dangley earings

WEek of CFTD Halloweeeeeeeen!~

Day 4: Witch

ALL OF THEM WITCHES! Witches get stitches..  I figured I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a witch, and a witch who has a Kiki scarf on at that.  I love that little witch..

Costume For The Day:

- Black dress from Anthropologie outlet - looks witchy right?

- Opaque brown tights from Target

- Red & black houndstooth patterned silk scarf (thrifted)

- Silver dangley oval earrings

- Black lace-up ankle boots with a pointy toe (I was torn btwn pointy and square toed shoes)(I’ll let you come to that decision on your own - for your own CFTD).

- (I didn’t really have a broom)