Fragmented Windows, collage of window screening on studio wall. Study for installation 02/08/2014 dimensions variable. 

A thought to accompany: “Stand in front of the window as the sun comes up behind the buildings through their breath and condensation lingering in the swirling wind. I close my eyes and see the red and grey that lye behind and the warm of the lids as they shut. The stray dream of tomorrow is the warmth of the furnace that hums a comforting escape. I’ll linger here a while longer." 


An account and reproduction of a daydream_

“Staring,watching out the window as I wait for someone. Standing in an unmoving shuffle, the weather indoors fluctuates at an alarming rate, the outside world holds it’s stubborn fahrenheit. As we breath the more it shows, as we move, the more it shows. The perspiration of the still pane sweats our every exhale. I am in the tropics sweating profusely, not worrying about leaving anytime soon.”