Another great thing I got!

It’s like somebody said let’s take that one moment from the manga with the most fucked up way to try and save somebody from drowning and turn it into shipping memorabilia.

*blushes & swoons*

*buys furiously*

It’s supposed to be an earring holder according to the artist, but even my smallest dangly earring didn’t fit without bopping Jounouchi in the head. So here’s Seto holding a very small elephant instead.

Nailed it. I am a master of photography.

ETA: I realised I should probably include a link to the maker’s pixiv. Their name is 殻利藻, and you can see their art here.

Taib: Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan (Canada)

Q. How do you think your style incorporates/blends elements of your African and LGBTQ identity?

“Just recently I have been trying to incorporate more of my African heritage into my attire. Access to African elements from my heritage has always been a challenge living in the ‘great white north’. Besides the occasional gifts from my grandma from Kenya I really didn’t have much to go on. This past year I have had the opportunity to live and work in East Africa and have collected items along the way. I try to mix different elements into both my professional and casual wear.

Given the right circumstances, I like to flirt with aspects of femininity and masculinity. I like subtle accents like a dangly earring on one ear with the occasional application of eyeliner, and accent (s) of colour.”

- Taib (Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan, He/Him)

About Limit(less):
Limit(less) is a photography project by Mikael Owunna (@owning-my-truth) documenting the fashion and style of LGBTQ African Immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) in diaspora. The project seeks to visually deconstruct the colonial binary which states that one cannot be both LGBTQ and African. #LimitlessAfricans

Learn More: http://www.limitlessafricans.com

Donate to support the project: HERE

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Ok so the Farmersonly.com commercials making it seem like all women that aren’t well versed in farm and country shit are shallow and literally incapable of common sense to the point they deserve physical harm need to stop.

The lady that said she knew how to ride a horse, and told the guy that she didn’t want to be touched, is portrayed like she’s being the unreasonable one– even though she’s obviously dressed like she was expecting a totally different kind of date. If she knows how to ride, and if she’d been told that’s what they’d be doing, she wouldn’t have come dressed in a dressy blouse, a skirt, dangly ear rings, her hair down, and high heels. But the man sitting there, lamenting how “she isn’t his type” while she’s LITERALLY DANGLING FROM THE STIRRUP OF THE HORSE WHILE IT GALLOPS AROUND THE CORRAL, is supposed to be the sympathetic one. She could be getting head trauma, she could be literally breaking her leg. She literally could die if she got dragged back and under the horse’s hooves.

There’s one where a man has taken this woman who is dressed up all fancy, again presumably for a day on the town, out fishing. He makes several scoffing noises as she sits there uncomfortably telling him it’s boring and that when he said they were going out ‘for fish’ she thought he meant for sushi. Meaning there was a lack of communication and instead of talking about it, he forced the issue and dragged her out on the boat anyway, instead of going “oh, ok lets go get lunch instead.” 
What happens is they’re not catching anything but as the woman is saying she wants to leave, or do something else, a fishing hook comes out of no where and hooks her back and bodily pulls her from the boat into the water. The camera pans over as the man turns and you see a “good country girl” that likes to fish, while the “bad city girl” is flailing in the water. You know, likely with a fish hook in her skin because fishing hooks in clothes pull but they cant deseat you from the center of a boat. Skin though, yes.
And the guy promptly rows to shore and fucking leaves. 

So what the fuck though. 

Even when the main character in the commercial is a woman, the message comes down to a deficit on her part.

There’s one where a woman is on a date with a true snob of a rich man in a convertible, who seems more interested in the car, his chapstick, and everything else than her. It’s not even clear why she’s there in the first place. Neither are wearing seat-belts. She takes a drink of coffee and he gets mad that she might spill on his seats. She pulls out her phone and signs up for the app and a guy pulls up in a truck immediately and she climbs into his truck and they drive off? And she immediately starts clinging to this new guy like wet newspaper? Like that… no, no woman would do that. There are about 15 reasons no woman would get in a series of cars that people didn’t have info on and with people she didn’t know. She would at least go home first.

