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Dick Grayson was never taken in by Bruce Wayne, but that doesn't mean he didn't end up roaming Gotham dressed in tights anyway.

Written for day 3 of @jaydickweek, restraints.

“Richard?” Dick hastily wiped his eyes at the call from behind him, before twisting his torso to get a look at the person. It was a woman, and she didn’t look like any of the workers at the orphanage, hair short and makeup carefully applied, dressed in a simple t-shirt featuring a band logo he didn’t recognise and jeans that looked deliberately cheap, which probably meant they were expensive. “Can I sit with you?”

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Batarou Week Day 4: Role Reversal

Okay, so, first time ever writing OPM fanfiction, let alone batarou fanfiction. I originally wanted to draw this, and I still might, but I wanted to at least submit another day on time, so here we are. I’m…not sure how happy I am with this, as it started out strong, but then I kind of went downhill imo. BUT I FIGURED I’D SHARE IT ANYWAY BECAUSE I WANT TO GET BETTER DANGIT. I tried to incorporate Day 1 in here as well, so I hope this counts? Regardless HERE WE GO!

“Oi, Badd! I’m back!” Garou called, slamming the door shut behind him. The ex-hero hunter was greeted with silence in return, causing him to pause. He walked into the kitchen and set the grocery bags down on the counter, before wandering into the living room. The room was empty, save for Tama who was sleeping on the couch. Garou narrowed his eyes, wondering where the hero could have gone.

Garou had been living with Badd and Zenko a little while after his defeat by the “Caped Baldy”. At first, he had just been joining the siblings for meals, and eventually Zenko had asked why he wasn’t just living with them since he was always at the house anyway (Of course, she didn’t know that he technically had been sleeping over in Badd’s room) but he had officially moved after that. That’s when things started to get easier. He had a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a boyfriend that he actually really cared for with a little sister who was a force to be reckoned with. To put it simply, Garou was content. The only issue he had was that whenever he went out, Badd had insisted he wear one of his old jackets and a beanie so he wouldn’t be recognized. It just made him feel ridiculous, but he put up with it (mostly because of the look Badd would give him when he wore the leather jacket).

Garou snapped out of his reverie when he heard a thunk from Badd’s room. He walked down the hall, and heard another thunk along with a girly, demanding voice that he recognized as Zenkos.

“Zenko? What are you doing…” Garou opened the door to the room he and Badd shared, and froze at the sight before him. Zenko looked over at him, her hair was brushed back, and she was wearing a red shirt and black skirt. She held a baseball bat over her head, ready to strike down the ‘monster’ in front of her, who was wearing Garou’s outfit, along with a pair of white cat ears on his head and a claw on one hand from last years Halloween costume.

“Garou! When the hell…heck did ya get home?” Came the flustered question from Badd, whose face was slowly darkening the longer Garou stared at them.

“I’m practicing how to defend myself!” Zenko answered Garou’s original question. “Haiji was saying that girls couldn’t fight monsters because we’re too scared, and I wanted to prove I could tomorrow. I was going to ask you to help me, but Big Brother said you went to buy groceries, so I did the next best thing!” The little girl planted the bat down in front of her. “Now that you’re back, can you help me? I thought if I dressed Big Brother up like you it’d help him feel more like a fighter, but it’s not working.” Zenko gives Badd a sideways glare, and the hero rubs the back of his neck, avoiding all eye contact from both his sister and now humoured boyfriend. Garou lets out a chuckle.

“Sure, but how about we put the groceries away first?” Garou says, and Zenko jumps up to help, skipping down the hallway. Garou turns back to Badd, who’s taking off the glove and ears.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” Garou asks, and Badd gives him a look.

“What do ya mean? Yer gonna help Zenko out, so I don’t need ta wear this,” a gesture at the claw his (badass) attire “anymore, so I’m takin’ it off.”

“Oh no you don’t. Zenko wants to practice against fighting monsters, and I’m going to be training her.” Garou says, and Badd raises an eyebrow, clearly not following. Garou smirks deviously, walking over and squatting in front of Badd. He places his finger under Badd’s chin and tilts it upward. “If I’m training her, then we’ll need a monster to fight.” Badd glares at him, and Garou give him a biting peck on his lips before he stands up right to go help Zenko with the groceries.

“Yer a dick, ya know that?” Badd gripes, standing to follow his sister. Garou just grins in response. “Don’t get your hopes up stretch, this ain’t ever happening again.”

“I don’t think so, those ears look flattering on you.” Garou laughs as Badd huffs and storms down the hallway in embarrassment.

Hiyori's Revenge - Oneshot Yatori
Pairing: Yatori :D
Theme: Pillow fight!
There are spoilers for the anime/manga!

“Yato it is more than freezing, you sure we can’t stay at Hiyori’s tonight?” Yukine was visibly shaking as he attempted to lie down.

“Yukine, we have done just fine this far! She will take us to be weak men if we can’t stand a little cold!” Yato was persistent but also had reason. She still had to be mad at him after “kissing” Bishamon.

“Cya,” Yukine peaced out and was already far in the distance by the time Yato had finished his sentence.

“Wait for me you little brat!”

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