dani and santana

Dear makers of Glee,

  Do you see Shay Mitchell’s role in PLL?  There’s action, murder, and kidnappings and whatnot going in that show but they still manage to fit Emily kissing, cuddling, making out with, and even fucking girls.  My point is, YOU CAN DEFINITELY ADD MORE ACTION BETWEEN DANI AND SANTANA THAN YOU CURRENTLY ARE.




farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
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Doctor’s Appointment

(A few weeks later)

Santana slid out of her SUV and opened up the back door. Taylor had learned how to unhook himself from the carseat about two weeks ago and had learned the hard way that he didn’t do it unless he was told to when he fell out of his seat while Dani was driving one day. “Come on, buddy,” she told him and reached down to take his hand before meeting Dani at the front of the car to head inside. “Are you excited to find out what your little sibling is going to be?” She asked Taylor even though the boy didn’t fully understand. He had just seen how excited his mommies were and it automatically made him excited.

It's gone

Santana couldn’t believe it had happened, within a week her baby was took off her. Waking up to being covered in blood was not what she expected, her stomach was in agony and she had James take her right to hospital. Them obviously delivering the horrible news she had had a miscarriage. Tears were falling from her eyes and all she could think about was Dani. When James had took her home she had told him she just wanted to be alone, he had a meeting and Santana was adamant he wasn’t allowed to cancel. As soon as he was gone she text Dani

Santana: please come to mine, I need you.

Back to the start

Santana had gotten Dani to drop the kids off at her parents for the night since she had plans of her own for her and her wife. The table was nicely set with candles and dinner was keeping warm in the oven while she put on Dani’s favourite dress, Santana wasn’t big on dresses but once in a while for her wife was just fine with her and once her hair was perfect she waited in the dining room knowing Dani would just follow the trail of flowers from the front door to her. Roses were much to average for her so an assortment of petals seemed like a better pick for them. “Come on babe.. It doesn’t take that long to drive from my moms.” She mumbled to herself and tapped her foot nervously as she waited for Dani to come home.

Dani and Santana

Dani rested on Santana’s chest. That’s all they’d been doing together. Working on getting back into the swing of things with out her running the show and talking. Lots of talking. “This is still insane to me.”

Somebody's watching me

Santana was exhausted as she dragged her feet up the steps to the loft but now she was officially done shopping for Christmas and her and Dani could start decorating since the holiday was right around the corner. That’s what kept her powering through her day since it excited her just to think about having Dani around for Christmas. Santana pushed her key into the lock but groaned as it fought with her to open. “Piece of shit.. Open up.” She muttered to herself as she continued to try and unlock the front door but she wasn’t having any luck. Dani must’ve locked the deadbolt but it only made Santana crankier that she had to wait outside. “Babe! Open the door! You locked me out!” She shouted and banged loudly on the door so Dani would surely hear.

Time with Jayden

Dani had dressed her little boy in a cute onesie that said “major key alert” in the front. Placing Jayden in his car seat, scraping him down she carried him out to her car with a over night bag on her shoulder. Telling Louise that she was going to stay the night at her mother’s. driving to the hotel Dani checked in texting Santana the room number.

Dancing Queen Turns 19

Despite the awkwardness and tension that still existed between the two of them, Dani had been really looking forward to Santana’s birthday. She had managed to get the night off of work after a lot of begging and reassuring her pimp that she would be working the party. It was difficult and she ended up with a few bruises, but she was still happy to have gotten the night off. After everything that had happened between them, for some reason she still wanted to make Santana happy. She didn’t fully understand it, but she didn’t like trying to make sense of her feelings anyways, so she didn’t focus on it to much.

When the day of the party rolled around Dani knew that Santana had a little running around to do, so she didn’t think that she would be missed if she disappeared for a few hours. Having some running around of her own to do in the afternoon before she party, she needed to get her guitar from her friends and then back to the party store to pick up the tiara and sash.

After getting ready to go out, she knew she’d have to spend a little while outside panhandling so she’d have extra money for what she wanted. Her goal was to get home around lunch time to surprise Santana with lunch, so in order to do that she had barely got any sleep the night before and had left the apartment before Santana was even awake.

See me

The last few months watching her family mourn her drove Dani crazy. She couldn’t help them, she couldn’t be there for them. Dani held Santana on the nights the woman gave in to sleep deprivation. Dani caught every tear that fell from the woman’s eyes, she didn’t know why she was still here but she would make the most of each second of it. “I love you.” Dani said, sitting behind Santana, who sat on the edge of the bed.