These are SOME people that have made me feel better and showed support, and just tried to cheer me up. Like, there are some more other really great people who IM me & write on my Facebook wall. & I really appreciate it so much. Gosh, you guys have no idea how amazing it is to see this sometimes. I go through my messages every once and a while & read this and it just makes me so happy to know people care. And omg you guys are  just so cute and just ily. ^_^

So thanks to Taylor, Sage, Patricia, Venessa, Helayna, Patricia, Lily, Jennifer, Ashley, Angel, & Maryam ^_^.

& thanks to all the other people who are there for me. and tell me so! Like Andrew Z., Jasmine, Erica, Valeria, Gaby, TINAAAA <3 & dem anons. & the rest of my beautiful ass friends.

I luv u guys long time.