Knockin’ On Morning Wood

Title: Knockin’ On Morning Wood

Characters: Reader x Dean, Sam for a split second at the end.

Summary: When Dean’s sweat pants leave nothing to the imagination your eager giddiness gets the best of both of you.

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, oral (reader giving), Dean’s horsecock (yes that’s a warning), implied smut. 

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Yeah, these gifs are nowhere near what I’m describing in this fic but HORSECOCK and that smug fuckin’ grin. Enough said. This fic started when the trash squad got me thinking about the horsecock and I regret nothing, Italics are inner thoughts. Tags for the homies- @aprofoundbondwithdean @balthazars-muse @kayteonline @king-crowley-tho @oriona75 @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @winchesterenthusiast @spnfanficpond. I’ll go ahead and tag @abaddonwithyall @mamapeterson and @leviathanslovedick just because :)

You padded into the kitchen, your unmade hair still a mess and an empty coffee mug in need of refilling dangling from your fingers. Two cups just wasn’t gonna cut it this morning.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Dean smiled from the stove.

“Well, that’ll definitely help waking me up.” you chuckled internally as you took him in fully. Dean moved gracefully around the kitchen; tossing pancakes in the pan, filling his coffee mug, and whipping up more batter, all the while in nothing more than a pair of low slung sweats. You exchanged a friendly greeting, biting your lip as he pressed himself against your back and placed a quick peck to your cheek while you were refilling your mug.

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forbiddenwithhim asked:

Can you do a valentine's day imagine?

hope you like it love! xx

——————— TC imagine #4 ——————

Valentine’s Day was that bittersweet reminder that you were alone and that it sucked. Normally you would be happy with the fact that you were single but in this particular day, you couldn’t help but feel annoyed. It didn’t help that every single couple in school had made it their goal to make out in every corner of the building and you were sure that if you rolled your eyes any more times you’d lose them.

But the good part about today was that you had (TC/N)’s class and that never failed to cheer you up. Or so you thought. Walking in, the classroom was filled with paper hearts dangling from the ceiling and posters on the wall, making you wonder if all this work was really worth it for just one day. It’s not like anyone cared about the decorations but more about the face they were busy sucking. (TC/N) seemed to notice your semi-disgusted face and raised his eyebrows, a frown settling on his face but you shook your head and smiled.

“Everyone, as much as I like to keep my students happy, I’m gonna need everyone to settle down and detach from your boyfriends and girlfriends. Look completely out of love for the next hour, like (Y/N).” he laughed and a few people joined in, but you just rolled your eyes again. You weren’t out of love, the person you wanted to be in love with was just completely unaware of it and out of reach. He had also just shot you a wink.

Soon enough, the class settled down and payed a considerable amount of attention to (TC/N). You, however, were hanging on to every other he said. The way he spoke, the way he moved, the way he was; everything about him left you in awe. He was everything you wanted.

“And if you’re not too busy chucking down chocolate and smelling fake roses, sorry ladies, please do pages 20 through 22.” and so your hour with him had ended, sending you off to the rest of a dreadful day.

“(Y/N)? Can I speak to you?” (TC/N) called, sitting back on his chair. You nodded and as everyone left, quicker than usual, you sat in the desk in front of his.

“Is something wrong?” you asked. He shrugged his shoulders.

“You tell me. You seem kind of… off today. Anything on your mind?”

You are, you thought. “It’s stupid, it’s just… I hate Valentine’s Day and everyone makes a huge deal out of it. If I wanted to show someone I love them I can do it every day, it’s all commercial strategy anyway. And like you said, it’s all fake anyway. The flowers, the candy, how is that supposed to show my love for someone? How is sucking face in the hallway a pleasant view for everyone else? How are these stupid hearts supposed to make my day any special? I’m pretty sure they’re being taken down at the end of the day and really, all that effort could have been dedicated to something a bit more useful.”

Rambling was one of the things you couldn’t control but even though everyone else found it annoying, (TC/N) found it incredibly amusing as you could sense from the smile on his face.

“Well if I had known you hated Valentine’s Day so much I wouldn’t have bought you a card.”

“You what?” you were certain you hadn’t heart right, but as (TC/N) reached for his bag and pulled out what sure enough was a card, you couldn’t help the smile on your face.

“It’s silly, really. But I saw it and thought of you, so.” he shrugged but secretly hoped you genuinely liked it, and you did. It was your average card, that read “When I’m with you I’m feline good” and a drawing of a cat. You giggled and opened it, finding his handwriting message:

“Cat puns! Always a lot of fun, right? Happy Valentine’s Day (Y/N). I hope you feel loved and cared for not only today, but every other day as well. I’m here to make you feel as so.”

You instantly melted by reading his words and wanted to throw your arms around him and never let go. So you did and thanked him over and over again, not fully believing how sweet of a gesture was given to you. Looking up, you had an idea.

“I kinda feel bad not having anything to give you so…” you reached up at one of the dangling decorating hearts and pulled it down, giving it to (TC/N) with a laugh. “There, you have my heart.”

