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A thing you probably don’t know about me is that sometimes I get in this mood where I don’t want to do anything but spend every spare moment binge-watching House, M.D. for several days at a time. I was on ep 2.15, “Clueless,” AKA that one where Wilson crashes at House’s place for a while, when inspiration struck and this Sterek drabble happened. Or… It’s almost 2k words, so maybe it’s a bit more than a drabble, BUT it’s still a drabble in spirit. (Rated T.)

It’s almost midnight when Derek finally shoulders on his coat, locks his office door, and steps out, only to spot Stiles crouched in front of the vending machine at the end of the hall, whacking the glass with the heel of his palm and muttering darkly.

Derek can’t just ignore him; he never can. (It’s a bit of a problem, and everyone in the hospital seems to know it, except for Stiles.) Before he knows it, he’s changed tracks and walked right over. “What are you still doing here?”

Stiles sits back on his heels to look up at him. “Bob ate my dollar and I’m feeling petty so I’m trying to get it back.”

“Bob?” Derek asks, a split second before he remembers that Stiles named the vending machine. It’s just this kind of thing that makes Derek feel guilty for sometimes looking at Stiles’ mouth a little too long, or pausing to let his eyes follow Stiles’ progress down the hall. Stiles isn’t a kid or anything, but he’s still only 26 to Derek’s 32, and he’s still got a year of residency to go. A lot of times, like when he’s jamming out to his iPod while he looks over lab work or doing stupid stuff like naming the vending machines, he seems to Derek more like a college kid than a grown man with a medical license and a house and a girlfriend.

Stiles goes back to hitting the vending machine, and Derek remembers why he originally came over here. “Didn’t your shift end at 7?”

Stiles smirks up at him, and Derek tries very, very hard not to imagine him making that same face in certain… other contexts. “What, you got my schedule memorized now, Dr. Hale? I’m flattered.”

It would make Derek’s life a lot easier if so much of what Stiles said didn’t come out sounding so flirtatious. Derek crosses his arms over his chest. “You’re deflecting.”

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#186 - For anonymous & Mel

Filling the prompts “fic about van dating a photographer? it would be cool if the photographer was on tour with Catfish for a magazine article assignment.” and “being Bob’s friend and going out for a night shoot with him where Van tags along by accident” from @kookygranger

Day 1

You got the job because of Bob. He was your only connection to the music industry, but because you’d known him since you were seven, you didn’t feel too bad in exploiting that connection. In reality, he was the one that invited you out on tour. It had been a while since someone properly documented their antics, and he respected you as a photographer. He also was notoriously private. You knew when to not take the shot and you had a sixth sense for when something wonderful was about to go down. So, on a cold morning you boarded the same plane as the guys and sat in your seat between Bob and Van.

“I really don’t mind if you want the window seat,” Van said for the third time.

“Said I’m fine. I’m smaller anyway, so this makes sense,” you replied with a shrug. He nodded, then turned his attention to pulling Larry’s hair between the seats in front of him.

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» Star-crossed: frustrated by the stars

Genre: soulmate!au + reincarnation!au + good (?) ol’ angst; that’s it.

Word count: 3,681

Summary: People always reincarnate with the age they first met their soulmate with, so they can age together. Once every 100 years, a pair of soulmates is cursed. In each reincarnation, with the help of clues left for them, but without any form of communication, one must find the other before they die. Otherwise, they lose the ability to reincarnate forever. Yoongi writes diaries hoping that, when he’s ready to show them, Jeongguk isn’t already gone. Not again.

Warnings: mentions of death


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post-and-out  asked:

Steve/Tony - 18

Thanks to @musicalluna, @lightshadowverisimilitude and everyone else who sent me information on canvass and art supplies in the 1940s. If I got any of the details wrong, it’s entirely my fault.


fuck. off.


Steve was just coming back from his post-workout shower when he saw the painting. 

It was in the Mansion living room, propped against the fireplace. There was an open crate and thick brown packing paper next to it, so it had clearly just arrived. He almost didn’t look at it - Pepper enjoyed expanding Tony’s art collection and it was hardly the first time some nearly-priceless work of art arrived unannounced. Although Pepper rarely left them lying around unprotected, not with Wolverine and Spider-Man living here.

He glanced over, just a quick look because Pepper had a phenomenal eye for these sort of things, and his heart froze in his chest.

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Imagine #27 working at barcelona FC (part 2)

PS: here you have part 2, I hope you guys like it. Im planinng to write more parts of this imagine. Please tell me if you like it and if you want more :)

It was time to get up and go to work. The Barca players had another training this morning, which meant you had to be there to make sure everyone, is okay.

Since it was your second day of work you were still nervous about it and it was still hard being relaxed, and all those boys surrounded you. You liked them, but you were always too shy to talk with them.

After an entire day you were still thinking about Neymar, he was a fit guy and he looked really nice, but when he got you closer to him, your heart beat hard and that confused you. You thought it was probably just the fact that he kind of scared you, nothing else.

As you finally came to the stadium you greeted everyone from the staff waiting for the boys to come, but they looked at you confused.

“Why did you come today?” One of them said confused seeing you.

“Was… was I fired?” You said as you started panicking, but making everyone laugh.

“No! The boys are making a photo-shoot for the calendar, so you didn’t have to come. They probably forgot to tell you.”

You were confused and a little bit mad, because you came and got up early for nothing. You told them that you would leave if they don’t need you today and so you did.

You turned around but bumped in to Dani “(y/n) hey! Where are you going?”

“Um, I… I’m leaving; I didn’t know you guys were having a photo shooting.”

“Well you can stay and watch us being models for the day,” he said laughing which made you smile and so you agreed. As he went to ask something to a stuff member, you looked around and noticed the boys getting their suits.

You were kind of excited to see them being all fancy since you saw them just in their jerseys or sweatpants. As you were waiting for everyone to come out in front of their locker room, Neymar walked out in a white shirt. He looked stunning; you couldn’t help but stare.

“Oh (y/n)! Maybe you can help me.” He looked at you with a smile and showed you his tie; obviously, he wanted you to help him get his tie on. You were thankful to your father who showed you how to put a tie on a million times, so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself in front of Neymar.

