn’t matter that he looked wounded by her response to him. Good. Let him be hurt.

She was going to need this anger now to sit through this dinner without giving away too much. Though, she secretly entertained the idea of supper by her private fire now. It seemed morale was at an all time high without her and found it hard to reason why she should stay.

“Please take my seat, my queen,” Jorah jumped up for her and her stomach churned at his place on the bench. The seat exactly to the right of Jon. No, this wasn’t what she wanted but she could see with all their expecting eyes on her, it was getting out of her control. “I will fix you a plate myself.”

Unable to forget her manners, Daenerys smiled at her once again trusted sword before he went about his task. Though, she was still forming a plan of retreat as he secured her a plate of her favorites.

“Please, your grace,” Tyrion finally broke in, his forever analyzing eyes inspecting her and her unease. He must have found his answers because he abruptly smiled at her, almost too kind in its shape. “We were only just talking about Jorah’s cousin.” He then purposefully turned to Jon. “Eleven did you say she was?”

“Just barely,” Jon answered softly, his eyes not leaving Daenerys’ direction.

“Eleven?” Daenerys’ asked in surprise and the tension in her body released like slipping into a hot bath. While she was willing to assume the worst before, she could never think of Jon as a pedophile. There was no way a girl barely past ten would be an object of his affection. 

Not with the way he now looked at her…

Suddenly the seat open at his side looked pleasantly inviting and she gracefully slipped into it without a word of protest. “Tell me more of this girl.”

“She had Jon quivering in his boots for the sake of 62 men,” Davos chortled into his drink before Daenerys smirked at Jon to happily seeing him now blushing as a teased maid under her eyes.

That’s better.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

PLEASE leave a comment and some hearts! and here’s part three! i hope you guy continue to enjoy this! i know i’m loving writing it all! i come on to see all the great gifs and discussions for jonerys and it so easily inspires me to keep writing! the prompts have been ABSOLUTELY amazing so far. honestly the best gas for this jonerys fire!!! haha

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ALSO,  i would like to offer up my keyboard and writing utensils to the cause of JONERYS! i’d love to do some more writing for this beautiful ship! please send me prompts/ideas if you have any! this ship needs more FANFICS! i’m both book and show FRIENDLY! seeing as how i’m caught up on both. lol

i’d also love to just CHAT about these two. im absolutely OBSESSED with them right now! i keep checking the tags constantly! haha. my one big got friend is a j***a shipper, which I don’t mind but jonerys has my heart right now. haha

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she stole the key and turned the ghost shield on around danny’s room after locking him in there

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fun AUs for your polyships bc lord knows we need more of these:

  • two couples who go on so many double dates that everyone just ends up dating each other AU
  • “oh man, you should meet my other boyfriend, you’d love him."  "okay, but only if I get to introduce my other boyfriend too."  (it’s the same guy and shenanigans ensue) AU
  • cute couple who keeps going to the same flower shop to buy flowers for each other but also bc they both have a massive crush on the person behind the counter AU
  • we all live on the same floor of this building and you needed help moving your new couch up the stairs so we gave you a hand and damn, this is a nice couch, don’t mind us if we never actually leave your apartment again AU
  • they’re all in the same class that they hate and they’ve started a group chat so they can complain about it constantly AU
  • we all order the same drink every day but like five minutes apart and the barista thinks it’s hilarious AU
  • some late-night radio hosts and the person who keeps calling in to chat and then request the most obscure song they can come up with AU
  • alternately: late-night radio host and the people with wildly different music tastes who keep calling in to request songs that will piss each other off AU
  • understudies for the lead characters of some musical who just dick around backstage constantly AU
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