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The Little Ones (Part I)

This one shot (or it could be chapters depending how far I could go) is highly inspired by a post. This takes place in Braavos when Jon and Dany move there or spend a summer there with their twins, Aemon and Lyanna. 

Here is Part II

Warning: fluff, smut

Jon and Dany chose to stay away from the games of Westeros and now that the Night King was defeated, they thought it would be good for them to be away, leaving the Iron Throne to Tyrion who was in the process of making Westeros more democratic place by breaking the wheel and trying to end the feudal society. 

Jon and Dany had traveled to Braavos to find Dany’s childhood house with the red door, but unfortunately, they only found the ruins upon arrival. But, they rebuilt the house and painted the door red. The house looked upon The TItan and The Shivering Sea with a yard where the children would play and their newly born two small dragons who were no bigger than a cat, Balerion and Valyria, the children had named them after their favorite Targaryen bedtime stories. 

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