Another is literally a woman who owns a farm and she sits down on a hay bale and tells her cow that she needs an extra hand around the farm because she’s tired. Because farms are hard work. The cow replies [process this] with “No, what you need is a man!” and she signs up on the app AND A MAN FALLS FROM THE SKY INTO A HAY STACK. 
Then the guy says “You looks like you could use a hand.”
and she says “Yeah.” And it shows them riding around in a cart dispensing hay. 
And off they go? Like what? That? She could just hire someone?? But the commercial implies that she couldn’t do all this because she didn’t have a Country Boy[tm] around.

Its just. So much Heterosexual sexist nonsense.

Grayson As A Dad Would Inculde

Requested by Anonymous:  Could you do a dad grayson would include please :’)

Request by Anonymous: Please do “grayson as a dad would include” Thank you :)

A/N: a beautiful request from some cuties, thank you! 

  • freaking out everytime the baby cries
  • being the only one who can console him/her at night when wakes up crying
  • spoiling him/her to death
  • unlike Ethan, he changes poopy diapers XD
  • “No don’t pull on that, that hurts.” When the baby pulls on his dangly earing
  • “Lets have another kid this is fun!”
  • taking him/her for drives to make him/her fall asleep when he/she can’t
  • taking care of the baby when you’re tired
  • always wanting to play with the baby
  • placing his snapbacks on his/her head and takes pictures
  • snapchats of you and the baby sleeping
  • “I NEED A TISH! Baby’s got a runny nose”
  • bath time is always the fun time of the day
  • consoling you when you cry on his/her first day of school
  • “It’s okay babe, he’ll/she’ll be okay.” 

Okay but now that Zayn has been experimenting more with jewelry like rings and necklaces and bracelets I need him to switch up his earrings game..? Like don’t get me wrong I love the classic two hoops and hoop and stud but can you imagine like..sparkly earrings?? dangly earrings??? Something soft and a lil feminine to complement to hard line of his jaw and the rough of his beard and the way his eyes sparkle????

gayyyluigi  asked:

Also!! Things like poor hand-eye coordination, jerky movements, toe-walking, clumsiness, poor upper body strength, facial asymmetry, hypermobility, broad upper face, wideset eyes, shorter middle region of the face (cheeks and nose), wide mouth, and protruding ears (sticking out) can all be visible physical indicators of autism, along with others!! 😄

True, buuuut I avoided saying that just because some people may have some of those physical features and not be autistic. Not saying you’re wrong, just that I was trying to be cautious. I appreciate you filling in that blank! :)

That said, my ears do stick out a bit, but that only shows if I have my hair in a ponytail. I love my goofy ears and draw attention to them with big dangly earrings.  XD

I’m answering this publicly so the anon sees it.

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character sketches - Merlin

the titular boy, that soothsayer who’s always abt 80 years old and about as attractive as an old dish sponge but here is, well, not any of that. I don’t want to talk too much about him as to not give stuff away, it’ll be much better if you meet him fully in the story. HYM is going to feature the traditional Arthurian stories, but more from Merlin’s POV and with, well, him fucking all the knights because how could you not??? There’s a whole round table of rowdy knight boys to be your boyfriends, it’s incredible. 

He’s got the bangs-always-in-the-face and wears his really long hair all swept over to one side in a really long plait. And he’s got a hood, at least one dangly earring and he’s only half-human. Oh!! And he has those weird triangle brows that I love so much, they’re so fucking weird and like “oh I only have like ¼th of an eyebrow but it’s incredibly hot when done right.” hopefully I am doing this right. I feel fairly upset abt the beautifulness of Merlin with his hair down and in the wind on that first page, so maybe I am.

Also yes, there are two drawings of Dantalion from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist on one page and it has nothing to do with any of this, really.