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Aomomo and Daiki says he wants to keep an eye on Kuroko and Kagami on their date but he really just wants to spend time with Momo-chan

so you didn’t give me an au setting so here is private eye au 

“Targets spotted,” Momoi whispered into the earpiece as she observed Kuroko Tetsuya-san meeting up with a tall readhead and exchanging a package under the table.

"Copy that,” comes Aomine’s gruff voice as she can see him taking a few photos from the other side of the café where their targets met; just as their client Aida-san said they would.

“What’s their deal?” Aomine asked into the earpiece, and Momoi hid her grin behind the cup of her still warm cappuccino.

"I don’t know, but we are about to find out,” she replied as she left a few banknotes and got up to follow the tall redhead out of the café.