dangit im so dramatic

so never mind my awkward looking bottom half of my face and shirt that shows my bra that much bc it’S STORY TIME

so yes my blog is mainly about the band Tokio Hotel but not many people know that MCR was my first favorite band. They got me into the music I listen to now, and I was about eight when I discovered their song Helena (I am pushing 15 now yes so so young just precious let’s move on).

I honestly have so much to thank MCR for, over the years they have helped me a lot with many different personal issues (that i’m not going to share over the internet bc i’m not a bootyhead and i don’t want to trigger anyone alright ok), and just about a year ago, I learned that those days of thanking MCR were going to have to end.

By saying this, I am not saying that we should stop listening to them, loving them, and appreciating them, but what I am saying is that today marks a year since they broke up and that means that it’s time to move on. Not entirely, we can still mourn their death, but I think it’s time to realize that they knew what they were doing when they did this and I’m sure they don’t want us to feel this much pain about it.

So after today, just remember:

We’ll carry on.