“Sure.” You took his tie and started putting it around his neck. You were so close to him and this made your heart beat faster again. You tried to look calm and not embarrassed at all, but you could feel your cheeks getting red.


“Great, thank you (y/n), you’re the best!” He smiled and once again stroke your hair making them messy and walked back inside. Just hearing those, words from him made you smile.

“Why am I so happy about it? Why did I even stayed here? Did I do it just to see him? OMG no. (y/n) stop this, NOW. You are working for him; you can’t get your feelings in between. You came to work; they have a photo shoot and so you stayed just to see how this works. That’s it.”

After convincing yourself, that you were here just for the job, you heard the boys coming out. They all looked good; the suits were perfect on them.

“So, (y/n), what do you think?” Pique asked smiling and showing himself, turning around

“It’s perfect,” You said smiling at his stupid modeling impression.

 “I know right? There is a reason why Shakira choose me” He winked and walked on the pitch where the seats were already set up for them.

Then Neymar was coming with Messi and Suarez, they were laughing about something, and you noticed Neymar saw you staring so you moved your head away.

“Glad you like it.” He said whispering in your ear while walking pass you not even stopping. Your eyes opened wide as you felt his breath on your neck unexpectedly.

He walked away as if nothing happened and continued talking with Leo and Suarez. They were all there and the photo shoot started. They were looking so good; you walked closer and sat on the bench close to them to see them better.

When they finished they had to get in their jersey and get a photo of them in it. After that, it was over; the entire photo shoot took almost one hour so you took your purse and got up from the bench to go back home.

“Hey (y/n)!” You heard Ivan running to you.


“My ankle hurts, do you mind checking it. It started hurting last night.”

Of course, you agreed, it was your job to make sure the boys were healthy. You walked with him in the locker room and he laid on the bed for this kind of things. You looked at it and it wasn’t swollen or anything.

“I think you might just stepped badly, but it should get better, just be sure not to exaggerate on training tomorrow.”

“Sure, thank you.” He smiled as suddenly all of the boys entered inside the room.

“What were you two doing here alone huh?” Dani said laughing and teasing Ivan. You searched for Neymar not even thinking about it, to see his reaction. You were scared he might really think something happened between you and Ivan, you didn’t know why would he even care, but you didn’t want him to think that.

You noticed him and he was laughing like everyone else, you were a little bit disappointed, you hoped he would react differently. However, he obviously didn’t care so you decided to leave, since they started undressing.

“Why was I hoping he would get jealous? What is wrong with me, he doesn’t even know me. I’m so stupid; I need to stop overthinking everything.” You thought to yourself as you left the stadium.

When you came home, you made yourself some healthy lunch and then went to watch TV. Since you just came to Barcelona, you were living in a house full of boxes that were waiting for you to unpack them and get your house done. However, you just didn’t get motivated to do it, so you rather looked for a good movie.

“The boys are having an important game this Sunday, as the manager Luis Enrique said, the boys are already getting ready and they are not scared of the opposite team, they won the last few games and they plan to win this one also.”

“We are excited about the game on Saturday. We work hard and we want to win the title so yeah, we will fight for it.” Neymar said as they showed a clip of him on the news from when they stopped him walking out of the stadium.

You closed the TV and started to unpack your staff “Why does he have to be everywhere? Even when I’m in my own home, he has to pop out somehow to make me all confused and nervous. What is wrong with me?”

*Next day*

When you came to the Barca training, they gave you a sweatshirt of the stuff and you were happy and also proud, since it felt nice to be a part of the team and have your own shirt.

The boys finally walked on the pitch as you were talking with their coach and told him that yesterday Ivan told you his ankle hurts a little and that he should not exaggerate today. Therefore, he agreed and told you that you are already doing a good job, which made you happy.

“Oh getting all serious now (y/n), with the Barca shirt and all” Dani teased you as Neymar was next to him smiling at you.

“She is part of our team now, right?” You heard Marc behind you; he putted his hand around your arms and looked at you with a smile. You looked back at him surprised, his eyes were so beautiful you couldn’t help but stare straight in to them, he was much taller than you and you liked it.

“Y… yeah.” You said still looking at him, until Rafinha came and moved Marc away from you. You looked at Neymar, he was looking back at you, and his face was serious. You wanted to say something but he walked away.

You were confuse by his actions once again, why mad now and not yesterday when you were alone with Ivan. You shake your head, sat on the bench as the boys started their training. After a while, you heard someone calling your name, you looked scared in to their direction and noticed they were all around someone.

You ran to them and you saw Neymar on the ground. You got scared, he was in pain, and you could see how much his thigh was hurting him. They took him up and helped him get in the locker room so you could check him. Neymar calmed down but it was still hurting him.

You were alone with him and you started looking at his thigh. You moved his shorts making his entire thigh visible. You started massaging his thigh asking where it hurt and he told you.

“Quadriceps Contusion” You said as you noticed. “Try to bend your knee”

He did so and then you asked him to try to stand and walk. You needed to see if the grade was one or two and how bad it was.

You were relive when you saw he could walk normally with just a little bit of pain.

“It will hurt now, but it should get better in few days.”

“Please tell me I can play on Saturday.” He looked at you staring in your eyes, his eyes were so sad and disappointed, but full of hope.

“If the pain will stop in three days, you should be able to play. But you need to rest.”

He got a smile on his face in a second, which made you happy. You hoped he would get better as soon as possible, because he wanted to play so bad and seeing him, upset made you feel bad.

“Sure, I’ll do everything you say.” He said and got of the bed; he walked closer to you and suddenly kissed your forehead. He walked to the door and just as you thought, he would leave

“One more thing.” You heard him and looked around to face him, but didn’t say anything.

“Don’t make me jealous.” He smiled with a wink and walked outside leaving you alone in the room standing shocked by his words. 


Scene one • Part seven (Christmas Edition 🎄) ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

You kissed Neymar. You didn’t even like him. You hated him. Well, basically he kissed you. But you kissed him back. You couldn’t sleep. All the thoughts kept running trough your head. Your mom, Neymar, the phone call. 

 Your dad called you. He haven’t called you in two years. He got a new wife and a little daughter. That’s what he told me earlier this night. You felt like you weren’t enough for him. Like he didn’t care about you. He got a new daughter, so why would he even care about you? Silly (Y/N). Nobody cared about you.

