This or That tag

The questions MAKE-UP 

1. blush or bronzer
2. lipgloss or lipstick
3. eyeliner or mascara
4. foundation or concealer
5. neutral or color eye shadow
6. pressed or loose eye shadows
7. brushes or sponges
1. o.p.i or china glaze
2. long or short
3. acryl or natural
4. brights or darks
5. flower or no flower
1. perfume or body splash
2. lotion or body butter
3. body wash or soap
4. lush or other body company
1. jeans or sweatpants
2. long sleeve or short
3. dresses or skirts
4. stripes or plaid
5. flip flops or sandals
6. scarves or hats
7. studs or dangly earrings
8. necklaces or bracelets
9. heels or flats
10. cowboy boots or riding boots
11. jacket or hoody
12. forever 21 or H&M
1. curly or straight
2. bun or ponytail
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips
4. hair spray or gel
5. long or short
6. light or dark
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs
8. up or down
1. rain or shine
2. summer or winter
3. fall or spring
4. chocolate or vanilla
5. eat coast or west coast

jenjifr  asked:

45. 55. 59

45. What is my fashion sense? I’m very into comfortable! Mostly jeans, shorts when I can get away with it. Tie dye Tshirts, retro band Tshirts, peasant tops, dangly earrings, lots of rings, bracelets, sandals!
But because of work, I am usually seen in jeans or black pants, muscle tees, tank tops, or cut off Tshirts. Bandana headbands, no jewelry, oil and grease up to my armpits and often on my face, and steel toed shoes.

55. It’s been a while since I’ve hit a serious slump. I went through a period of time where I lost my paternal Grandma, my maternal Grandma, my Dad, my maternal Grandpa, and several other family members in both my and Kevin’s families. This happened within a couple years and was very hard on us all. I remember having trouble getting out of bed, not wanting to talk to my friends, or go anywhere. I finally snapped out of it when I took a job teaching preschool, and I was really enjoying myself. Thank goodness that now my “slumps” are just a bad day every once in awhile!

59. I’ve hosted many New Years Eve Parties, Super Bowl parties, and Birthday parties for teens. They usually turn out good. I usually have way too much food, put I have this subconscious need to feed people! Thank you for asking!!

i think there was some specific thing to do with it being a religious item but i can’t remember if it was to do with religious wear in general being forbidden or ro laren making the argument that she should be allowed to wear her earring because it’s religious wear. hopefully it was the latter

either way, yeah, dangly bajoran earrings pose a potential safety problem in a way that hijabs don’t and if starfleet was real i’m sure they would have uniform variants to accommodate hijabs

It was a tiny bit too cold for this outfit, but who cares?

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very, very short brown hair.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a short, sleeveless dress made of off-white fabric.  It is mostly covered with a huge brownish-orange sweater.  There is beige-and-white tape along the side of my right thigh.  I have on black socks (compression stockings, actually) that end just below my knees.  I’m wearing chunky brown mary jane shoes.  I have on black lipstick and dangly bronze earrings.  As always, I’m wearing my round, silver glasses.]

white lace dresses, glittery eyeshadow, crystal necklaces, vintage leather jackets, jasmine perfume, charm bracelets, dangly earrings, sheer tights, crushed velvet everything