dangly earrings

Voltron retail AU

- lance is the jewelry guy
- he wears dangly blue earrings
- his regular customers are cute old ladies who always think he needs to eat more
-when he’s not attending customers he flirts with the cute dressing room attendant
-Keith is the dressing room attendant
- it’s mostly slow, but he can see the jewelry department from his post
- people ask him for opinions on their outfits
- he’s uncomfortable sharing his fashion advice, but he’s really good at it
- hunk and pidge are markdowns. And backroom. And overnight.
- They pretty much live in the store.
- they have their own secret lingo for the goings on.
- they will drop everything if someone brings in a cute dog
- shiro is the head cashier/coordinator.
- the customers love him. He’s charming and they forget how much they’re spending.
- he organizes breaks and returns
-lance always pesters him about it
- he and allura work well together
-they have their own sign language they use to talk from opposite sides of the store
-they think they’re sly about it (they’re not)
- allura is their favorite manager
- she is scary but treats them well
- she loves setting up fancy feature tables
- matt is security
- when he applied he thought it was tech security. Orientation was awkward
- he actually does really well though
- he blends in wearing regular clothes and his low center gravity is perfect for tackling would be thieves
-Shiro find this hilarious
-the galra are the walmart across the street
-more stuff available. But no morals


@apvrrish mentioned “lance with dangly earrings” on twitter so then it started this chain of paint doodles, you can kinda tell i started spending more time goofing off with each one lmao

from top to bottom: altean lance from my siren au (bc i miss him), waterbender lance from my pro-bending au (bc i somehow? forgot?? that’s the reason i started drawing lance with earrings??? smh @ myself), and greaser keith from @ilgaksu‘s dirty dancing au


I haven’t worn dangly earrings in years but I got these 4 free so I thought I’d at least try em on and folks it looks like I am NOT gonna start wearing dangly earrings

This or That tag

The questions MAKE-UP 

1. blush or bronzer
2. lipgloss or lipstick
3. eyeliner or mascara
4. foundation or concealer
5. neutral or color eye shadow
6. pressed or loose eye shadows
7. brushes or sponges
1. o.p.i or china glaze
2. long or short
3. acryl or natural
4. brights or darks
5. flower or no flower
1. perfume or body splash
2. lotion or body butter
3. body wash or soap
4. lush or other body company
1. jeans or sweatpants
2. long sleeve or short
3. dresses or skirts
4. stripes or plaid
5. flip flops or sandals
6. scarves or hats
7. studs or dangly earrings
8. necklaces or bracelets
9. heels or flats
10. cowboy boots or riding boots
11. jacket or hoody
12. forever 21 or H&M
1. curly or straight
2. bun or ponytail
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips
4. hair spray or gel
5. long or short
6. light or dark
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs
8. up or down
1. rain or shine
2. summer or winter
3. fall or spring
4. chocolate or vanilla
5. eat coast or west coast

anonymous asked:

Honestly I can't stop thinking about androgynous!tae bc he's sUCH a pretty boy who would look sO good in dresses and skirts and dangly earrings and thigh highs and fishnet and liPSTICK and crOP TOPS OMF 😭🙏

yes!! this concept!! I love it so much I love pretty tae 

@ bighit give us a photoshoot like this to quench our thirst (or just make it increase who even knows)

the fishnet tho