“Just what I wanted.” he smiled. And through the rest of the day, your mind couldn’t help but drift back to the sweetest words you had ever heard and the warmest, most loving eyes.


Misty hadn’t had too much trouble finding the music room, a staff member giving her directions after she’d taken a detour down the wrong hallway. Now she was lying on the piano bench, legs dangling off the edge as she waited, fingers tapping against the metal legs. She would have gone to sleep had the door not opened right then.

anonymous asked:

Zutara prompt modern AU- Zuko is running late to class and he bumps into Katara. He try's to put on his charm by asking her to the dance. Let's see what happens from here

His books slide to the next wall, catching dust and dirt as they slip across the tile. The books fly open, their pages fluttering in the invisible wind.

A loud huff– along with her breath –escapes from the person underneath him. Her bag digs into the skin surrounding his ribs. Her fingernails pinch his upper arms, preventing his body from completely collapsing on top of hers.

His black hair dangles in front of his face; he is low enough for the frayed ends of his shaggy hair to brush her forehead. Her lips are puckered and parted. Her cheeks are red, and her blue eyes frantically flicker back and forth.


Taking the opportunity, he cuts her off. “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” He tries to smirk, hoping to charm her.

“You fell on top of me,” she says confused but her voice having finally returned. “Why would that make me want to go to the dance with you?”

“B-because it was an accident?” he frases it as a question; she is not impressed.

“I’m sure it was, though you haven’t apologized.” She blows a strand of his hair away from her nose.

“I-I’m so-orry,” he stutters, confidence waning. “And I sincerely want to ask you to the dance. But technically you came flying around the corner as well. I couldn’t put on the brakes.”

“So now you are blaming me?” Her lips slip into a frown. “Have you ever asked a girl out on a date before?” Her cheeks puff out, as if she is trying to hold back a laugh.

“Yes! Maybe, possibly not,” he finishes.

Her lips quirk into a smile, having him wonder if her slight bout of anger had been a facade. “I will say yes once you get off of me, walk me to class, and buy me coffee later as a better apology.”

“Your wishes are my command.”  

greenhat97 asked:

I finally got it! Write something about Alucard getting his hair cut. Could be a gentle experience, could be a form of torture. I do want someone nice playing with it. Someone he's close to. (And take all the time you need with this favor. Everyone's allowed to be busy.)

They would never have separated, had there been any time to work together.

The stars never rested. Neither did thieves. If Richter and his company were going to find the lost Tongue of Dracula, they had to race against time and half-a-dozen bloodthirsty guilds. That meant nabbing the three charms that would open the path to the nearest alleged tomb of Dracula. It was no place Alucard recognized, but it was not one he was willing to leave unexplored. There couldn’t be a single scrap of the devil floating about in the aether.

Maria had beaten both men to their room at the inn. She rubbed it in Richter’s face, dangling a star-speckled chain from her fingers. Richter pulled a second golden pendant from his satchel. Monster blood made the smiling sun glow red. Both hunters nodded in approval. No crypt or monster could hold them back.

“Have you seen Alucard yet?” Maria asked.

“Nope.” Richter gathered her pendant. “I wouldn’t worry, though. You know him. He’ll come crashing in any minute now.”

A thunk at their window proved him right.

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     @angstiism !

     This was probably his punishment for ruining the slippers
     Mom got Dad for Christmas two years ago. His sister had
     laughed heavily at him as he hid under the kitchen table, but
     Mom had been pretty upset. This was probably his punishment.
     Probably. Either than or it was just a bad idea to get half your
     body stuck in a chain link fence. Dangling through it, he wiggled
     a little and thought about how if he was in his other form he
     could slip through. But Dad’s minding words about people seeing 
     him do that were stuck in his head. So he dangled. Until he saw
     someone pass by – in which case he stretched and attempted
     to gather attention. 

     “Uhm – could you help me?”

M!A Goat

“Now, now, Nero, zhere is no need to be upset.” Dimitri Abendroth sighed, stroking the fur on top of his son’s head. “It is only for two days.”

“I lo-look like a f-freak…” The Frenchman whined, looking down at the ground.

“Please, there are people in this world that look far worse than you do.” Sebastian commented from where he stood, leaning backwards against the wall and a lit cigarette dangling in his fingers.

“I… I do not know if I sh-should take that a-as a compliment or n-not…”

“Best take it as a compliment, zhat’s zhe nicest thing you vill get out of him. For fick sake, Sebastian, put zhat out. Und close zhe door before somevone talks-”

“Too late. Oops.

anonymous asked:

blockdt i cannot believe you said that about the property brothers

they literally take couples to their dream home and get their hopes up, dangling it in front of their faces, only to snatch those those dreams right away from them saying ‘SIKE u could never afford this’ …what kind of satanic activities… 


Dear Habs Fans… 

A Leafs fan explains how to cope with your team being bad.


New video…