Anyways, he told you he was sorry for you and Lucas. He told you he was happy, and he missed you and your little brother. He didn’t. He lived in Switzerland now. Does it hurts you? Yes, but not anymore, you hoped. He left your mom five years ago, he didn’t even say goodbye. He just disappeared. All these years, you kept contact, but it was a phone call from ten minutes, once in a couple months. And now, he got another child. How great? To be honest, yes you missed him. But then there was your mom who always was there for you. Was he there when you and Lucas needed him? Nah. And now your mom was gone. What did you expect? That he would fly over here to see you guys? Ha.

You didn’t even notice that your cheeks were all wet. You sighed and looked at Neymar. He was sleeping peacefully. It was weird, that you just kissed. It was just another game for him. But did you care? No, not at all. He was a game for you too, so why not play it?

’(Y/N)?’ You heard a couple of hours later. ‘Get up! We’re going to the mall!’ You opened your eyes and saw Neymar. You yawned. 'Why?’ He carried you to the bathroom and gave you a toothbrush. 'Christmas shopping!’ He smiled. 'I don’t have mon-’ You smiled. 'I actually do have money!’ He laughed and gave me some toothpaste. A hour later you had breakfast and got ready to go to the mall. It was a car ride full of laughter and Christmas music. 

 In the mall, everyone was taking pictures of you. But it was part of the job so. 'What do we need?’ You asked Neymar. 'Presents for my mom, dad, Rafa, for you, me, and for this little guy here.’ He kneeled down by Lucas. 'Lucas and I will get presents for you. And you’ll get presents for us.’ You smiled. 'Okay, see you!' 

You turned around and walked to a toyshop. You got Lucas a few stuffed animals, and some video games. You walked over to Lush, to get a few things for Rafaella and Nadine. Wait, did they even knew i was spending the next days with them? You scrolled through your contact list, trying to find Neymar’s name. Not that it was that hard. You didn’t have a lot of friends. Actually, you didn’t have one. Your life was all about Lucas and your mom. Well, now it’s only Lucas.

’(Y/N), is there something wrong?’ Neymar asked. 'No. But does your family even know I’m coming over?’ 'It was Rafa’s idea actually. My mom and dad thought it was a good idea so I asked you.’ So it wasn’t even his own idea. Not that I’m surprised. I’m used to this. 'Ok, bye.’ You put your phone back in your pocket and bought yourself some hot chocolate and sat down to relax a bit.

'You’re (Y/N), right?’ Two guys asked you. 'Yeah?’ You looked at them confused. 'Can we take a picture with you?’ They asked, smiling. 'Ofcourse.’ You said, a little unsure, and putted down your bags and your hot chocolate. You posed for the picture and then you saw Neymar. 

'C'mon babe, we’re going home.’ He grabbed your hand. 'Neymar! Legend! We just took a pic with your girl. Can we get one with you?’ 'Hands of my girl.’ He said, in a husky voice. 'Babe get your stuff.’ Since when was he so protective?

You picked up your bags and your drink. When you walked to his car, you looked at him. You didn’t want an argument so you decided it would be best to let it go. When you arrived at his house, Rafinha and Dani where there. 'Dani, Rafinha, this are (Y/N) and Lucas.’ You smiled at them. 'Neymar won’t stop talking about you.’ Rafinha laughed. 

Lucas was playing football with Rafihna, Neymar was playing FIFA with Dani and you and Rafaella, who came over, were decorating the christmas tree. 'I got so many nice presents for you, (Y/N)!’ Rafa told you, excited. We became pretty close in a short time. Rafaella left and you lifted up Lucas to put him in bed. When he was in bed, you walked downstairs. 

'You love her bro, admit it.’ Dani laughed. You stopped walking and sat down on the stairs. 'I don’t do love, the only girl i’ve ever loved is Bruna. And she’s engaged to some jerk now.’ You heard him say. 

'Why are you with (Y/N) then? She seems like a nice girl. And she’s hot.’ Dani laughed. 'Bro, I have needs too. She’s nothing more than a fuck buddy.’ Neymar laughed. You couldn’t believe him. What a jerk. I was his fuck buddy? Never in a million years I would sleep with him. 'She’s good in bed?’ Dani asked. 'She’s a hard one. She doesn’t want sex yet, but when she does, I’ll dump her after a few weeks.’ You laughed. We shall see. 

You walked upstairs and changed into his clothes. You still didn’t have your clothes but tomorrow you would go to your own house to change for the diner with Neymar’s family. You couldn’t sleep, his words where going through your head. The door opened but you decided to act like you were sleeping. 'Goodnight, (Y/N).’ You felt his soft lips touch your forehead. 

The next morning you woke up and faced Lucas, hanging above you. 'Jesus, let me sleep.’ You turned around and put the blankets over your head. ’(Y/N), c'mon it’s Christmas Day! Since we didn’t spend Christmas Eve with my family, we’re going extra early today.’ Neymar laughed. When you arrived at you’re house, you turned around to face Neymar. 'Pick me up in an hour okay?’ Lucas already walked to the front door. 'I will.’ He kissed my cheek. 'I missed you last night.’ He whispered, smirking. 'I bet.’ You turned around and opened the door for Lucas. ’(Y/N)!’ Neymar called. 'Bye!’ You smirked and then the whole dress up things started. 

You ran from side to side to find your dress, curl your hair and do your make-up, put Lucas in bath, and dress him up. Somebody knocked at the door. 'I’m coming.’ You yelled and opened the door. 'Hi (Y/N).’ It was Ben, the guy from the interview a few weeks ago. 

'Ben! I didn’t know you were coming..’ You blushed. 'Well, I didn’t stop thinking about you. And I would like to take you out.’ At that moment Neymar grabbed his shoulder. 'Don’t think so, buddy.’ He laughed. 'Neymar leave.’ You snapped. You didn’t know why you were so mad at him. But all these weeks he had did things that I hated. And he knew it. His cocky attitude and his fuckboy manners. 'Oh?’ He laughed. 'Oh you want me to leave?’ He looked at you with his cocky glare. 

