dangley earings

( part 6)
I went in took shower and remembered​ Jim saying that he love to see me in something pink. So I did my makeup made sure I used pink eyeshadow and then bright pink glitter long lasting smug proof nontransferable lipstick. Then I put on a pink gartor belt an sheer pink stockings. I grabbed my pink see threw sheer short night gown an put it on without any panties. Then my pink open toe 5 inch spiked high heels and finished putting in long dangley earrings and bracelets and couple of rings.
Samantha yelled from living room and asked me what time Jim was coming over. I said in a few minutes. She said are you ready yet. Yes I am I said. She said well let me see what you look like. I came out an Samantha said omg you look so beautiful and sexy. I said you think so. She said yes and pink is my favorite color and Jim is going to adore you. I said I hope you know that I going to be very very very passionate an very romantic with him. She said I hope so, your his girlfriend. Well I heard him pull in the driveway and open his car door so I opened my house door an stood there in the light he came up and took me into his arms we kissed a very long soft passionate kiss. I took his hand and we went in. I interduced him to Samantha, and said this is my boyfriend Jim. He said that he loves​ me in pink. I lead him to the bed room and helped him undress. We laid on the bed and kissed and made out, then I licked every inch of his cock then sucked his thick hard cock slowly . We 69 till he filled my throat and mouth full of his hot thick creamy load. I swallowed every single last drop. I looked over an Samantha was playing with herself. I keep sucking him after a few minutes he was hard as a rock again . I rolled over on my back he got on top of me. He kissed my neck and lips and rubbed his cock on my clitty pussy and then my boi-pussi-hole. He asked me if I had some lubercate and I told him that didn’t need it. His cock went right into my boi-pussi-hole. He made passionate love to me for the next hour. I sceamed in pleasure and said that I was going to cum and he moaned loudly and I felt him shooting his load which made me moan very loudly and cum hard squeezing my tightly around his waist. We kissed passionately for a while and we looked over at Samantha she was completely naked and came a couple of times. He got dressed and I walked out to his car with kissed him good bye. He pulled out an left. Well I went back inside and Samantha knew I was upset so she hugged me. We sat down on the couch and talked about stuff. I asked​her honestly do you feel the same way about me now. She said yes I do I love you even more now. I said really honestly you do after that. Yes she said, and would do anything for you or wanted. I looked at her and told her that she was very beautiful and wonderful and she looked very good naked. She said you think so I said yes. I looked at her for a couple of seconds and said what are you thinking. She said give me a few minutes I want to do something for you I will be back. I said ok. Samantha came back in the living room wearing lipstick and purple gartor belt with sheer purple stockings and purple 6 inch open toe heel and same night gown I had on in purple. She said purple your favorite color right. I said yes. I said you know more about than Misty does. She said yes because when Misty told me that you dressed as Paula a woman and liked men to I was in love with you. She said please don’t keep calling me Samantha you can call me Sami. I said ok. I said so you really honestly don’t mind me living and dressing as Paula a woman forever 24/7/365. No I don’t and yes I want you to have a boyfriend to and can spend night with him. I rubbed her stocking covered legs and said stop it . She said I want to tell you something but don’t want you to feel like I just telling you this for you to like me. I said what. She took both of my hands and held them . She told me that Misty has been sleeping with Mike for over two years and that she seen lawyer about a week ago about a divorce. Said she being nice to me because of money. I said I didn’t know that all and I said she can have divorce. Sami looked at me an said I meant what I said. I said I be honest with you I felt I could always tell you anything and show you the real me but was afraid you might hate me or make fun of me. She told me that Misty told her about me an she was thinking dam Misty was a fool and so lucky. I said well I guess you are the lucky one babe. I pulled her close to me an or lipstick lips meet an we kissed very very passionatelly for a while. I asked her what time you have to go to work. She said that she after she found out that I was off she called in and took off. I looked at her an said babe I love you. Sami looked at me an said we have been talking making out are we going to go in the bedroom.

WEek of CFTD Halloweeeeeeeen!~

Day 4: Witch

ALL OF THEM WITCHES! Witches get stitches..  I figured I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a witch, and a witch who has a Kiki scarf on at that.  I love that little witch..

Costume For The Day:

- Black dress from Anthropologie outlet - looks witchy right?

- Opaque brown tights from Target

- Red & black houndstooth patterned silk scarf (thrifted)

- Silver dangley oval earrings

- Black lace-up ankle boots with a pointy toe (I was torn btwn pointy and square toed shoes)(I’ll let you come to that decision on your own - for your own CFTD).

- (I didn’t really have a broom)