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These are the reasons I have no social live but I regret nothing they are so so worth it 😋😋😋


I’m not entirely confident that Mokona gets the concept. 

Unless she’s trying to build her street rep and insists that she is, in fact, utterly terrifying. 




It probably would have been a bit too real if the answer to “Have you had any scary experiences?” was “My general existence. Also the holes in my memory where I kind of get possessed? And I’m not entirely convinced I’m a real person.”

Just a bit, maybe?

Either way Kurogane is regretting every single decision that lead him to this moment and I CAN’T EVEN BLAME HIM.

Produce 101 as F4 (Boys Over Flowers)

I don’t really know why I thought of this as I reached home from dinner but here we go with my picks and the rationale for doing so. :3 And besides, this was my very first drama that got me into the Kpop and Kdrama culture so what’s a better way than to have a little moment as I recall one of my favourite drama of all time right? :)

Just a side note that this is 100% opinion and it’s really a personal preference! I’m all ears for differing really so do share your opinions with me too and perhaps we can be friends?? ^^ Hope you guys enjoy reading this anyway~ ^^

Ong Seongwoo as Gu Junpyo

Like Junpyo in Boys Over Flowers, Ong Seongwoo pretty much fits his part with effortless savage comments when the situation calls for it. Furthermore, he is sassy when he wants to be, and think about it, he would definitely have the same level of command and presence just like Gu Junpyo. However, despite the tough aura that he presents, it’s pretty clear that he is a huge softie and is capable of pulling off hilarious antics. Honestly, I could imagine him pulling off Gu Junpyo’s character flawlessly and perhaps even utter the cheesiest of lines when it comes to confessing (or even professing) to the girl that he likes. 

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Bae Jinyoung as Yoon Jihoo

Indeed, he did not get his name “Deep Dark” in the beginning of the show for no reason. He was a pretty stoic person back in Produce 101 and always faced the ground, most likely out of shyness. However, this pretty much resembles Yoon Jihoo doesn’t it? He’s shy, yet talented, and prefers not to draw too much attention to himself. However, as the show progressed, we got to see more sides of Jihoo, just like Jinyoung in Produce 101. He might be young, but I could totally imagine him as a huge tsundere, always being there for the main character at the most unexpected of timings when she needs his support. (i.e. Like how Jihoo called himself Jandi’s fireman) 

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Park Jihoon as So Yijeong

Do I need to say more? Yijeong, to me, was probably the most adorable one that all viewers probably fell for at first sight with his natural cuteness (especially in terms of visuals) and his smolness. However, who would have expected him to be the casanova of the team right? Indeed, that’s probably what Jihoon does best; he can be cute and adorable when he wants to, but rUDE when he wants to be, worming his way into women’s hearts. It was a little hard to appreciate Yijeong as time went by because of how he treated Gaeul at some points, but it was clear that he tried his best to change for her (which was really really sweet). Besides Jihoon’s natural smolness in this team, he could probably pull off So Yijeong extremely well and would show both his bad and good side. He might be 18 but ho, no one was a better fit than this not-so-innocent Park Jihoon. 

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Hwang Minhyun as Song Woobin

In the show, as far as I could remember, Woobin was always known for the comic relief, badassery, wit and the fact that he was always the friend which all those members turned to for help. To me, that sums up our Emperor Hwang pretty much; he’s a dependable older brother figure for the young ones, his stone reaction which brought laughter to the community and for having seemingly innocent witty (and savage) comments. It’s funny imagining him as the son of a mafia boss, but Minhyun has pretty much shown that he can pull off almost any concept. Furthermore, Woobin is one happy go lucky character who cares for his friends deeply and Minhyun has definitely shown that he is one happy boy capable of the unexpected. Woobin was pretty much the “mum” for F4. Hence, I don’t think Minhyun got his “mum of Nu’est” title for nothing, don’t we all think so? Indeed, he would be more than capable of pulling off this character because it pretty much represents him in real life anyway.

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That’s the end of this post! Thank you for reading up till this point and I hope you guys had fun! ^^ To see more of this, don’t hesitate to follow or perhaps drop in some questions too! :) Once again, I’m open to ALL opinions so fret not and drop me an ask or even a message to tell me what you guys think! <3 Wishing the top 20 all the best and goodbye for now~~ ^.^ 

Side note, I am so happy with the gifs I found because they are SO fitting???

