@Lau - Louis Litt and cupcakes

@Chris - Josh/Sam

@Autumn - Tris/Four, easily. My love of Gale/Katniss has a lot to do with what could have been, while my love of Tris/Four centers completely around everything they are.

@Jen - IT PAINS ME TO MAKE THIS CHOICE. But Donna Moss. For now at least.

@Megyn - … … … … Sam/Ainsley (CRUEL, I suppose I deserve that)

danglingmodifierpatrol replied to your post: ♛ I FEEL SUPER AWKWARD DOING THESE THINGS BUT SHHH.

You’re making me bluuush. It’s a Dead Irish Writers reference! CJ is on dangling modifier patrol because Abbey’s husband and/or career got eaten. One thing Sorkin and I have in common is that we both love a dangling modifier joke.

I’m like

really ashamed that I forgot that reference