'Do you want me to tell my family you couldn’t come because you rather go out with some other guy?’ He laughed. 'What would the media think of that (Y/N)?’ He looked at you. 'Hm?’ Tears filled your eyes. 'Fine.’ You answered Neymar. You looked at Ben and sighed. 'I’m sorry, Ben.’ You slammed the door shut and sighed. Bye money. You heared Neymar and Ben arguing outside but did you care? Nope. Not at all. 

’(Y/N), why aren’t we going to Neymar?’ Lucas asked you. You tried to smile. 'Why don’t you ask him yourself?’ You walked to the living room and let yourself fall on the couch. The same one where your mother had lay. You tried so hard not to cry. Why did everything you tried so hard for fail? ’(Y/N), I’m sorry.’ You didn’t even look up. 'Get out.’ You said. 

You felt two strong arms wrapping around you. 'I said get out, jerk.’ You snapped. 'I said I’m sorry, princess.’ You rolled your eyes. 'Don’t princess me.’ You snapped. He smirked and got up. 'C'mon, my family’s waiting.’ You did have a nice dinner, but you couldn’t stop thinking about your mom. You decided to have a break outside for a minute. It was nice to be alone again.

'Merry Christmas mom.’ You whispered and blinked the tears away. 'You’re okay?’ You turned around to face Neymar. 'No, not at all.’ You sighed and he opened his arms. You hugged him. 'I have a surprise for you though.’ He got his phone and showed you a video. Your mom and Neymar appeared on the screen. 

'My dearest (Y/N).’ She spoke, and I already broke down in tears. 'I know that I probably are not there to celebrate Christmas with you. But your boyfriend asked me to make a message for you. I want to tell you that i will never leave your side. You might not see me, but I am there. I love you so much my love, Merry Christmas. I will never forget you.’ Your mother spoke and blew a kiss. You didn’t know what to say. The tears kept streaming down your face. 'Thank you.’ You whispered. Neymar lay his hand down on your cheek and kissed you. It wasn’t a kiss full of love, it was a kiss full of acts and lies. It was all part of his act. 'You’re welcome.’ He whispered. 'Merry Christmas (Y/N).’ He looked at you. 'Merry Christmas, Neymar.' 


Christmas special for you guys! It’s so late here so I’m going to bed. Bye guys, Merry Christmas.

sexpectations ~ personal calum imagine

so I wrote this for my bestfriend who’s been going through some stuff lately, I just really wanted to make her smile so yeah, I wrote this. I love you @fuckyeahcalhood xxx

He scratched his head and reached out in bed for her, wanting to feel her close to him. He expected her long curly hair to be itching his nose, but when he looked up she wasn’t there. He frowned and rolled out of bed, slipping on a pair of sweatpants, because they were visiting her hometown so he had to remind himself to put pants on before leaving the room, unlike what he did at their own apartment. He walked lazily to the door and creaked it open, he heard her cute morning voice echoing down the hall and he smiled to himself. 

“I love him.” Her voice said, a hint of anger laced with her sweet words. “He means everything to me. So I’d appreciate if you kept your opinions of him to yourself.” She said and he started to wonder. He knew her and her sister didn’t have the best of relationships, she’d get quite anxious and angry when she was around and that just wasn’t like her. 

“Well I’ve read things Danika. So, I’d watch your back. You’re just some random girl from Canada. Why wouldn’t he want a model from LA?” Her sister spat out and Calum knew he had to intervene. Those words hurt even him. Because in all honesty, he’d never really wanted anyone as much as he wanted her. The moment the moment he’d seen how her sparkling blue eyes looked in the dim streetlight, or the moment when he’d seen how her entire face lit up when she laughed. The way she spoke about things she loved. The way she loved him because of who he was. She was it for him. He knew it. He’d never love anyone half as much as he loved her. 

“I don’t know! I don’t know..” She said loudly, and then trailed off. 

“I’m just saying.” Her sister shrugged and walked into the kitchen leaving her standing in the middle of the apartment living room with tears in her eyes. He finally came out of the darkness of the hallway and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning into her neck and placing soft kisses on her shoulder. 

“Morning beautiful.” He hummed and he could see her frown turn into a small smile. He heard a small “meow” from his feet and looked down to see her cat laying down on his feet looking up at him. “At least Olivia likes me.” He giggled and scratched the cat’s belly with his foot. 

“Olivia likes everyone, so don’t flatter yourself.” She giggled and he spun her around, kissing her face all over. “Calum what?” She laughed even harder and dug her face into his chest.

“Nothin, I just love you.” He mumbled into her hair. 

“Well I just love you too.” She said and reached up to his cheek, pinching it. She always seemed to make him blush, even till this day. The boys made fun of him for it, but God he couldn’t help himself. Everything she did seemed to make his heart flutter. Even when she was yelling at him he still had butterflies in his stomach. “Wanna go walk in the park or something?” SHe asked and he nodded.

“Can we shower first?” He purred into her ear.

“Cal, my sister is here..” She warned.

“Damn it. How about park bench sex?” He said and she slapped his arm.

“Shut up and go shower.” 

“I want you though..” He groaned and she covered his mouth. 

“Go to the bedroom, I’ll meet you there in 5.” She winked and kissed him on the cheek. “I have an idea.” She said and he smiled like a kid on christmas. He was craving her more than anything. Being at her Mom’s house was not really ideal for sex. Especially in her twin bed. It just wouldn’t work. They were only there for 4 days and he was already dying without her touch. He practically ran to the bedroom, jumping onto the tiny bed and smirking to himself. She came sauntering in and slammed the door, locking it behind her and rummaging through her closet. 

“Babe what are you doing?” He sat up and she spun around, a flash blinding him. “DANI!” HE gasped and covered his bare chest. 

“As if you haven’t been photographed naked before. Actually I know you have. I have the pics saved to my computer.” She said and laughed her perfect laugh. 

“So what’s your big idea then?”

“I wanna photograph you. Naked.” She grinned and sat on his lap, adjusting the camera lens and snapping a close up of him. 

“Only if I get to photograph you after.” 

“Guess you’ve got a deal Hood. Now strip.” She chuckled and threw her hair up into a ponytail. He always loved when she had her hair up, then she wasn’t hidden behind the blonde curls. She opened the blinds just a little bit, the perfect amount of lighting flowing through the small room. He admired her in the sun, nothing was more beautiful than her in the sun. He took his sweatpants off and chucked them at her.

