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When I think about Jon kissing or having sex with someone other than Dany and vice-versa. I can’t stand the idea of them being with other people.


Welcome back Jon!

My shipping development for Jon x Daenerys throughout the entire show


Me, after S7E6:


“…This plushie blob fish from Dan, which I think is an accurate representation of my soul”

- “To look into that person’s eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of comfort and happiness.”

her eyes
her eyebrows
her nose
Everything about her, is fucking gorgeous.

frazzledsoul: In my ideal world, Sansa and Tyrion reunite and settle down to snark at everyone else. Jamie and Brienne settle down and have lovely little blonde babies. Dany rules the world and Jon goes off and finds a nice woodsy girl and settles down to a lumberjack existence or something. THE END.


  • Sansa and Tyrion settle in as the wardens of the north and are savvy and merciful rulers who usher their people back into summer, and like to sneak lots of sly quietly amused looks at each other across the room whenever they’re dealing with human folly. They have a tremendously gigantic library and it is their favorite place in the world. Tyrion hates the cold weather at first. Sansa sews him a lot of nice warm cloaks with exquisite embroidery. (Sewing is still Sansa’s favorite downtime hobby.) At some point, they definitely ~sheep shift~ the bed of one of their minor enemies.
  • Jaime and Brienne settle at Casterley Rock and start a training school for young warrior maidens, including their own warrior maiden daughters. (This is my belief now. This is what will always happen, in my heart of hearts.) Arya comes to help out sometimes.
  • Dany marries Yara and they are the mighty badass queens of land and sea. They become the mothers of krakens in addition to dragons. WHO NEEDS HUMAN BABIES WHEN YOU CAN HAVE GIANT BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS FOR YOUR BABIES. They establish some sort of system where you can elect the next ruler instead of it being a hereditary thing, because I think we’ve had quite enough of that. They might outlaw male rulers though, and more power to ‘em for that move.
  • Some weird White Walker First Men Dragon magic brings Ygritte back to life, and she and Jon live happily and peacefully-yet-snarkily ever after in the wild wilderness. Probably within easy walking distance of their favorite cave.
  • THE END!
  • D&D, I hereby give you permission to use all of these excellent ideas.
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