Inspired by @smileyhueyuniverse for “PRODUCE 101 TOP 20 AS SHOWS” and she needed some members for Boys Over Flowers. 

I’ll come back as an even better man.  I’ll be so powered up, that even if you ask me not to, I’ll be there for you. But even now, and beyond, here, then, and forever, you’re the only woman I approve of.  I’ll always be with you.
—  Syaoran, to Sakura (before he leaves for Hong Kong)
The Valley of the End: Chapter Eight

Summary: There is a place where two legends once fought, a valley that saw their lifeblood spilled. And in Konoha there is a monument, a stone face shaped out of the golden bluff, which honors the champion—the Second Hokage: Uchiha Madara. (AU in which the Uchiha rule Konoha. SasuSaku. NaruHina.)

Rating: Mature

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Chapter Eight

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Winter turns to spring, spring to summer. Sakura and Sasuke retake the chunin exams, which are held in the Mist, and they both get promoted. On their last night in Kiri they sneak downstairs to the inn’s common room. It’s dark and deserted at this hour, and they sit on the floor by the hearth, enjoying the warmth of the flickering firelight.

Sasuke looks impossibly handsome, even with his features cast half in shadow. Now that it’s past midnight, today is his fourteenth birthday, but Sakura has nothing to give him. She tells him this, apologetic and embarrassed, but he cuts her off, saying, “Don’t worry about it. I have everything I want—well, almost everything.”

There’s an honesty in the way he looks at her, with such sudden hunger, that tells Sakura he’s thinking of her. She’s the one thing Sasuke wants that he doesn’t have, and she’d need to be a fool not to notice.

In the months since the Festival of Lights, the night he called her beautiful, there have been dozens of small incidents like this. When Sasuke’s touch or gaze was overly familiar, or lingered for seconds too long. Always in private, he makes sure these things happen away from prying eyes and judgment, so that they’re safe from repercussions. They’ve put forth the effort to make more time alone together, so that they can savor these stolen moments, like tonight.

Sakura knows she shouldn’t, but she leans against Sasuke and kisses his cheek. It’s a darting show of affection, over almost as quickly as it began, and just perfunctory enough for her to pretend it’s purely platonic.

Except Sasuke doesn’t seem interested in pretending. He runs his fingers through her hair, almost a caress, and the sensation sends a shiver through her. He’s a boy who is used to getting whatever he desires, whether it’s a cup of amazake or a girl, and she understands well enough that Sasuke might want her simply because she’s a challenge, because she’s forbidden. But it’s hard to care about his reasons when he’s looking at her like this.

He closes the space between them, until there’s only a breath separating their lips, but then he just presses his forehead to hers and whispers, “Sakura.”

The way he says her name, full of so much need, makes her heart beat harder beneath her breast. Sasuke cradles the back of her head and kisses her cheek, almost the same way she kissed him moments ago. Except this touch is slower and warmer and so close to the corner of her mouth that she feels herself blush.

Sakura can’t help it; she presses her lips to his, swallows the warmth of his gasp. Sasuke is utterly still for a long moment, but then he pulls her into his arms and kisses her back. It’s closed-mouthed and soft, as chaste as a kiss can be, really, but it’s the sweetest thing Sakura has ever known. She winds her arms around his back, lets herself melt against him, so that her small breasts are pressed against his chest, and kisses him more fiercely.

They stay this way for what could be minutes or hours, until Sasuke finally breaks away from her and says, breathless, “We should stop.”

“Why?” Sakura asks, too drunk on the taste of him to think clearly.

“You know why,” he says.

Of course she does. Sasuke belongs to someone else, and slumming it with her won’t change that.

They return to their respective beds, but Sakura doesn’t sleep for even a minute. Her mind is too full of Sasuke for rest.

The next day, on the boat that takes the Konoha shinobi back to the Fire Country, Sakura is so tired that she spends most of her time asleep in the cabin she shares with Masami. Her friend wakes her for dinner and says, “You must have been up late last night.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep,” Sakura says, and she looks anywhere besides at Masami.

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