“I’m shy.” He blushed and she leaned down, pressing her forehead to his.

“You’re gorgeous Cal. I kinda want you to see that.” She kissed him hard on the lips and he almost moaned, it felt like forever since they’d kissed like that. 

“Fine fine. Where do you want me?” He smirked and she told him, of course most of the shots were him being absolutely ridiculous, but there were some where she’d chewed on her lip really hard while looking at the screen, he must have been doing something right. “Your turn.” He grabbed the camera from her and sat on the bed, watching her strip shyly across the room. 

“Alright. Don’t be an ass. Actually take good pictures.” She threw her bra at his head and he dodged it, laughing and snapping a picture of her with a huge smile on her face. 

“Wow. That is beautiful.” He said to himself, looking at the photo he’d just taken. He was lying if he said he wouldn’t jack off a few times to these pictures later in the bathroom. There was something about this that was even more erotic than sex. He was a bit overtaken by her beauty. He could barely breathe as he watched her get into the poses he told her to get in. There were some with her chest exposed, some with her ass exposed. He couldn’t help but snap several of her ass, which made her yell at him. 

“Do I look okay?” She asked, taking her hair down. 

“What kind of question is that? You always look better than okay. You’re fucking beautiful. A goddamn goddess.” 

“Ok stop..” She blushed and hid her face in her hands.

“Dani I’m serious.” He kneeled infront of her and put the camera down on the floor. He ran his hands up her thighs, kissing the insides of her thighs and then resting his head on her naked chest. She ran her fingers through his hair and sighed. 

“I love you so much.” She said quietly, almost like she didn’t want him to hear.

“I love you so much more. And I don’t mean to kill the moment but I have a huge boner right now.”

“You fuck-” She started to yell and he cut her off with his lips. She kept her fingers tugging on his curls as their lips melded together. 

“Are you gunna…”He pecked her lips.”Help me out?” He smirked on her lips. She leaned into him and kissed all the way up his neck.

“That’s what you have 2 hands for Cal.” She whispered seductively and then burst into a fit of laughter, her head tilted back and the crinkles by her eyes showing. She layed back on the bed because she was laughing so hard, he crawled up onto the bed next to her and put his head on her chest again, her fingers went straight to his hair like it was natural. 

“You know, I wouldn’t ever give you up for anything right? Like..you’re the only one I’m ever going to want.” Calum said and she nodded. “Tell me you believe me.” 

“I believe you.” 

“Good. I just wanted you to know that.” He said and she kissed his head. He could stay like this forever and be as content as possible. “No matter what anyone else says. Only believe me okay?” 

“Is this because you were eavesdropping earlier?” 

“Maybe. I just don’t want her opinions to make you think something else about us. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how much I love you Dani.” 

“You’re such a sap.” She chuckled and Calum smiled to himself. “I love you anyways though, even if this kind feels like a fanfiction right now.”

“You told me you stopped reading those.” Calum grumbled. “You know I can’t measure up to those sexpectations.”

“Did you just make up your own word?” She giggled.

“Yeah. Isn’t your boyfriend a genius?” 

“Sure sure..”

“Say I’m a genius.” His hand snaked up to her ribs and started tickling her sides.

“Stop! Cal I’m going to kill you!” She slapped his hands away.

“Say it!”

“Fine! You’re a genius!”

“Say I’m better than the sexpectations set in fanfics about me!” 

“No!” She was almost screaming with laughter at this point.

“Say it!”

“FIne! Calum Hood you’re better than the sexpectations!!” She squealed and he stopped tickling her, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. “I hate you.” She grumbled.

“No you don’t.” He grinned and she nodded, leaning in and kissing him.

“You’re right. I don’t. I love you. You squishy idiot.” 

Imagine #10 He gets sick

While you were in your second class, which was English you got a text from your boyfriend Neymar, he was finally awake, but when you looked at the time you knew he was already headed to practice

“Morning amor, I just woke up. I don’t feel really good, but I’m going to the training now. I’ll call you as soon as I finish. Study hard, love you <3”

You smiled when his name appeared on the screen, but you were a little bit afraid, since he said he didn’t felt good. You hoped it would be just for a short time and that he would feel better soon.

When the lesson finished you had lunch break and you went to have lunch with your friends, who were always making you feel better, but right now you were not your usual self. As much as you tried to act like everything is fine you couldn’t hide the fact that something was bothering you. You looked at your phone every minute to see the time, so you would know if Neymar already finished. But his trainings were long two hours and a half.

When you were on your next class you putted your phone on the table, hiding it with your pencil case. Suddenly the screen light up so you looked who was it, since Neymar couldn’t have been because it was too early. It was from Marc, which was strange, because he was on practice just like Neymar.

“Hey (y/n), Neymar was took to the hospital. He’s not feeling good. Call me when you can.”

You felt sick in just a second, you covered your mouth with your hand and didn’t know what to do, you were paralyzed. Suddenly someone knocked on the class door and the teacher called him in, you looked to see who was it and it was Dani. Not even thinking about it you stood up from your seat and everyone looked at him, they were all excited since he was famous and they wanted to take a picture of him, but they didn’t have enough time.

“Can I help you sir?” You ignored the teacher and walked to Dani.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your lesson, but I need (y/n) for a minute.”

You both walked out. You were scared what was he going to say, you knew it was about Neymar since Marc just texted you he went to the hospital. You were so scared you felt tears in your eyes.

“What… what happened to Neymar?”

Dani was confused, because you already knew he came because of Neymar “How do you know?”

“I just got a text from Marc, he said Neymar was taken to the hospital.”

Dani rolled his eyes “That idiot, I told him not to text you anything, since I knew you would panic. Well yeah Neymar said he felt sick but he still trained but suddenly he just fell and he was really hot, his temperature was really high so they took him. I came to tell you, I’m headed to the hospital now, I’ll text you as soon as I get some news.”

Tears were running through your face. You didn’t want to wait, you had to go with him, being in class would be a waste of time, you wouldn’t even pay attention knowing your boyfriend was in the hospital.

“I’m coming with you, wait for me. I need to tell the teacher.” He tried to stop you but you already walked in the classroom. Everyone turned around and looked at you, they saw your eyes, they knew you were crying, your make up was a mess.

“I’m sorry, I need to leave the lesson, I have some personal problems.” The teacher nodded and let you go. Your best friend looked at you “What’s going on?” you tried to whisper, but it was impossible since everyone was waiting to hear your answer “Neymar, he was taken to the hospital.” You ran out to meet Dani, who was already in his car.

You didn’t say anything the entire time, he didn’t want to drag you with any questions, but he once looked at you looking really calm “He will be fine, he is a tough guy.” You forced a smile and looked back away, staring to the window. When you were finally at the hospital you ran to the reception asking for Neymar’s room, it took a while, because they didn’t want to let you in until Dani convinced them that you really are his girlfriend.

When you came in front of his room you saw Rafinha sitting, he stood up when he saw you. You walked to him before entering the room “How is he?”

“So, he’s got pneumonia, but they said it’s not that bad. He will be fine, but he needs to rest for some time now.” You felt relived hearing his words, even if you knew pneumonia could be really dangerous. You hugged Rafinha and walked inside.

Neymar was laying on the bed, his eyes were closed, he was sleeping. Seeing you like that made you cry but you tried not to be loud so you would not wake him. You sat on a chair next to the bed and started stroking his hair. It was scary looking at him like this, but then he opened his eyes. At first he needed some time to realize what happened and where was he. Then he noticed your tears.

“(y/n)… I’m fine. Don’t cry.”

His words made you cry even more, “You scared me so much, I was so afraid…”
He didn’t say anything he just took you closer giving you a hug and waited till you calmed down. You moved out of his hug and cleaned your make up. After a while, Dani and Rafinha walked in and started teasing Neymar. After some time you all saw, he was getting sleepy again, probably because of the medicine. You took his keys and told him you would go to his home to bring him some stuff since he would stay in the hospital for some days.

And so you did, Dani took you to your place so you could go back to the hospital with your car. You grabbed anything possible for Neymar and after two hours, you were back in his room. He was happy to see you and he looked much better. You sat next to him and he was playing with your hair while you were telling him about your day and anything that fell on your mind, he was not commenting much but he was looking at you all the time with a big smile on his face. Then he interrupted you “Amor. Thank you for being here with me, thank you for everything. I love you so much.”

You placed a kiss on his forehead and continued telling your story. After more than an hour the nurse came to tell you that it’s time to leave in 10 minutes. You saw Neymar was falling asleep, and before you left you took his hand.

“I love you so much. Today I realized how much I need you in my life, how much I love you. Don’t you ever scare me like this again; I think I could not handle it again. I love you so much Neymar.”
You kissed his cheek and walked out of the room. You thought he was asleep the entire time and that he didn’t hear you, but he did. And the second you closed the lights in the room and closed the door he opened his eyes whispering “I love you too (y/n)”

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For @ariannenymerosmartell  Happy birthday Ari!

“Of course you can bring a friend home for the holidays,” Catelyn said, with the sort of tone that inhaled as she spoke. “Why on earth wouldn’t you be allowed?  Robb’s bringing Theon again, after all.”

“Thanks, Catelyn,” Jon said.  He still felt strange calling her that.  He did his best not to.  But his therapist said he should make space for himself, and calling her by her name was a way to do that.  He wasn’t a little boy any longer.  He could do this.  “It means a lot.  She’s not got anywhere to go, and it would suck to spend the holidays alone.”

He heard silence on the other end of the line.  “She?” Catelyn asked.  

Jon took a deep breath.  “Yes.  Dany.  She’s in my Military History since 1500 class.”  She was the only girl in it, and had spent most of the time glaring at the other male students when they talked down to her and then outflanking them during discussion sections leaving them all on their asses trying to gather their thoughts.  She reminded him of Arya.

“Dany,” Catelyn said slowly.  “Well…”  Jon prepared himself.  He’d been so relieved she’d said yes and now… “Well, she’ll have to sleep in Sansa’s room.  Or Arya’s.”

Jon heard in the background Arya’s energetic statement, “She can stay in my room,” and he sighed to himself and leaned against the door of the tiny bedroom he shared with Sam.  

“She’ll stay with Arya,” Catelyn said, and Jon heard himself thanking her again.

“I want to talk to him,” he heard Arya say and then the sound of the phone shuffling, and Arya asking, point-blank, “So.  Who’s your girlfriend, then?”

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The Road Trip

Word Count: 2,883
Characters: Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley
Chapter: 1/?? of Amity Legacy 

Why aren’t there more bromantic road-trip fics out there? Like, a stressed Danny and Tucker just hit the road early with a really weird playlist and junk food and awkward catching up stories. Well I broke down and (sort of) made one, here you go:

Tucker and Danny had a longstanding tradition of blowing off everything in favor of impromptu road-trips when they were stressed out, and the first week of December after they turned twenty-one was no exception.

“Danny,” Tuck said, breathing heavily on the phone as he paced around his room, “I need a road-trip, like…now.

“Tuck? It’s like five in the morning, is everything okay?”

“Yes…no…maybe…rahh, just be ready when I come over in ten minutes.”

Hanging up, Tucker packed his bags and threw them in the trunk of his car, the technology he’d been working on for the past few months rattling around in the back as he took off for Fenton Works. “C’mon, Fenton,” he muttered as he pulled up to the familiar multi-story building for the millionth time, “get your ghostly butt in gear.”

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Imagine #111 Baby sitter (Part 17)

You woke up next to Neymar and you could not help but smile of happiness. You missed this, waking up and seeing him next to you still sleepy. However your happiness didn’t take long, because suddenly you had to run, you knew you would probably throw up.

Not to wake Neymar you slowly walked out of the bedroom to go in to the bathroom downstairs, so he won’t hear you. It was the third day that you felt sick, but it’s the first morning that you actually threw up.

After a while just sitting on the floor, feeling like shit you went out and realized that Neymar was still asleep so you were relieved that you didn’t wake him. Then you went to make him breakfast, you wanted to be as normal as possible so he would not notice anything.

“Good morning” you whispered as you sit next to him and placed his plate on the desk next to the bed. He looked at you and smiled, then pulled your hand so you would get closer and kissed you.

“Morning beautiful, you made me breakfast in bed?” he looked at his plate full of food for him and moved so he could sit and lean on the wall.

“Yes, as a welcome back” you smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Such an amazing girlfriend” he said and started eating, “will you come with me and Dani to buy food and stuff for the party?” Right, the party. Another thing that would make everything difficult. You knew there would be alcohol and you knew Neymar would drink, which meant that he would want you to drink, but guess what? You can’t, because you have a baby inside of you, of which he has no idea.

“No, I promised Joana to go shopping with her”

“I like it that you found yourself a friend from the team” he smiled and then finished eating.

“Well we are both new in this, so we have to support each other right?”

“Right, but you have to support your man also” he winked and pulled you in to his arms.

“And you have to support me; I also have other things I want to achieve”

“You know I support you, I will always stand by your side, no matter what” he smiled and hugged you tightly.

You forced a smile, but those words were big and important to you. Hearing him say that he will support you, was like you heard “Yes I support every decision you make about this baby” yet this was still not enough to make you sure you want to tell him already.

After telling him about your goals in life and what you want to achieve, you took your phone, because you got a text from Joana,

“Hey! So what about today, when are we going?”

You looked at Neymar who was slowly getting out of his bed, “When are you going with Dani?”

“Um, I think in an hour, I should go pick him up”

“Okay so will you take me with you and I’ll go with Jo” he didn’t say much he just got up, walked to get his cloths and before walking pass you, he placed a kiss on your head.

“I’ll come in an hour with Ney, since he needs to pick up Dani and we’ll go with your car. Or you can’t?”

“No, it’s fine. Great!”

Then you walked down and cleaned the kitchen. Meanwhile Neymar was taking a shower and when he was finished, you went to take your stuff, because it was already time to go.

You two walked inside the car and as always while Neymar was driving, he put the volume of his music up and sing loudly making you laugh. When you happened to know a song you helped him out.

When you were there and you saw Dani’s house for the first time it was perfect. It was a little bit bigger then Neymar’s, probably because of the kids, who come visit him. Neymar took the car in the garage he had and then you two both walked inside the house.

“Dani!” Neymar shout in a strange but funny voice”

“My bro” Dani suddenly walked down the stairs already in his cloths and ready to go, “Hey (y/n)” Dani smiled and hugged you right after making a strange handshake with your boyfriend.

“Joana is getting dressed now; she should be in a minute. You guys need anything, a drink, snack?” he seems do pumped up and enthusiastic; he brought a lot of positive energy.

“I’m good” you smiled and then looked at Jo, who was finally coming down.

“Hey” she smiled and hugged you, “do you think is it good to trust this two?” she laughed and winked at Dani.

“I’m not sure, but hey. It’s their party, so if it will suck, it’s their foult” you laughed with Joana, while the two of them were annoyed by your comments.

“C’mon Ney, let’s just go, because this two will see what a party really is tonight” he smiled and kissed Joana.

“You’ll see” Neymar said full of himself, but then also kissed you, “Love you,” he added and then followed his friend.

Hearing those three words was like a drug to you, it was just the second time he said them, but you wanted to hear them every second of the day.

Then it was just you and Joana, “Should we also leave?” she smiled ant went to take her purse as you nod your head.

“You already know what kind of dress you want to wear?” She asked while driving to the biggest mall.

“Well not really, but I was thinking something cute, but something that Neymar would love” you two laughed, “I want Dani to be speechless.”

“Well we better find something sexy then.”

When you were there, you looked all around the store to find the perfect dress for the night. You wanted to see Neymar’s jaw fall. He never saw you in a nice, elegant dress.

“I found one” Joana ran to you, showing her dress, which was beautiful. It was a long thigh dress of a beautiful golden color and when she went to try it, she was amazing, it fit her perfectly.

“Your goal of the night will be 100% achieved” you smiled at her.

“You think? I mean I love it, but should I really buy it?”

“Of course! It’s perfect on you”

“Okay, I’ll get this one then” she smiled happily and changed herself in to her cloths and then went to the cashier.

“It’s only you now” she seemed so excited to find you a dress and it was like you were her younger sister and she would make a total makeover of you.

While searching all around a store with a dress that you would like, you got really tired, you knew the pregnancy was not helping. However finally Joana showed you a dress that looked amazing.

It was short, of dark blue color that you fell in love with. You immediately walked to the cabin and try it on. However, you only noticed one thing, your belly was not as flat as you were used to it. It’s been almost 3 weeks and it already started to show. Maybe those who see you every day couldn’t notice, but you could.

“Let me see” Joana opened the curtain and looked at you, you were afraid she might notice it.

“It’s perfect (y/n), you have to buy it!” she jumped excited and made you laugh, you were happy to see that it was still not that big to be recognized.

“Okay, I’ll buy it then” you smiled and changed yourself.

When you got everything, you needed you asked her I you could go to her place, because you were feeling really tired. Neymar and Dani were still somewhere looking for their supplies while you two went to lay on the sofa in front of the TV.

“How long are you with Dani?”

“Um, we were not official for some time, but I think about 3 months already”

“That’s nice”

“You two got together at the final, but Dani told me Neymar fell in love with you the second he met you”

“He didn’t, but we had ups and downs. I thought he was still with Bruna so I went out with someone else to forget about him, but at the end we both ended up together” you smiled thinking about what you two went through before getting to where you are now.

“It’s a cute story you two have. Neymar really loves you; I can see how he looks at you”

“Well I can say the same about Dani, I was just thinking that when we were having lunch yesterday,” you smiled and looked at her being happy hearing that.

“Ola” Dani suddenly walked inside with Neymar.

“Back already?” Joana asked as Dani walked to her a placed a kiss on her lips, “Yes, but how did ou two make it so fast?”

“Well we were lucky to find the right dresses”

“Show them”

“Nope, you guys will see them tonight” Joana looked at you and winked.

Then you and Neymar decided to go home and have lunch, because it was late and Dani had to come before the party to help Neymar prepare everything.

“Amor you okay?” Neymar asked noticing you were making lunch in silence and looked upset.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I?” you forced a smile and he hugged you from the back.

“You seem sad, but you’ll see tonight it will get crazy!” He was so excited about this party and you knew it would be huge, drunk, and just amazing, but you were still shocked about your pregnancy and you were mood in the mood to party.

After eating you were so tired and told Neymar that while he would get the party ready with Dani you would go sleep. It was the pregnancy that was making you tired all the time and you couldn’t do anything about it.

“(y/n)” a soft and kind voice woke you up, it was Neymar sitting next to you.

“Mm” you just murmured still sleepy.

“You slept for 2 hours; it’s time to get ready sleeping beauty” Neymar joked and kissed your cheek.

“Stay with me for a few minutes” you said and pulled him closer to lay next to you. He smiled and hugged you. This was the only way that you wanted to spend the night, but he had other plans.

“How did you invite?”

“Well… Some friends from Brazil my teammates… Bruna”

Wow. You moved out of his arms and looked at him shocked, “What?”

“Okay don’t get mad. She is in Barcelona again and she called me this afternoon, so I told her she can come, but I don’t care if she does or not.”

“Can’ wait for the party to start” you said sarcastically and walked out of the bed, hearing Neymar punched something.

You were so mad, first he tells you he loves you, and then he invites his ex-girlfriend to his private party. It was too much for you.

“(y/n) c’mon stop.” You heard Neymar walking behind you.

“Why did you tell her about the party in the first place?”

“Because she asked if I had time to go for a drink and I told her that I can’t because there is a party and she actually invited herself on her own.” You rolled your eyes, but then he took your hand, “listen, I know you are mad, but you don’t have to be. I am done with her, we broke up long ago and now I have you. I only want you okay. Please let’s not make her tear us apart once again”

“Promise me she won’t take you away from me,” you said almost tearing up, because this was also the first fight since you two got together.

“I love you (y/n), I won’t let anyone break us” he smiled and hugged you tightly.

After that Dani walked inside the house with Joana. He went to pick up Joana. She was already in her beautiful dress, and she looked perfect.

“You look amazing” you smiled and hugged her.

“Well it’s time to get you ready” She smile and you two went your way to the bathroom.

“Neymar I can already tell you to get ready for this” Joana winked at him and he smiled looking at you.

“I need to look super hot, because Bruna is coming and I need to have Neymar’s eyes on me,” you said once you sit on the toilet waiting Joana to start your make up.


“His ex.”

“Oh. You’ll see, he won’t even notice her, because you will look so good!”

After getting you ready, you were finally done. You were looking great, for the first time you were proud of the way you looked.

“C’mon time to make everyone look at you” Joana smiled and you two walked out. you knew there was already people in the house, because you two could hear the noise while you were getting ready.

When you walked down the stairs you noticed Dani and Rafinha talking, the others were in the kitchen.

“Neymar you really need to see this” Dani shout making you laugh. Then Neymar walked to see you ad some of his friends followed him to see what was Dani talking about.

You looked at him and his face was priceless, he was looking at you surprised, but happy and proud. He was glad to have you.

“You are so beautiful,” He said as he placed a kiss on your cheek. Then he turned around and notice all his friends, “Okay you guys she is taken so stop staring. (y/n) everyone.” He said and you greeted everyone.

After that the party started and it went crazy. You were just looking at everyone having their drinks and enjoying the party. Then someone else walked inside and you were not happy to see her.

“There she is” yu said and Joana who was sitting next to you heard you, “That’s Bruna?”

“Yep” you said and looked at her and Neymar who hugged. Then he looked at you and you noticed he was taking her to you, “Oh no.” you said and Joana laughed.

“Hey so this is my girlfriend, (y/n)” Neymar said and you shake hands with Bruna as Neymar walked away because someone called him.

“Listen I know I’m his ex and you might not like me for that, but I promise you that we are just friends, I am dating someone so you don’t have to hate me” she looked so nice and you knew she really might be, but who is totally okay with your boyfrend’s ex?

“Oh, don’t worry, I do not hate you. We and Neymar are happy, so I’m not worried,” you smiled and then she excused herself and walked away to talk with Gil.

For the next hour you could only see Neymar drinking and dancing and having fun, he did coe talk to you every ten minutes and he kept asking you to drink and why didn’t you want to, but you always said that you are not feeling like it and that you are not feeling really good.

But with that statement, he kept asking you if you are okay every ten minutes.

“You want to go out a little for a walk?” Joana asked you and you agreed, because there was too many people and you were in need of fresh air.

“Amor, where are you going?” Neymar stopped you in front of the door.

“Just for a walk with jo, don’t worry” you smiled.

“Take good care of my girl, okay?” Neymar said and you felt so happy about it.

“I will”

“Come back soon okay, love you” he kissed your lips and then you two walked outside.

You two walked to the park, where you used to go with Davi and sit on the swings.

“What’s wrong, why don’t you drink?” Joana asked, as if she knew there was something behind it. She had her drink with her and she offered you some, but you declined.

“Nothing, I just don’t feel like it”

“Remember what I said, you can trust me”

At that point, you covered your face and you didn’t know what else to say or do. She knew you were hiding something and you knew this could not be hidden forever. You started crying and she placed a hand on your back caressing you to comfort you.

“What is going on (y/n)?”

“I’m fucking pregnant” you said and looked at her with tears falling down your face. For the first time you said that out loud and you felt a little bit better about it, but also worse because you knew this would bring problems.

“Oh my… How long?”

“Three weeks, he still doesn’t know it. I don’t want him to know it; I’m not ready to tell him yet.”

“I understand, did you go to the doctor?”

“No, I just took a test and it was positive”

“I’m here for you; I’ll help you with everything okay. You need to go see a doctor, I’ll come with you and you will have to tell Neymar about it at one point.”

She was making you calm down and you were feeling better to hear her kind words. She made you feel like everything will work out and will be fine.

Then after almost an hour, you two decided to make your way back to Neymar’s place so he would not freak out where are you.

However just when you wanted to pass the street, a car suddenly came around the corner driving fast, you looked at it and frizzed.

“(y/n)!” you heard Joana and this was the last thing you heard, before falling.

Fiction: 'A Dream of Blackbirds' by Danie Shokoohi

James used to tell you his dreams. Back in those early days you woke to his detangling your bodies. Back in the mornings he set his work alarm twenty minutes early because you’d talk him back to bed, for just five more minutes now that you were awake? And once he was snuggled back into the honeymoon of mussed sheets and morning breath, you’d whisper, “How’d you sleep, dear?”

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